How to Make 29 Handmade Pasta Shapes With 4 Types of Dough | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit

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Nate : He toucha his spaghet. Nice.

Kevin Hagler : I love how all these great pastas essentialy came from wise guys who like to play with their food.

Scorpionic : Oh boy you are talented, I can’t even remember five of these pastas 👏🏻

Trần Minh Hiếu : Time stamps: - Semolina dough 0:52 Cavatelli 1:16 Malloreddus 1:46 Lorighittas 2:26 Cencioni 2:58 Capunti 3:41 Strascinati 3:57 Culurgionis 6:00 Sagne ingannulate - Egg dough 7:23 Fusilli al ferretto 8:08 Tagliatelle 9:08 Tortellini 12:07 Cappellacci di zucca 12:40 Tortellini piacentini 13:13 Farfalle (bowtie) 14:00 Garganelli 14:38 Anolini 15:40 Cappelletti 16:34 Tacliolini 17:08 Agnolotti (ravioli) 17:59 Sacchetti - Spinach dough 19:46 Foglie d'ulivo 20:20 Trofie 20:58 Fagiolini 21:32 Pappardelle 22:18 Maccheroni alla chitarra - Squid Ink dough 24:12 Orecchiette al nero di seppia 24:43 Strichetti 25:20 Fettuccine al nero di seppia 25:44 Corzetti

Jose Brazil : Screw reviewing for exams, 27 minutes of pasta has more value.

Hot Take, Babe : There’s a 27 minute video on making pasta, and I think that’s beautiful

Faris Ariaputra : At the end of the video only to realize there's the shape of the pasta at the right upper corner...

Marcus Zyker : The Bob Ross of pasta

foster_the_shota_thread : i think the hardest part of doing these is trying to pronounce the names without sounding stupid

bird271828 : I feel like I just got a PhD in making pasta. Thank you for sharing :-)

Tosh T : *_Bravo!_* Damn, that was awesome. Fantastic skills and the commentary was superb but much love for all the tools and boards. And not sure why but I got a kick out of the animated pasta in the upper right. 🤔😀 Well done, BA.

Luna Moona : I'm italian, a real fan of pasta but I swear I never heard of most of these types of pasta here in Italy 😂

MadE : Can you share the recipe for the doughs?

MARIN : Edible origami

Pete Hogan : This man has incredible manual dexterity. He makes it look so easy and relaxing.

Mark Harris : There are some great pasta videos on YouTube, but yours is the best I’ve seen. Great commentary, great understanding of the history and regions of the pasta but your skills were the best of all. Excellent, very well done indeed.

Gerson Cuevas : All who disliked this video are a bunch of Fagotinis and Fagiolinis

JWentu : Congratulations! ths is a very interesting and well done video. I appreciate your effort with italian pronounciation, very good for an american/english native. (just a few "errors", like: it's tènero, not tenèro) I am from Parma, Emilia Romagna, and I was waiting for your cappelletti and anolini. It's important to stress that you gave indications for the filling, but every family will have a different one and very often with meat. There are sort of religous wars about how to call the different forms of pasta. For instance: for all my life I called stuffed pasta in my family "cappelletti" but almost everyone else here calls them "anolini" and I am considered an heretic, wort of flogging or stoning for this sin... yes, food and pasta are quite important around here... nice work!

annie mody : I'm from India & I'm totally Fascinated by the sheer artistry of the pasta shapes & the dexterity of the gentleman making them. It was awe inspiring to see them all & as a person who LOVES pasta I can feel the deliciousness through the utility of each shape. Totally blown away by this video thanks so very much !

Cihara : the orecchiette are a little bigger than they are traditionally and you chose a lot of weird kinds of pasta lmao! but this video was very nice and i think it's also accurate. i like the fact that there's a little bit of history about it too. my italian national pride obliges me to comment about not seeing lasagna, gnocchi and reginelle or ziti, but i guess they weren't as fun to watch being made! great video!

Water Nebula : Somebody toucha my 29 types of sphaget

Rick : ...I just fangirl-ed over a type of pasta... I'm a 15 year old boy. Why.

lilli luna : Come bolognese ammiro la tua tecnica coi tortelli che risultano spesso dicficili da chiudere ma le tagliatelle personalmente mi sembravano un po' corte o almeno mi sembrano più corte di come io le faccio (e ammetto anche compro). In ogni caso la tua pasta sembra ottima in ogni sua forma!

ネコnekosans1234 : I bet he knows so much about pasta, he can tell when his pasta was made, who made it, and all the Mistakes of the pasta

dudleydiva : You are possibly the best YouTube demonstrator ever. If only all 'experts' could be as succinct and comprehensive and well-spoken! Thank you - I enjoyed this immensely :-D

Todoroki Shōto : a 30 min bon appetit video im living

Kate : This guy is awesome, and now I want pasta

Justus Attanasio : Lol the camera man missed every shot I wanted to see. Couldn't see the the design on half the rolled ones. Couldn't see what his hands were doing on most of the intricate ones. Interesting, but frustrating.

Pära : I don't know if anyone's said this yet but I was floored because the way you make tortellini is EXACTLY like how you make wontons. And wontons are traditionally for soup as well! You fold it exactly the same, have to portion the filling out the same, everything - we even use paper-thin egg dough for wonton wrappers! It's incredible the similarities that different cultures have :)

Uatemydoodle : Please marry me and cook for me every day. Wait... I'm a guy... damn!

Dev 123 : This makes me hungry

Liam-Ethan Wallis : 5:49 But what were they filled with pre-potato?

Alexis Melero : When he got to the Strichetti (at 24 mins), that's when I realized he had the pasta shapes posted on the top right corner.

Gaudi : Nero di Seppia = Cuttlefish Ink not Squid Ink

Olivia : I never knew there were so many types of pasta. All I know are spaghetti pasta, macaroni pasta, twisty pasta, butterfly (bow tie) pasta, shell pasta and ravioli.

none of your business : Marco Polo did not bring pasta to Italy from China. Evidence of pasta in Italy has been found from hundreds of years before Marco Polo was born.

Miti Abulaiti : Pasta is NOT from China. this is a common misconception

Michael Alvarado : did i just spend 26 min watching someone make different pasta shapes, absolutely.

Make-Up MOJO : I wish this guy would marry me lol

bill farrell : Hi, I'm having issues with the dough sliding across the board when making fucilli, I have to wet the board, but sometimes the pasta picks up to much moisture. How do you keep from sliding?


phier camargo : wow mucha pasta el tiene todo eso para hacerlo cuanto habra costado

Katrina Mclinton : Boy if I hear another word that ends in INI.. Loooooooord!

litteraly lila : Time to find and italian husband

proguy : Ravioli ravioli, this video longioli

talia841951 : I really admire people who go to all this trouble to make food.

nAJALyn Gonzalez : All these pasta names are making my head hurt

Mr. BuildyLocks : My friend said spaghetti isn't pasta but I said it is, am I right?

Phojographer : It’s a true art making pasta, loved this

ical nafi : can someone count how many times he says 'literally'?