"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday
Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday 11 Years Have Passed

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"Chocolate Rain" original song by Tay Zonday. 🔥🔥More singing! 🔥🔥 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL87KbhWjUH2ZwqRWBi9g9d28lUbs-xmIO GET REMIX Album! http://www.playtay.com Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/tayzonday Like me on Facebook: http://facebook.com/tayzonday Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tayzonday DOWNLOAD THE FREE MP3! https://soundcloud.com/tayzonday Business Contact: tayzondaybiz@gmail.com This MP3 is subject to a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License Details: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/ "Chocolate Rain" Chocolate Rain Some stay dry and others feel the pain Chocolate Rain A baby born will die before the sin Chocolate Rain The school books say it can't be here again Chocolate Rain The prisons make you wonder where it went Chocolate Rain Build a tent and say the world is dry Chocolate Rain Zoom the camera out and see the lie Chocolate Rain Forecast to be falling yesterday Chocolate Rain Only in the past is what they say Chocolate Rain Raised your neighborhood insurance rates Chocolate Rain Makes us happy 'livin in a gate Chocolate Rain Made me cross the street the other day Chocolate Rain Made you turn your head the other way (Chorus) Chocolate Rain History quickly crashing through your veins Chocolate Rain Using you to fall back down again [Repeat] Chocolate Rain Seldom mentioned on the radio Chocolate Rain Its the fear your leaders call control Chocolate Rain Worse than swearing worse than calling names Chocolate Rain Say it publicly and you're insane Chocolate Rain No one wants to hear about it now Chocolate Rain Wish real hard it goes away somehow Chocolate Rain Makes the best of friends begin to fight Chocolate Rain But did they know each other in the light? Chocolate Rain Every February washed away Chocolate Rain Stays behind as colors celebrate Chocolate Rain The same crime has a higher price to pay chocolate Rain The judge and jury swear it's not the face (Chorus) Chocolate Rain Dirty secrets of economy Chocolate Rain Turns that body into GDP Chocolate Rain The bell curve blames the baby's DNA Chocolate Rain But test scores are how much the parents make Chocolate Rain 'Flippin cars in France the other night Chocolate Rain Cleans the sewers out beneath Mumbai Chocolate Rain 'Cross the world and back its all the same Chocolate Rain Angels cry and shake their heads in shame Chocolate Rain Lifts the ark of paradise in sin Chocolate Rain Which part do you think you're 'livin in? Chocolate Rain More than 'marchin more than passing law Chocolate Rain Remake how we got to where we are. (Chorus)


Dan Savage : I didn't realize how woke this was when I was 10

PixelAJ : Most active YouTube comment section on a video from 12 years ago Truly an anomaly

Roerei Youtube : Why are all the top comments from just a few hours ago

andythefork : I still had a future when this came out

wot dat : i miss the old 2000's... i can swear the world died right after 2013

Dandilus : I'm visiting all original memes before net neutrality ends.

Chad Smith : I'm a black man and I listen to this while I poop

ΛϏЏϻΛϞδϷЯΛϧδϞ : 12 years have passed, but this still one of the best videos on YouTube

Matthew Hasan` : I'm sad how many people that watch this now don't realize either how iconic of a video this is or what the song means. This is YouTube history. From a time when YouTube cared more about what is popular than what they tried to engineer into a cheesy "trending" tab.

All Star : I'm suspicious of all these new comments

Ye : listening to this as a kid and now as an adult ... the lyrics hit harder


500 Wyoming Express Boy : Literally people are still watching this video. That's the power of chocolate rain.

Anna H : So this is a commentary on racism and the challenges of not being white. Sad it took me this long to twig.

X14D3 : It's amazing that people still come back to this in 2019


Tide Pod Pad Thai : **I step away from the mic to breathe in*

Colin Herman : I don't know why but this song popped up in my head and i haven't heard it in at least 8 years

CheatZX 23 : *top 10 people who eminem was afraid to diss*

Jacob Church : Its been like a month and ppl r still commenting from 15 minutes ago

thinh99 : 2007 comments be like "looks away to check for police" 2015 comments be like "Watching this in 2015!!!"

Ansel Roberts : Why are all these comments from like a minute ago wtf?!?!!!??

UrbanMasque : why are we all watching this on a friday night in 2019

Seventy Russians : *i move away from the mic to breathe* Classic

Joke Yet : Sounds better if you blast it at full volume on your school’s announcement system.

ThunderFire : fantano caused an influx of comments

L. A. Olson : Damn people are still here huh?

KiyanoVEVO : I was here before Carson wanted me to watch the video

Akoben Renaissance : Why the hell did this song just RANDOMLY pop into my head today in 2019??! LOL!

John Doe : ** I move away from the mic to see if the cops are coming Classic

TGG_LegendZ1 : who came here because they actually like the song

ninjacat59 : Why did this randomly appear in my recommended videos

Ángel Lucas : If you are still here you are from the veterans from the internet. Congrats.

The savage gummy Bear : It’s been 12 years... AND THERES RECENT COMMENTS!!??!? Hell ya

bent52telecaster : Thank you YouTube algorithm

bruh sound effect 2 : Came from the boy WavyWebSurf

DOODLEBOY 07 : I remember the old days

Ean Spencer : Damn bro, 12 years later. I miss the old YouTube

Irving De La Luz : I always thought this song was about some guy who wished it would rain chocolate milk

Thomas : Imagine releasing a song entirely about systemic racism, and 99% of the listeners still have no conception of the meaning of the song.

Weebsters : *moves away from the mic to breathe*

Musty Challinor : 4:35 onwards always creeps me out haha

Nate totheparty : I remembered this song so i came to watch it again and all the comments are like an hour ago wth i also used to listen to this song everyday for like 7 years straight i still love it

Brady Callahan : This might be the most active comment section on any video ever

DJ POPTART : This guy is a guardian angel for your childhood memories and for youtube old videos

Pyjus Čůrus : Back in times when youtube was actually YOUtube and not CORPtube 🙁

JILLIZA : The fact that this has comments from minutes ago solidifies its legendary status.

The Oily Boily Guy : Chocolate rain has a deeper social commentary on institutional racism and tension than This is America.

Kyle Orate : Back when Youtube didn't have -A toxic community -False copyright claims -Pedos -Broken algorithms -Fake drama -Making a person look bad -People posting animals getting killed