Weezer (w/ Weird Al Yankovic ) - Africa (The Forum, Los Angeles CA 8/8/18)

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BKGrila : After he jokingly asked if the crowd said "Europe", the band should have started playing "The Final Countdown"

Jsameds : Weird Al has stayed more culturally relevant than any of the artists he’s parodied.

Matt Pope : The lead-singer of a 90’s radio staple wears the t-shirt of Grunge royalty while covering an iconic early MTV hit and is joined on stage by the premier novelty act of the 80’s: This is a veritable orgy of Generation X music nostalgia.

okrajoe : I bet Toto never expected this would happen in 2018.

SKYPATROL1ONE : Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in hist-

Alister Dante : Only Rivers can air drum while singing Africa by Toto wearing a sleeveless Nirvana shirt and still be awesome.

Brad F. : Rivers Cuomo looks like a sixteen-year-old 40-year-old.

Walsh : Weird al is actually such an incredible musician

Spuds : Nobody "shreds" an accordion like Weird Al !!! :)

Joe Schembrie : Weird Al is fifty-eight years old and looks better than a lot of thirty-eight year old rockers. Clean living, I guess.

GJSJapan : Weird Al is an accomplished musician and he's got a great voice. Parody is his genre, but he is truly talented in ways some of the musicians he parodies aren't.

Shawn Simmons : I love Weird Al and I love Weezer and I love the song, "Africa"!! What a treat that was!!

David Razi : Just to 3:25 to see a real musician take the stage.

within_a_doubt : This is one of the whitest things I’ve ever seen 😂

BillybobSpangleberry : Weird Al is the greatest human who ever lived. Fight me.

chris herbig : Weird Al looks so genuinely happy to be singing this song.

James Tarrou : Weird Al needs to do a parody of Africa, and then Toto needs to do a cover of that parody.

Michael Cassady : Weird Al can play anything. If you listen to his albums, he touches on almost every genre.

nightrain5150 : The crowd reaction to Weird Al. This man is beloved.

TomsterMusic : I caught a train down in Africaa.. I ate chow mein down in Africaa.. Saw David Blaine down in Africaa.. I felt a pain down in Africaa.. I ate a brain down in Africaa.. I flew a plane down in Africaa.. I saw cocaine down in Africaa.. I got a stain down in Africaa.. Heard Lois Lane lives in Africaa.. I went insane down in Africaa.. I can't complain down in Africaa.. I broke a chain down in Africaa.. I met John Wayne down in Africaa.. It's pretty lame down in Africaa.. I just got maimed down in Africaa.. There's window panes down in Africaa.. I played a game down in Africaa.. Ate sugar cane down in Africaa.. I bought Rogaine down in Africaa.. Wish that you came down to Africaa.. I feel the same down in Africaa.. I'm not to blame down in Africaa.. I still remain down in Africaa.. Lame claim to fame down in Africaa.. 🎶🎵

Josh Lewis : I was hoping weird al was going to come on stage in a safari get up

Sam Couch : Honestly it’s scary to see rivers with a Flying V, and sleeveless shirt, and black skinny jeans. He looks... cool?

Dante's Disco Inferno : And they said Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover in history.

scott lorenzo : I was there floor level. Hard to put in words how profound an experience this was. One of the best I've ever been to.

raedwulf61 : Weezer. Weird Al. Nirvana. And Toto too? And Toto too!

rick neal : The only way this could be nerdier is if Chris Hardwick introduced them....

Noopy Bear : This was a decent cover, but adding weird al put a gold star on the map😊

Dan Matthews : About the only time I would ever watch and enjoy an accordion solo...

Jüdäs : Cashing in on a meme...at least it brings good music to millennials instead of the sh*t slowly retarding the world on the radio now.

Christopher Adora : Only Weird Al could make the Accordion look cooler than it is

Chris Ducat : Impossible not to love weird al 😄

Diego Ramirez : Rivers with a flying v never thought I would see the day

KRhetor : There are not enough words to praise this.

Blank : I didn't know I needed this. Now I wish I had more.

v m : Not an easy song to remember word for word...cool version from weezer... Adding Weird Al gives it there own flavor to this masterpiece .

Ginger Tamijani : One of the greatest moments of my life. I'm so glad I got to be there for this.

menom7 : AWESOME!!! One of the reasons why YouTube exists!!! :)

DannyIsntHere : Weird Al walking on to a rock band stage is like Eminem walking on to a hip hop rap stage... Crowd just loses their minds.

The Melon Man : Me during the first few minutes:"Hey this is pretty good." Me after Weird Al comes on stage:"I FREAKING LOVE LIFE!!!"

chalo colina : This is a new level of awesome. Disregard the opinion of anybody who wasn't there to hear Africa charting on the radio. You have to have all the pieces for this grandeur to fully manifest.

Shawn Beach : Thanks for uploading this so quickly

Cassandra : Damn, Rivers is fit 😍

Bryan Dehart : I feel bad for people who don't appreciate Weird Al.

Mike Cranston : This is EPIC> It gives serious comp to "LAdies and gentlemen Mr. ELton JOHN!!!" Weird Al FTW

Michael Fitzpatrick : Man, these guys are really leaning hard into the classic rock tip...

Saxysaboy77 : I though Weird Al never did serious music!

Everything Is Awesome : Weird Al's the best

Strings & Rad Things : Went to the show last night, first concert and so far the best night ever!

roadhockey : =W=eird Al.

KyooMac : It's a little pitchy dawg....