SPINNING DUCKING PARADOX MIRAGE | 003 | My Footbag Journey: Road To The US Open Tournament

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Welcome to the third episode of My Footbag Journey: Road To The US Open Tournament With Ben "randomcrayon" Barrows. This week I’m going to learn how to do a Spinning Ducking Paradox Mirage, show you around the city of San Diego, California, show you more ADD components to add to your arsenal, and have some freestyle in the beautiful Balboa park. This season I will be adding more tricks to the repertoire, polishing my routine for the US Open in Las Vegas later this year, and sharing knowledge and stories about the great sport of footbag. Join in on the fun! Staring: Ben Barrows https://www.instagram.com/randomcrayon/ Director: Jerry Joubert https://www.instagram.com/j2duncan/ Music: KieLoKaz - And Now (Kielokaz ID 158) Love Hustler - Sinderella (Acapella) Dizaro - One More Night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF_zERKCWcI


ViveCrypto : keep it going bro very cool

Frempireak : good stuff Ben thanks for sharing bro

Steve Almighty : im learning and enjoying.