"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

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TayZonday : THANKS for your SUPPORT! Watch MORE singing by ME! ---> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL87KbhWjUH2ZwqRWBi9g9d28lUbs-xmIO Follow my Instagram! http://www.instagram.com/tayzonday Join my Discord chat! http://discord.gg/tayzonday

Dan Bull : "history quickly crashing through your veins" is such a powerful line

The Eyebro : Hello fellow pyrocynicals

Metalrango : This is definitely me when my dad gets out of prison

Papa Samu : (Please hit a fat dab at the end)

SinolooTV : 2018, who's here?

Justin Y. : A relic from the distant past has been recommended once again

Bacon with more Frosk : Its scary how alive this comment section is

Aesthetic Kanna : *Here after pyros new video!!!*

natalie is bored : Thanks for reminding me about this pyro

Young Buckets : Yo someone respond to this if their in September 19,2018

The Jumba King : This is better then most music that's played now.

danno : Holy there are people still commenting and watching this video

Dankimilianmus : **moves away from the mic to check for cops**

Tristan sanvictores : *Dab* but just looks at the time

I’ll brik ur nan : who watch in september 2018

josh kiser : In all seriousness he's a pretty good singer

Poketendo1325 : I like how we’re all here from pyros video

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Odollar 123 : Who came back here bc of watch mojo

DJ POPTART : This guy is a guardian angel for your childhood memories and for youtube old videos

Roastt U : Let me get this straight, this video was uploaded 11 years ago and there's still people commenting from like 5 hours ago

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El Bebucho : Vengo de german :v

Michelle Martínez : Like si vienes de German

silvershadow : Plot twist: He moves away from the mic to check if the FBI is at his door

Mauricio Calderón : LOL, is September 15th 2018 and still getting views years later

Fernando Sanchez : jaja ja todos venimos de german

Baby _Girl : Who’s watching this September 2018-2019

Andy Ormeño Cifuentes : Dejen de publicar quien vino por Germán, ya nos vale madres pos >:v

Sam Ravioli : Wow this video is 10 years old and i'm seeing comments from 12 to 30 minutes ago...

Jonah Hoffman : Anyone here in 2018?

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QUACK DUCKER : Back when every virals and memes weren't cringy worthy.

TukTuk PukPuk : Pyro?

Luis Silva : Damnnnn 11 years ago oO time flies 😱😱

JuliAndro20 : Vienes por Germán :v?

Sebastian France : Checking the time with style


7 subs but no videos? : *bruh I thought there would be comments from 5 years ago but damn some are like 5 min ago this song is this lit XD*

FRANFIXX GAMING : Like si viniste por german

Liamfm : Who watching in 2018

Dogis onxonx : Who listened this song at 2018 well I listened

GABRIEL03698 : Why is every comment so recent? O.o

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Chris Hansen : September 16th anyone??

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