"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

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DJ POPTART : This guy is a guardian angel for your childhood memories and for youtube old videos

TheTrue Yanmega : Its scary how often people still comment on this

U Stank : I just realized you can double tap fast forward 10 seconds after every chocolate rain and listen to every time he says that

Ashley coco : Who came here from Snapchat

mary husted : its so ironic that a song like this (that is clearly a commentary on racism and other pains of the world are ignored) gets popular, basically became a meme, but the actual meaning gets... ignored.

Dan Bull : "history quickly crashing through your veins" is such a powerful line

SAY YAHH : wtf am i doing with my life, after all these year i'm back to listen to chocolate rain

irmãos bipolares : Some say he still has to move away from the mic to breathe

Ricardo Cambronero Ulloa : Dude wtf, there’s still people that are watching oldies from YouTube like me :’)

natalie is bored : This vid is from 11 years ago yet all the comments are from one week ago

The Jumba King : This is better then most music that's played now.

raizadianne : I went viral brought me here.

MrCaquita23 : September 26 2018 7:48 and a lot of comments are from 2 hours ago. That's strange. It seems like we all had the necessity of watch this video again.

Elgin_ABSOLUTE C. : Yo this song is mad woke

Matt20264 : How is it so many people are still coming here? Like did we all just receive a signal to watch this or what?

Justin Y. : A relic from the distant past has been recommended once again

Young_sinatra.17 : When it's October and you're in the mood for some Chocolate Rain

Daniel Scivetti : 11 years ago and I still find myself on mf Choco rain listening to the message

Armaan Misra : Damn, this viral song about race is actually truly deep and dark

DAngelo Jenkins : 2018 and still blasting Tay like none other

Sam Ravioli : Wow this video is 10 years old and i'm seeing comments from 12 to 30 minutes ago...

Everything's Alright : How many people actually get that he's talking about racism against african americans?

Slxy•All•Dxy P. : Why are ppl commenting now? This sht came out in 2007

Albino Andyington : Lmao this was so funny to me when i was young i wanted to sound like him

SHEVY_D : Who else came here from (watch mojo top ten viral where are they now?)

silver : Plot twist: He moves away from the mic to check if the FBI is at his door

gwen brent : 2018 anyone? like if yes.

Baby O : It’s true if you skip every 10 seconds you’ll here chocolate rain just start skipping when you hear the first chocolate rain

GlitchytheSpacepyro : The fact comments still apear on this video as close as 3 miniutes ago on a video thats 11 yrs old. Damn.

Memesbut NoMemes : bruh that is actually funny that people are still commenting on this video 11 years later I know i just did but i only did it because i saw others doing it

Talking Kitty Cat : Oh the humble beginnings of YouTube... This video was brand new when I got on YouTube. This, some blonde girl vloger from Australia, some asian girl who just stared at the camera and didn't speak, a channel called Fred about a kid who was super hyper, SMP Films.... Damn Youtube has changed. But even with all of the new awesome content, some of these videos are timeless!

Chris Carlton : The guy with the baby face but grandpa's voice.

Moms Blanket : Skip 10 seconds and no matter what every time you skip 10 seconds he will always say chocolate rain

Robert Dover : Just came here from South Park

Anthony Jones : How and why are people still commenting on this video?


Mr Doctor : Im so happy that people still come to this ancient piece of youtube history

Sam Parijs : So much people amazed by the fact that people still come back here. But c’mon, this is a legendary relic of youtube history. It is supposed to be like this, everybody should have seen this.

iHoverZz YT : Legend has it that he is still moving away from the mic to breathe

NIMROD : Wow, some of the comments were only posted minutes ago.

crazy Conor McGregor : In all seriousness he's a pretty good singer

awesomemax2456 : 0:22 *checks for the police* 0:43 *the c-4's have settled on the wall* 0:54 *ducks in case of imminent explosion happening* 1:04 *still ducking* 1:35 *setting up the piano bomb* 1:58 *realizes that was on camera* 2:19 *looks A N G E R L Y at strange man behind him (could be kidnapper, the lore of this video is insane)* 2:39 *works out some kinks with the bomb* 3:12 *very A N G E R Y now* 3:29 *still A N G E R Y (however for a shorter amount of time, could this mean tay has actually gone the pacifist route on undertale?)* 4:00 *if you look closely, tay is actually looking at the possible kidnapper as if he was verery B A D at fortnite (could this mean the kidnapper is not a kidnapper, and in fact the only person to give black panther a bad review?)* the movie ends with a cinematic shot of tay looking at the camera, as if he were waiting for it to explode. tay is criminal confirmed

Ulises Roa Fortnite ahre : September 2018!?

Golden Phoenix : all the comments are brand new wtf ;D

Luden Hideo Kojima ARMY : Golden Ages of the Youtube... i miss those years... any Youtube Veteran here?

QUACK DUCKER : Back when every virals and memes weren't cringy worthy.

Happy Abby Arts : I don't know why Youtube decided to suggest this to everyone again, but I am not mad

Kama Mura : Anyone here from South Park?

Zyllon : Still listening to this banger