Matt Forte goes on a ride-along with Chicago Police

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Donut Operator : Great video! I think everyone should go on a ride along at least once. Especially people who are so critical of police.

Trevor Chapman : It's nice to see Forte still associating himself with the bears

Tighty Whitey : Damn... we just witnessed that kid literally being trained to think cops aren’t other humans

b r : Forte looks like an undercover though 😂😂😂

Jt Williams : When I was younger, I was like “f-ck the police”. Now that I’m older, I’m like F the criminals. That opinion is cultural, but if you have something to lose, you’d better thank God for law enforcement.

Media Buster : Many blacks act against their own self interest. 99% of their killings is not from cops, but they are mad at cops instead of the gangbangers living among them.. what a shame..

MetalMarine825 : Shout out to that old cop at 4:25. Still out there hitting the pavement and chasing people down.

Matt 85 : Matt Forte: a *perfect* example of what ALL NFL players should be like on and off the field - even in retirement. Such an outstanding person. Kaepernick should take a couple pages from Forte’s book.

Patrick O'Donnell : This is the realist sh*t yall posted. Sad to see what happened at 5:00. bear down

Emmanuel Brambila : I dont see Kaepernick doing ride alongs!! These men do a real sacrafice. Good to see Forte showing how it is for police!

Brandon Johnson : Tell that kid cops aren't bad but his single mom is bad.

Yo Mama : Maybe you could try this before kneeling

Gwmcmi02 : Jesus Christ could return to do a ride along, they'd cuss him out too.

Nickify : Can't believe Matt Forte got stood up for a handshake in the city of Chicago. Shows just how little that community trusts the police.

Pad 21 : I really wish the relationship between the police and the residence was a lot better than what it is

Evan Lyon : It is a shame to witness the so called adults, main stream media as well as BLM influencing these children to have a preconceived notion that all police are bad and out to do them harm. They ought to be promoting respect for the law and reinforcing good behaviour, yes unfortunately mistakes or bad things happen sometimes but police officers are not running around shooting people for no reason whatsoever. We need to tell our kids that when they are interacting with the authorities to respect and comply and first and formost DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!!

Emmanuel Brambila : Honesty, Forte should run for Mayor of Chicago. He would have my vote

Big Rick's Trucking : Wish there were more athletes like forte that takes the time to be in the community .Really happy to see this .Keep up the good work Forte

H Eck : Maybe he can see why black on black crime is the biggest problem with crime in the black community and why Obama did nothing to protect him home city in 8 years

Todd Armour : Good job Matt to bad you had to recieve the negative response but, you got a hands on experience of what life is in the hood. Thanks for sharing Matt Forte I laughed when you didn't know if you should get out cause your facial expression 😂😂😂

Rob Banta : Missed opportunity. Forte rode with a commander who isn’t responding to calls, or pulling over cars. Should’ve put Forte with a beat cop for full effect of day in the life of a cop in Chicago

Jrbr 549 : They're going to need a bigger whiteboard to track Chicago homicides.

Driftzz : Forte looks like he should be a actor

Gj Brown : A football player actually DOING SOMETHING not just taking a knee. Wooooow, Nice!

Nidiffer Productions : This video is so awesome. I love what the bears are doing on and off the field. Such a good video!

TUAminator_666 : Forte could be a bad ass cop

SuperPunch76 : Forte has gone from Training Camps to Training Day.

garret bowen : Very sad to see what the media has turned police officers into

DANIEL : Always back the badge and f..k all the snowflakes.

Sneaker Additionz : Good to see Forte again

Hb 2N : That mom should get her children taken away from her, how can a neighborhood be ran right if it’s led by hood rats and not men?

Mr Incognito : Helping the community and showing the LEO side of things -- well done.

Oval Games : Forte kinda look like Derek morgan from criminal minds with that police vest on

Raging Pirate : Cop haters in 3...2...1

Hyper spazz : You are a class act Forte. I still have two of your autographs that I will NEVER part with. They are my pride and joy. Thanks for sharing this great video. It is sad to see how our crime in this state is getting.

J. Kaye MBA : If you want to experience what life is like on the streets download a police scanner app, pop you some popcorn and tune in. Better than a movie

Bryochemical Intuition : If white ppl weren't murdering all these black people in Chicago, Colin Kaepernick would still be playing....

C Rivera : Cops should be paid way better.

TheArc37 : Gotta figure out why people are more inclined to join a gang and live that life instead of pursuing their dreams.

tony : The reaction from the lady and her child is the fault of CPD corruption, mistreatment, gang like behavior unchecked for years and a culture of silence has created this reaction. Of course there are good cops like there are good politicians but the culture as a whole is corrupt. I remember as a child growing up in Chicago NEVER once did the police pull out on my friends and I as we were just hanging out and it wasn't intimidation with guns and violence. Once while walking to the store at the age of 13 in February cops jumped out of their car threw me on the ground put a gun on my head literally and stripped me to my boxers when I ask what is going on I was kick in the stomach and told to shut up, 5 mins later they left me there. Police raided my house by mistake when I got home from school at the age of 10 i saw my mother's fish tank broken when i ask why they broke my moms fish tank the Lieutenant slap me and said shut the F up i went down stairs and cried. I understand we need the police but I also hate the police.

Tee Morg : 3:22 Matt Forte > “so somebody has a gun?” 😳 lol...

Herman Brownlee : All police are bad in Chicago

abraham Rubio : I thank every good police officer out there. yes there is some bad ones they do abused their Authority" but the majority of them are honest decent cops that trying to do their job to the best of their ability and I wish you peace and safety God bless!!

For3ver2k : It's so many dumb people in the comments saying negative things about Colin Kaepernick (which is proving his point even more) that don't even make sense... Everyone knows there are good and bad cops.. He's protesting against the bad ones idiots.

Faith : This is normal in the black community

William Stolze : Outstanding video @Chicago Bears. I have a huge amount of respect for Matt Forte for doing this.

Marcell Williams : What a wonder full SLUM city. Straight up trash run down AF. Guess who runs it...Liberals...

Yu Toob : Matt’s like “I didn’t sign up for this!”

Tom Nguyen : That Commander seems like a really good dude

Steve Krueger : Nice job on showing just how divided some parts of society are from police . Not to mention shame on the adults for telling the young kids don’t be nice or talk to the police! Really ????????!!!!!!!!! You are making situations worse !!!! Shame on you !