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Raging Kylo : 5:07-5:17 is the best part!

Geek Chorus : This video was infinitely more enjoyable than the movie.

Movie Mania : These people are all bots This comment was payed for by Disney

Brian Hayne : Watching this is like therapy for me. Thank you so much for this. Vindication.

trueninjatactics : General Fux LMAO

Google User : Epic rant of rants. I couldn't stop laughing.

Izzy Nobre : Thanks for including me :)

920mario : Groundbreaking compilation!!!!!!!!

kevincarter2020 : Rey jizzing the force everywhere

DaRemnant 121 : This was done very well. I hope more people see it.

bekhele : wow this is a masterclass of editing, well done!

Ron Haller : So brilliant! Better than this little silly movie that you're going on about. I wished I saw this compilation in the cinema instead the actual movie!

Snowie : The force is strong with these ones!!!

Josefine Nagy : I still do not understand why all the executives at Lucasfilm just did not care about all the plotholes, illogical things and and they think we are so dumb, or because is it they just do not care at all!!!!! Yeah, but the fans ruined Star Wars...sure.

ian lowe : The British guys driving down the road are killing me!

Taha Anis Siddiqui : 8:39 LOL Jizzing Force all over the place! 😂

UnboxingBox : SOOO DISRESPECTFUL!!!. to luke, chew, rey,finn, leia, TO MEN, to story telling, to poe, to the work of jj abrams. 100% great rant dude.

PARKER SMYKLE : Wow! This was pretty cool! Thanks for having me be included! I really appreciate it!

HarpoSpoke : Well done! This is so therapeutic.

SufiGuy : Nice compilation. Thank you

Ian Christiansen : Oh my sweet Jesus I love this

Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman) : It's time for Star Wars... to end

Douglas Daniel : Hmmm...there seems to be a consensus...... I am so glad I haven't seen this film. Sounds like it would strip me of my sanity and leave me a raging basket-case. Like these guys. Star Wars is over, until maybe another generation passes and they can try again.....

John talks Star Wars : Heck of an editing job!

Kamen Kunchev : The First Order fleet has all the ships with thousands of guns but they shoot only one at the rebel escape ships :) while the purple-haired battle hero granny watches them and does nothing waiting until the last moment while somehow all main characters are on the ship that doesn't get blown up. This movie is just too bad.

Twilight Sparkle : 35:28 how it feels to be fucked by Disney

Andy Dufresne : This is an amazing compilation. It's crazy because there is hundreds and hundreds more videos out there. There is so many people who have never uploaded a video before and they do it now just for getting this off their chest. The outrage is unprecedented.

Lebrato : Rian Johnson motherfucker!!!!

HAIL STORM : Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate, Hate leads to Disney!

MetallicaRules : I love Ben Shapiro I hate The Last Jedi So hearing Ben Shapiro rant on The Last Jedi is so amazing.

Jeff Block : Good compilation. Can you put source links in the info? I wanna see some of them, like Peter Brady who whacked his own head. His has gotta be nonstop great.

1st Generation American Patriot : Beautiful compilation. Well done!

Raging Kylo : Holy cow! How many hours did you spend on editing this? You must have watched all of these source footages multiple times to finish this project. It's so smooth. This shall be remembered as the full documentary on the death of Star Wars Franchise. I strongly suggest you make this video 2 hours long (tons of other TLJ rant reviews on YouTube).

Real Name : All those poor people who stood in lines to be the first ones to see it, money on a made for Feminism Disney failure of a ruined franchise. Fools.

IGotYourBack : ___Vader helps destroy the Jedi, dark ruler of the galaxy. “I sense the good in you...the conflict.”, Luke. ___Kylo is in a bad dream. “Die!!!”, Luke. Good writing Disney.

Drop Goal2003 : My brothers and sisters of SW. whatever age- we need to erase tlj (and tfa because this film made it pointless) from our memories. It’s just a bad film. Full stop. Go watch the OT and may force be with you!

Lee Jones : Brilliant...

Garry Combine : We are the porg. You will be assimilated. You collective wallets will be added to Disney's bank. You will be mindless fans who won't think about the films you watch. Resistance is futile! - Kathleen 'the force can *only* be female' Kennedy, 2017

John Volt : Omg so good

Dean baisden : this is so funny! im rolling!!!! cause its all true!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Cat : I wish there was a list of the video reviewers. Like who is the dirty blonde girl, in the black tank top and sweater? What’s the name of that angry muscle guy? The 2 dudes behind a desk like a news show and the like??

Gerry Blue : One rant to rule them all

Shade753 : 15:00 Robert Downy Junior?

RU Foreal : start a petition to demand refunds EN MASSE

Steven Sams : TLJ was garbage. Nearly a month later I am still angry. The movie seriously needs to be removed from canon.

Alex Vandensen : than you

G Y : Hatred is the great uniter as usual

Hafidz Zakaria : Next time Disney show another Star Wars movie again, don't go to it. The SW is dead. Bury the movie. Consider this mercy.

Goku Kakarot : And it was epic better thank tlj it self

KIBanshee9 : "Bo Dangles" 😂😂😂