"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

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Justin Y. : A relic from the distant past has been recommended once again

Mz Lee : *Make YouTube Great Again...*

Nathan : came here from jknews

Mr.kevin not home : This video put YouTube on the map

U Stank : I just realized you can double tap fast forward 10 seconds after every chocolate rain and listen to every time he says that

Dan Bull : "history quickly crashing through your veins" is such a powerful line

Tino : jk news brought me here

Si13nt Voice : Why is this comments section so recent?

Cringe Gaming 64 : Who else just suddenly felt like going to this video for no reason

Seddi : he looked like he was 7 and sounded like he was 48

QUACK DUCKER : Back when every virals and memes weren't cringy worthy.

Ricardo Correia : Jk News brought me here

M Husted : its so ironic that a song like this (that is clearly a commentary on racism and other pains of the world are ignored) gets popular, basically became a meme, but the actual meaning gets... ignored.

irmãos bipolares : Some say he still has to move away from the mic to breathe

liliana lol : The fact that I see ‘29 minutes ago’ under comments BLOWS MY MIND. This guy is a legend.

Sam Ravioli : Wow this video is 10 years old and i'm seeing comments from 12 to 30 minutes ago...

Hollygirl 88 : This is the internet’s final boss

Elgin_ABSOLUTE C. : Yo this song is mad woke

Ashley coco : Who came here from Snapchat

just jess : over a decade later and I just learned how deep this song is wtf

DJ POPTART : This guy is a guardian angel for your childhood memories and for youtube old videos

William Lucente : The video from 11 years ago has comments from 11 mins ago

Ricardo Cambronero Ulloa : Dude wtf, there’s still people that are watching oldies from YouTube like me :’)

Nicholas Mazur : It’s been a minute since I’ve watched this and by a minute I mean like 7-8 years

Camden Carter : forgot about this until the new JKNews video

The Jumba King : This is better then most music that's played now.

Sarah Vicks : 2018 and i still love this song

My name is so long so yea lol My Life As Khalil : 2018 anyone?Its no nut november guys,4 minutes ago someone viewed this vid;-;

Everything's Alright : How many people actually get that he's talking about racism against african americans?

Jay James : WHO’S HERE NOVEMEBER 2018!?!? 🔥🤣 First time ever seeing this.. 👽

Lovelyti's News Network : omg so many memories lmaooooooo "Chocolate Rain" is still the shit!!

Joel Choh : Who came here to look at old videos. Like if so

JasonVoorhees_13 : The comments are still active and this video is 11 years old

Mehrzaad Mir : Wow this still gets comments?

Daniel Scivetti : 11 years ago and I still find myself on mf Choco rain listening to the message

GABRIEL03698 : Why is every comment so recent? O.o

IVIag : I’m glad people are still commenting in here lol

A Sagittarius LHBL : Soooooooo who else came from Instagram? This song is actually dope if you understand what he's talking about

MR. KUBA : Who's watching this video in 2018 like

Hasorane : It took me years to figure out this song is actually about income inequality and corruption

TheLegend27 : Man, I was 10 when this came out, this makes me feel old. Best thing to break the internet. :)

Peanut : 0:33 looks out of the window if police are there

AlejandroGames : The good days of youtube with alien videos and ms paint tutorials

BudiPlot : Who is seeing this in November 2018?

Neon Dragon : 2018 anyone?


Matt Mort : Damn, it's really sweet to see people still viewing classic YouTube videos like this :)

Yohan the Boy : "Chocolate Rain, Puberty hit me like a train" Remember when this was the most liked and overused comment?

Cynthia Willis : I cannot believe people, including myself are commenting on this today, 11 yrs later!!