"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

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TayZonday : THANKS for your SUPPORT! Watch MORE singing by ME! ---> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL87KbhWjUH2ZwqRWBi9g9d28lUbs-xmIO Follow my Instagram! http://www.instagram.com/tayzonday Join my Discord chat! http://discord.gg/tayzonday

Dan Bull : "history quickly crashing through your veins" is such a powerful line

suck my profile cunt : Back when making a hilarious video can get you millions of views and famous. remember *broadcast yourself*

LeeTheNPC : That piano should be in a museum.

Depression Session : Still surprised YouTube's recommending me this classic.

Wholesome Lad : Thanks for recommending me this again, Youtube

DJ POPTART : This guy is a guardian angel for your childhood memories and for youtube old videos

ZambieSlayerYT : Better than “In My Feelings”

TheDeviantYoutuber : Classic YouTube right here people.

Mya Salina : *legendary*

Andrew Jatib : How is this both such a good song and bad song at the same time..


HotaruZoku : This will always stand as the epitome of classic, original, no bullshit YouTube.

RetroTARDIS : Lowkey sounds like Guren No Yumiya from Attack On Titan.

IJ Films : The amount of comments from YESTERDAY proves that old memes don't actually die

Corrupt Crew : I just saw this on adult swim and came back for the memories lol

silvershadow : Plot twist: He moves away from the mic to check if the FBI is at his door

Clayton Jaggers : IFunny?


Quality Vids : The original badass

Michael Kelley : This song is one of the realest songs ever. Everyone having fun singing along, not knowing this song is about racism.

GABRIEL03698 : Why is every comment so recent? O.o

RedyTheLegend : Wow. YouTube is really scraping at the bottom of the barrel of recommendations here

Drew Williams : I listen to this song as motivation whenever I'm constipated.

The Big Bean : Good god this still has super fresh comments. This is insane.

Jenn 811 : Who watching this on 2k18?

SpartanUruk : I move away from the mic to check if the cops are coming

David Roy : wow, goes to an 11 year old video and see comments from 10 and 25 minutes ago...

LuggyBro : I always move away from the mic now to breathe even on phone calls yay

Husspower enthusiast : Deported

Ethan Hyatt : y'all mind if I _move away from the mic to breathe in_

Mr Medium : Yoooooo Skip 10 seconds every time you hear chocolate rain. Thank me later 👌

Matt Jazwinski : Ayy who’s listening in August 2018 thooo

The Q : The god of YouTube Music. This song is so deep. Yet it is memed. It whent Viral, and still hold up. He contiued his work. Not just coasting on his great work. But used his great voice in more songs. Tay Zonday, hats off to you. You are a youtube god.

Mack & Cheese : August 2018 anyone

Garrett Tidwell : Came back to pay my respects.

Justin Y. : A relic from the distant past has been recommended once again

Adrian Roy : There’s still so many active people in the comments wtf

Benjamin Currin : everytime you fast forward, it says chocolate rain

IsaFeX : This video is 11 years old and people are still commenting on it like it was uploaded a few hours ago.

Monika MJ : The good old youtube times

thinh99 : 2007 comments be like "looks away to check for police" 2015 comments be like "Watching this in 2015!!!"

Byejigga : This is the first time I have ever actually watch this video or it in its entirety. Nothing like being 11 years late to something

Sal J. : The lyrics are obviously about racism.... Such a great and powerful song

LEVI HOLLAND : someone in 2018 ?

LucyintheSkyofDiamonds : Living legend

The Jumba King : This is better then most music that's played now.

Beast Killer113 : Classic video

PH Glitch : Holy crap. I haven’t seen this video in so long

Sofi Camargo : 2018?