Burt Reynolds Chews Gum

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After a year of watching Burt movies, this is what I came up with. Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheUniBaller

Comments from Youtube

Drogenkopf08 : You only upload what feels like once every year but when you do, you know it's some important shit like Burt Reynolds chewing gum for 4 minutes.

Sheriff : Chewed on my boys gum to this

ƁᴇғᴏʀᴇƮʜᴇļɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ : I have a feeling his gum habit was coke related.

TheEternalDuelist : Commenting for the extra video engagement :D Great vid!

Garage Movie Reviews : This is the best video I’ve seen on YouTube since that mashup of Shakira and Danzig. Subbing so I don’t miss the full supercut. It’ll keep me busy next time I’m smuggling a truck full of Coors across a few state lines.

Nognaught : Truly doing gods work

khollandhellfire : Bloody disgusting brought me here and I thank them!!! 💜

Sarena C. : Now this is the quality content that I sub for

Daniel Reynolds : Watch out, the chewing gum companies are gonna be riding your coat tails sir. They're gonna want a "piece" of that action.

Conan LeBarbare : I love your stuff so much man! Great work! NEVER STOP DOING SHIT LIKE THIS. It makes me feel a bit less crazy.


The Hoax Hotel : Haven't heard that Big Red jingle in over 70 years.

Conan LeBarbare : You deserve much more views than this brother!! Keep on chewing!

Falcon Bleck / Schimnesthai : Amazing!

Meek Made : Love it! 😍

Bigngreen : What about grand theft Auto and saints row?

Bradical : Neat.

franklynson : Best comedy video so far in 2018!

Ratko Mladic : This is art

ZombieRommel : Great video!

Dingle Bopper : i already forgot the jingles.