Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation - 6 rules of success speech - with subtitles [HD]

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Jordan Cornelison : This speech is better than taking 3 scoops of preworkout

Gol iath : Rule #2 is break the rules so I chose to break rule #4, which is work my butt off. Now I am lying in bed eating nachos and watching motivational videos.

LowkoTV : Great speech by Arnold.

logical fruit : I have started to sleep faster now

shuarma0 : definitely, hands down, one of my greatest heroes

Bill Proud : The first thing I will do every morning from this moment on is click onto this video

Javed Mohammed : How could someone dislike this

ErenGames : This man is a fucking legend - i look up to this man , even when I was like 5 , he's inspired me to do everything I'm 14 and I've just got a part in a theatre play in pumped he's also got me into waking up at 4am just to do more exercise lose those last few KGs , what a legend , when he leaves this earth a whole goes with him...

Bert439 : Damn! I should just listen to this every time I apply for a job, I was losing hope

Irving Sanchez : My goldfish was with me while i was listening to this. Suffice to say, he's a shark now

Markus Ricker : i believe the world will stop breathing for few minutes when Arnold dies. what an Impact he made to all, a true role model coming from a small village here in Austria. i visited his place of birth, still with the Posters of Reg Park and other famous Bodybuilders in his tiny room. i could easily imagine how Young Arnold stared at those Pictures, focusing on his Goal to be the best Bodybuilder of all times

Cristian San : Wich of course takes me to the rule no. 7 wich is: Crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women !

Bar God : This speech is better than good head.

Lexes O'Hara : I'm going to listen to this every morning.

Sean Turner : I have more respect for Arnold after listening to this... I agree wholeheartedly

Spanish Armada : Great man!!....Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great man.

Shane Smith : I wish Arnold could run for president

Brent Robinson : What a bunch of losers the people who disliked this are. How can you not find inspiration in his words? Probably agree housewives who hate him because of his infidelity. That has nothing to do with his positive message or great pathway for anyone to achieve success. Wake up people.

KILLUMINATI : One of greatest speeches of all time.. gets me so hyped

Frenkli Ramhoxha : I listen to this video every morning when I woke up, befor I start training and every evening before I fall to sleep. It's the best motivation, at the last it works with me ✌...

chekel : Going to listen to this every morning to get ready to seize the day!

Matej Stoilkovski : Well... My name is Matthew. I'm 15 and I've been bodybuilding since 11 years old. I've always loved the sport and I've always wanted to become a pro bodybuilder one day. My parents are both great people, I love them and they love me. Except for one thing... I've never wanted to study in life and I never did... I just never wanted to be some businessman or professor or who knows what.. It's just not the person I want to be, but a bodybuilder is. My parents support me at what I do, but theyre skeptic and they think that I should do what I DONT WANT to do in life to succeed. True, I may be able to make more money in life that way, but who cares about money - THIS is the person I want to be and if i succeed as that person that's whats going to make me the most happy. The point in life is not to do what everyone else wants you to do and what you "SHOULD", It's to do what makes you feel that you've achieved what you've wanted to achieve- in the end I think that's what's going to pay off the most. I don't get a single thing now from my parents, they think that I don't deserve anything unless I live life the way they want me to... But one day I will succeed and I will show them that doing what I want in life is what is going to make me the most happy. Thanks Arnold for this amazing motivation<3

Abc !!! : second rule is to break some rules so I broke this rule and didn't break any rules

Samuc Trebla : I know everyone would call me mad, I no nay sayers and haters will rise against me. But I will rest less than 6 hours a day until i achieve my goal. Nothing is impossible. My hard work will pay off. I will divide by 0.

peg372 : This is my alarm every morning when i wake up

GOT .556 : Trump did exactly this

SnackbarDreamer // m-salami : Sleep faster hahahah !

creasicle : This video should be mandatory for all gym newbies. I get so sick of the New Years resolution twats and the 'shredded for summer' brigade who make such a song and dance about joining the gym. Then they realise that you can't get a perfect body in two weeks and give up.

EpicBeau : I listen to this anytime I start getting depressed or overwhelmed. Such simple truths can pierce through all the lies.

Jake C : Better than DJ Khaled

Christopher Feldman : I thought this was cool. I learned these steps in life, not from Arnold. But it sounds so much cooler coming from him. :)

Farrell Masterson : Sleeping 8-9 hours is far more benefitical than 6

Happy Guy : I want to be the fastest man in history!!!

Test Channel Don't Subscribe : You want to get rich? Here's two rules to becoming rich. Rule #1: Be born in a rich family. Rule #2: Don't be an idiot and lose all your money.

Luna : I got the 6 rules tatted actually

BirbRoyalB : I now sleep faster

Henley Deng : i can lift a house off its foundation now. lol. what great great speech.

Michael McDonnell : I count my sit ups when they start hurting...!

Javierfg 02 : First Attemp In Learning

Zakk Waber : Couldn't help imagining Arnold standing above me while I try to sleep, yelling "You need to sleep faster!".

BEST CLIPS : Now stop watching video. Go to work.

Theotheo Fullspot : Goosebumps

Zebcast : What an inspirational man. An Austrian man who achieved American nationality, won Mr Olympia continuously for many years, became one of the most famous movie stars of all time and then became Governor of California!!!

KastaRules : So far I have broken 5 out of these 6 rules. Still nothing happened.

Jawahar Jha : Skynet send terminaters back in time to dislike this awesome video😢😢😢😢😔😔😔😔😠😠😠😠👊👊👊👊

Patrick Savalle : If you take a bunch of clichés, have them spoken out by the greatest bodybuilder that ever walked the earth, put some music underneath, well you actually got a quite believable motivational speech! "None of my rules will work unless you do"  "I sleep 8 hours, 9 hours, well, then, just sleep faster, I would recommend" How can this be anything less than epic?

sander bakker : Arnold you are a god, man!

Budeesha Ranasinghe : I say break the rules and climb the ladder with your hands in the pocket

MrVAGfan : This man is my hero.... The day Arnold is not in this world anymore, that will be the day where real bodybuilding dies...

hoboguru : I thought the secret to success was to smash your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women?