Why Are You So Angry? Part 2: Angry Jack
Why are you so angry

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Westernden : The Amazing Atheist is about as likable as ebola.

THRILLHO : This video touches on a much, much broader subject than just the Sarkeesian/Gamergate clusterfuck. It's kind of a shame it's relegated to being part 2 in a series like this. It asks enough worthwhile questions to be its own series. Either way, excellent work. Emphatic subscribe.

WizeOaldOwl : I've gotten quite a few looks from people when I tell them I don't drink alcohol, I guess because they think I'm judging them for doing so. Never mind the fact that I've often gone out with friends who were drinking because I wanted to hang out with them and have repeatedly offered to give rides home when they're a bit too drunk to drive safely. Nope, I'm just a judgmental prude who doesn't know how to "have a good time."

Maxime Lebled - 3D animator : Amazing video, very articulate and informative. Keep up the good work!

Genessa : Contrapoints noticed you!! Woooot!! Everyone watch thisss

An Abra : What athiest doesent celebrate christmas? Maybe like some hardcore athiest pluser but i shure as hell do its just culture and tradition the same way we celebrate valentines day or april fools

HippoCrit : this is pretty cathartic, i never really think about why i get angry. Seeing it put into words is nice, i feel like i understand myself a little better. I mean personally i don't agree with Anitas videos but i also don't get angry at them either. If i were to meet her in person i'd probably just tell her i'm not particularly a fan, or not mention it at all.

trolleyman : This was... great. Amazing. It explains so well why people hold their entranched beliefs.

Jesse Kwast : the amazing atheïst makes us all look bad

Fal : I love the analogies you drew here. For me, it became a lot easier to rationalize being a feminist and liking problematic media when you simply take a step back and realize that no one is judging as long as you acknowledge that the stuff you like has problems. I play GTA V constantly. Does it gross me out? Yeah, all the time, but it's also pretty fucking fun. I hope the work of people like Sarkeesian, which, like you said, is just Feminism 101, encourages developers to better choices. If not, unless they do something that really offends me, I'll just keep buying their games and doing my best to call out what I think they could be doing better.

Asher Scott : when people see someone else doing something good, PROVING that we all can too, people try to drag them down to their level

Red_Marmotte_stuff : I'm glad I found this channel with the Phil Fish video, I really admire how well written and clever these videos are. I guess I'm a little less dumber now, so thank you for that.

Rosie : This video is excellent. Thank you so much for taking the time to create it.

SheezyBites : I always find it weird when Americans talk about atheism as weird... in the UK the polar opposite is true and saying 'I'm Christian' gets much the same 'am I a bad person' response.

Freenix : Fantastic episode, well done. Just thought I'd get this out here before the Anti-Feminists show up.

Tyler Haddad : I've actually been pondering the question of why people get so angry over little things lately. (One reason being the comment replies I got on the last video you put out) I also really like how you kept this video more general and then applied it to Anita. Helps the situation with her make more sense. Really great thoughts, and makes a lot of sense. Keep it up!

3kbote : I dunno, it sounds really self absorbed for someone's first reaction when they face someone with alternative lifestyle decision to react with this anger. None of that decision has anything to do with you. It's their personal choice, not something they decided to do to spite you. Like when someone says, "No thanks on the sandwich, I don't eat meat," how the heck does that trigger some kind of existential questioning of yourself to the point you forgot to say, "Oh, my bad, they got veggie burgers too if you want."

Alex Krasny : Love it. Very well said. (I am vegan and atheist)

casersatz : Sargon clones in 5,4,3,2,1...

Alex Dunn : Man, dude. You smart. A+

AgeMarkus : Yooooo, this did not disappoint! I think you hit the nail on the head regarding this unspoken attitude and reaction that's surprisingly prevalent online.

Knight Chime : Anita: be critical of the media you love. Her critics: I'm going to ********************, you ********.

Jordan Blanks : hearing your voice in these videos is very soothing.  It feels like home. I miss you very much and I hope you are enjoying the new england summer :) One of these days I'll have the perfect combination of money and time to make a visit.

Tor Nordmark : I think the best quote to sum up the entire thing is from the late, great, Terry Pratchett "It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing was anyone's fault. If it was us, what did that make Me? After all, I'm one of Us. I must be. I've certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We're always one of Us. It's Them that do the bad things.”

Kamodomon : I'm so happy I'm subbed to you!

redcrest5 : Really excellent breakdown of people's weird knee-jerk reactions against anything that "could be right" and is different from what they currently do/believe. And... "That if he thought more critically about the media he consumes, he may not be playing his favorite games"... wow, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Because I know several self-professed video game geeks who consider video games their life and main identity, and I can see how the idea of having to open up and share their games with others (especially "mainstream people/casual gamers" and women, who seem to be two groups they have turned to the video game subculture to try to avoid) must be a scary prospect for them. I can understand that, though the way they've escalated their knee-jerk "I don't want to hear a different opinion" reaction to rape threats and this huge, antagonistic campaign is terrifying and totally unwarranted. But before all this happened, what confuses me is why the people of that GamerGate mentality chose to include antagonistic/insulting representations of women and all that embarrassing pornographic stuff (like those panty shots sampled at 6:28) in their beloved video games in the first place. If the point is to avoid women (and mainstream ppl), why are they including portrayals of them that are sure to piss off women and all the non-misogynistic segments of mainstream (and geek) men, which would in turn MAKE them pay attention to and criticize/invade the world of video games?

Work Ethic Records : came here from extra credits, and these first 2 videos i've watched are incredible. I'm excited to finish this series today!

Vahr Kalla : Being someone who used to be fervently opposed to Sarkeesian for the dogma that you outlined, I found this video very eye opening. Good work! I've been here since 'blood is compulsory', looking forward to more

BetterLateThanNever : I watch this video at least every few months and I have done for a year now, just to remind myself of how Jack works. I anticipate doing so again for the foreseeable future. Thank you for crystallizing this incredibly important thought process.

Andreven : This pretty much sums it up perfectly, well done.

Kaspar Hunter : "but whose presence, in his mind, suggests that, if he thought more critically about the media he consumes, he wouldn’t be playing his favorite games. And that if he continues playing, having heard from her, it means he’s a terrible person." This one line really struck out to me. Because in the end this is the distilled issue with a good chunk of the oppoisition and hate Antia gets. I discuss games (and by extension media) a lot. I discuss character designs (why I love the portrayal of women in Path of Exile for example), I discuss the progress of a character in a story and the ifs and hows of their relevance to it (the female role in the first two Nolan-Batman movies could've been replaced by a bloody chandelier and nothing of value would've been lost), I discuss how the presentation and the following twists can alienate certain audiences (the introduction of Demona in Gargoyles and then the twist that the only female Garoyle shown was EVUL!). I do all that. And I can go back to 'enjoying' the Nolan-Batman movies (not a fan but for entirely different reasons), I love the Gargoyles series to death. That both have... issues rooted in sexism doesn't either diminish my enjoyment or implies that I, knowing about this, am a bad person. Frankly, through those discussion I derive even more enjoyment of the media I love. Either by getting others to enjoy it or sharing interesting moments with people who do not. Allowing this perspective did not take anything away from me and gave me so. Much. More.

DigitalZ : The Amazing Atheist is not someone who represents the majority of atheists. If you want someone who, most likely, represents the majority of skeptical atheists is the Armored Skeptic

4516n41 : I get what you're saying but you need to party with different types of people. I've witnessed peer pressure but not once was it in the way or form as portrayed by media. However the internet is a whole other beast. They try to reason that people in the shadows are the worst however so many under their real names spew hatred and misinformation that I don't even know where to begin. Well Donald Trump is an obvious one...And not once have I made his life harder. Well I ain't on "twister" so meh.

WangleLine : Very well made. Keep it coming please! <3

Aipe97 : well this video just got me into an existencial crisis

DoctorPretender : I forget where but I’ve seen a similar explanation of why we get angry like this before. It’s always appreciated when someone helps me understand why I feel the way I do. I have to come to terms with myself and my feelings, even the negative ones, like Carl jungs concept of the shadow, to fully understand myself.

ffhjbfrtjkbcx : You sir, are my spirit animal. Critical self analysis is hard, but a powerful weapon in the war on truth.

TheMythofSissyFuss : have you talked to Nerdwriter1? he made a similar point in his video "The Secret of Sexism"

Ian : For several months, I binge-watched YouTube videos on science. I found some great ones that challenged "miracle devices", such as a solar-powered water purifier that could save whole villages by drawing water vapor from the sky. Or the Hyperloop. I really liked the way the arguments were presented, and I liked to learn neat things from actual scientists, or at least the science adjacent, and this guy seemed to know his science! But then, I noticed that he made a great many "social commentary" videos, mostly about how Feminism was "bullshit". His YouTube handle is thunderf00t. He really hates Anita Sarkeesian. Like, a lot. This really bummed me out, because I had to stop watching his science videos. Yes, I know, just because someone has bad ideas doesn't mean they can't also have good ideas. And I can separate the science from the misogyny. Unfortunately, I can't separate the monetization of videos. See, I can't give clicks to thunderf00t the debunker of crap science, without also financing thunderf00t the tormentor of women. This really sucks, because I tend to think of scientists as heroes, to an extent. Yes, I know we were taken to the moon by Nazi scientists, and I know that anyone CAN suck. It's just difficult to wrap my head around the idea of someone so intelligent not having even a moment of introspection! I'm not a genius. But I'm capable of asking, "Wait, am I doing something awful?" If you're making a video to harass and degrade a woman (or, really, ANYONE) for daring to express an idea, even one with which you disagree, then yeah, you are. And people should want to NOT be awful! Anyone who understands concepts like evolution and anthropology should get that humans only got to where we are at because, when confronted with the opportunity to either work together or kill each other for food, the humans who worked together were successful, and passed down their genes. Cooperation and not being shitty to one another is literally human nature. Thanks to Free Will, we can choose to NOT be decent to one another, but that IS a choice, and it will not make you more desirable to other people. And I can't imagine that NONE of this occurred to Mr. f00t at any time during his relatively long career of being a jerk to Ms. Sarkeesian. Sad.

Marcus Hammarberg : "Reflex to anger" - great stuff. Thanks for this series. Love it!

Unicron4ever : This series is superbly articulated! Bravo! It's very hard to find anything this well-explained videos on the topic of Feminist Frequency or GamerGate. Keep up the good work!

Bryce Richardson : also, while boys are the majority of children woman are the majority of adults

Cory Dean : I haven't yet heard a more perfect analogy for the current mudslinging than this one. Well done man!

morgengabe1 : This isn't an effort to defend threatening/hostile speech and behaviour, just food for thought. Only a couple minutes in (though I did watch part one) but this sort of seems like monolgy. A "word" I use to refer to the act of tying disparate ideas and perspectives on vastly unrelated issues together in an effort to make it easier to discredit individuals who have/hold them. The kind of biased thinking you describe later in the video isn't exclusively present in the groups you ultimately criticize. It's actually quite common in the ones you ostensibly defend and is usually reflected by usage of words such as "reactionary", "-phobe", "-cist/cism" etc in all but cordial tones. I think you saw the reasons for the anger in the last video, and you're free to disagree with them, but this sort of pathologizing only makes it harder for people to have meaningful/productive conversations about social issues. Ultimately, I think what compelled them to such hostility was the prospect of their, presumably, preferred entertainment products becoming altered in order to appeal to wider audiences instead of new products being developed to cater to the needs and interests of groups who wouldn’t have been interested in the earlier form. It’s more readily comparable to the progression in a genre of music as it gains popularity and producers eschew the seminal values of their earlier work in an effort to achieve mainstream appeal (marginalizing the fans who legitimized their work to begin with) than it is to the backlash an environmentalist receives from at least arguably lazy individuals who cannot compel themselves to meaningful action towards an end which they ostensibly deem valuable. If anybody knows the word I meant to use before, please, do tell.

Brett Jones : I think that, for awhile, I was slowly drifting towards some version of alt-right-esque resentment, and this video (and others like it) just pushed me to support you on Patreon. Please keep this up. We need more things like this. Great jobs!

IstasPumaNevada : Yup, I was right. This continuation was interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

Tel Gega : I will disagree wit hone point, She has argued in several videos about the negativity about certain games, and while I don't care what she says, she can't police the world, which is what I am against. In my mind, if someone doesn't want meat, because they are vegan, it's fine that just means more for me. But if that vegan wants to start disrupting my lunch with their ideals, and by disrupt I mean rally around me with signs calling me a murderer and shouting at me with a mega phone that "that chicken had a life" then i'd have a problem It's one thing to say "no thanks I don't want play these game because I'm a feminist and I don't like the way they display women" and another to try to stop games because they aren't done the way you want. now there are a lot of games I don't play because I disagree with them, but that shouldn't stop other people from playing them.

Psity : Sure there are people angry with anita saarkesian without asking themselves if she is right. On the other hand, there a lot of people who have gone point by point analysing every point she makes, arriving at a much different conclusion. Such people are often regarded has whiners who try to mansplain their attitude. Many of them are open to the disscussion, discussion Anita herself refuses to engage in, in spite of her claims of wanting to make a conversation about the subject. A more apropiate analogy to what´s happening, she is the person that arrives a a party saying how they all (well, not all, just most of them) are deplorable alcoholics. And when confronted with arguments against it, she points out to the drunk in the corner calling her names, ignoring everything else.

Bryce Richardson : exception to the atheist point I was never religious