Apple is Locking iPhone Batteries to Discourage Independent Repair
Apple is locking iPhone batteries to discourage independent repairs

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Since the launch of iOS 12, repair techs are noticing a disturbing trend. Any time a battery is replaced on an iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, battery health diagnostics would report that the installed battery was unable to be verified as an authentic Apple battery and the battery health info would be disabled. This happened even when the installed battery was a verified as an authentic Apple part. So if you thought Apple had stopped attacking independent repair, I’ve got some bad news for you. They now appear to be aggressively locking down even the most basic battery repairs by pairing your battery to your phone, and this time the fix might not be as simple as a software update. Check out Justin's channel The Art of Repair #RightToRepair #AppleNews #iFixit Subscribe to our channel for all our latest teardown and repair videos! Follow us on Twitter: Check us out on Facebook:


Salim Ahmed : Put a non apple case : Get's you error 99

Jeffrey Sabados : If you bought it, you can do whatever you want with it. That includes repairing it yourself.

Thanos : Louis Rossmann has joined the chat 😡

Naveen Sharma : eversince tim cook joined as CEO, innovation at apple is dead but market capitalization increased almost 4 times.

Ben Perez : I was a loyal Apple customer. I loved the products. But Apple is going down a path that I can't follow along.

Niranjan Athikavil : This is the most insane greedy company ever. And people still buy them.

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo : Another Apple disgrace. This is why corporate self regulation doesn't work. *WE NEED LAWS TO PROTECT CONSUMERS. NOW!!!* "Right to Repair"

Spiky : I have paid money for this device. Every gram of metal and every chip inside belongs to me. I have full right to modify the software and hardware in whichever way I wish.

Jesse Stewart : I just switched to Android. Apple's too greedy and it screws consumers.

It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. : Their only innovation now is methods in extracting money from Apple customers.

Chung Cheng : I think the Chinese will solve this problem in a second

melnium : As if I needed another reason not to buy an Apple product.

Michael Groenendijk : This is Illegal in Europe law. And with this sales will drop drastically. I am gonna get my popcorn

Obi Obi : Apple: I'm gonna end this man whole carrier. Chinese repairman: Here, hold my soldering equipment.

Uroš Sunić : What if you’re from other countries where there is no Apple Stores ?

ching mong bing bong : Next feature will be you need to buy battery license key after every 12 months which will cost only 199.99

Hacks 4 Life : JerryRigEverything: *_C H A L L E N G E A C C E P T E D_*

Andreas R. Hoffmann : Hello, best solution to this problem is stop buying Apple products. Maranatha

M : 60% of the iPhone users don’t know which iPhone they have.

Nathan Vdb : Just sue them, they got sued for making the iPhone 8 not turn on when a 3rd party screen was replaced

Giant Pants : Shhhhh, LISTEN!!! Steve jobs is spinning in his ice tomb.

jlc012 : The last apple product I bought will be the last, I´m done with them.

Jon Johns : Here is a thought I has whilst watching this video: I have the iPhone 7+ due to the cost of new phones. I have ALWAYS bought the newest iphone on launch day up to this point. 3 days ago I changed the battery on my 7+ because it's easy and cheap. If I was doing to send it to apple it would cost a fortune. So...... When it comes to getting a new iPhone (if I can bring myself to spend over £1000) then my next issue is why can I not repair it myself? It's my phone? Then the next issue is, if I decide I don't want to use apple products anymore, because of the price of the products and then the fact we have to pay apple a huge amount to repair even basic things, I will lose all of my purchases for this platform and over the years I have spent hundreds and maybe even thousands on Apple apps etc, then there's the other stuff like Macbook, my ipads, my apple watch. I would lose it all. But with each and every price rise and report like this then my head is telling me to switch to android. You can buy a decent android phone for a couple of hundred pounds, and if it breaks a year or two later just get another, I can't justify spending over £1000 on a phone. I was pushing my limit by spending just under £900 on this 7+. Thanks to apple for making it easier to decide my next phone.

Fenris : iPhone user: This is my iPhone. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Apple: Lol, no.

Godzilla : time to throw my iphone android i am coming

Orin Sorinson : Right To Repair is doing all it can to fight "self-regulating" from companies like Apple.

Ariz _1703 : Problem : Apple Solution : Buy an Android

HDose : Apple iPhone: You're better off leasing it like a luxury car.

Shadow IV : "Apple doesn't care about us." Me: I'm shocked. Shocked. Well... not that shocked.

taurussho86 : And these fools still buy Apple 🍏... How much further can you bend over?

graz ryan : The future is real!!! One main switch to lock us all

RAGE QUIT : First the headphone jack now the battery....wats to charge your phone😐😑

boxertest : Time for another lawsuit against Apple, just like with the screen when they were blocking screen repair, sue the MFs!!!!

mrtechpro : WE NEED LAWS TO PROTECT CONSUMERS. NOW!!! "Right to Repair"

xx Sword Foshxx : Back in the days when I saw someone with an iPhone i though that guy was cool, rich etc... Now when I see someone with an iPhone i think he's just a dumb noob without any knowledge in technology. Gone are the days people, be SMART!

perseverance8 : Apple has had these design philosophies for some time, if you worked with repair of early Macintosh systems in the late 1980's it was apparent Apple wanted to move towards keeping repair in house.

Ace XO : I know a solution Dont buy an Iphone , simple as that.

Kishore S : iSheeps you need to open your eyes Stop defending Apple

Rtg Oxlv : They only innovations apple its been doing is on how extract more and more money from the stupid people that buys their overpriced crap

AntyVirusUK : Just watch apple' "geniuses" say it's a glitch

CARL JOHNSON : then change only lipo battery not BMS of lipo

martin swift : That's the most Vile thing I've ever heard of in technology 😭

Ahmad Maulana : Apple: Denied replacement battery for people *massive protest* Apple: *we can update the firmware*

Bharadwaj Anjan Gollapudi : This is like forcing consumers to "apple way or highway". 😒

Reedick Ivan Somido : Android= bootloader unlock issue in some models iOS= battery, money , etc...

Triplicity Damystery : Right to repair is a financial and security risk to the operating system.

RipCityBassWorks : We need federal right to repair legislation. I would never even consider buying an Apple product with all of the BS they do.

Aa AA : Just let em until their customers realize that they’re antiCustomer & switch to other brands

bundu bashing : So what you're telling me is, when I buy a used XS Max next year I will know if it has a genuine Apple battery and know exactly how many charge cycles it has had etc? Shudders.