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MemeKid : Holy cow! How many hours did you spend on editing this? You must have watched all of these source footages multiple times to finish this project. It's so smooth. This shall be remembered as the full documentary on the death of Star Wars Franchise. I strongly suggest you make this video 2 hours long (tons of other TLJ rant reviews on YouTube).

Izzy Nobre : Thanks for including me :)

Greg Stachura : DISNEY ?!? hahahahhahahahahah....what is that? Last Jedi - haven't seen worst movie in my entire life. STAR WARS R.I.P.

NameCallingIsWeak : 4:59 LOL, describing an hour of low speed chase 12:30 LOL, Describing the "Mary Poppins" moment 20:37 two women in a row dissing on this movie. Apparently anti-women, per Disney higher ups. 21:59 LOL, Dissing on Yoda 22:36 LOL, Asian Woman Dissing on Rose (the Asian woman) 24:16 Captain Phasma stinks 26:37 No love for Finn from the brothers. 27:38 Luke shows up, looking like Billy Mays, dies very very ridiculously as a hermit and not a hero 33:39 Best summary, close to the beginning of summaries 34:58 Rian Johnson getting ripped The bright side of terrible Star Wars movies is ... stupendous color commentary. I think the solution is as one said: **"Star Wars ended with Jedi."**

Jason leal : Episode 8 should have had a laugh track playing during the movie. Maybe it would have been better?

John Talks : Heck of an editing job!

Steven Sams : TLJ was garbage. Nearly a month later I am still angry. The movie seriously needs to be removed from canon.

Archlord V : The next time someone claims the "The Last Jedi" is hated because audiences aren't ready for "strong female characters", I'm going to direct them to this video, *which clearly has an equal - if not greater - number of women reviewers pointing out how much they hate this film.* God bless each and every one of you ladies.

IGotYourBack : ___Vader helps destroy the Jedi, dark ruler of the galaxy. “I sense the good in you...the conflict.”, Luke. ___Kylo is in a bad dream. “Die!!!”, Luke. Good writing Disney.

TobiAnimados : I just realize that Disney did with Luke the exact same thing they did with Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) in Tron:Legacy: Main character of the film living some years in an exile (by choice), then some characters go looking for him, then he sacrifices himself to help the others in an anticlimactic way.... no more sequels after that, and possibly a reboot in the future.

TobiAnimados : They forgot to mention the little kid at the end, grabbing the broom with the force, in this galaxy the new Jedi knights don't even need training.

BellowD Gaming : 10:50 Kylo Ren

Amanda Scott : This video is the most well-directed, consistent, and satisfying Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen!

raindog951 : I haven't seen the Last Jedi.....I baled out after the Force Awakens. Looks like I did the right thing!

MemeKid : 5:07-5:17 is the best part!

Chaos Fox : The Star Wars christmas special was better that The Last Jedi.

Armageist : This is masterful. There was more editing done in this than the entire TLJ movie. As someone else has said, to go through almost every rant video (I've seen and not seen) and piece them together....insane. Please do a part 2 to cover the rest of the movies' flaws. Just don't burn it all down like Soyboy Rian.

Arc71cR0n1n : This movie, despite the many blunders, taught me a valuable lesson (one that I will not forget any time soon): I am not alone in my hate for it ;)

Esi Nes : "The Last Jedi" is a great sequel to "Space Balls".

Movie Mania : These people are all bots This comment was payed for by Disney

Darrin Hart : Well according to JJ Abrams....all of us hate women....even the women...they hate women too. Makes sense, right? LOL.....they've destroyed an entire franchise and continue to push their agendas......pathetic. This video is great.

Amos Hermens : I felt so much better after watching this. That was just such a sh%t movie.

N Slater : Holy crap! Even I made it into this ! How long did this freakin' take you to look up and make?!

kamen rider kiva : Watching this in 2x speed is pretty glorious you guys.

Geek Chorus : This video was infinitely more enjoyable than the movie.

Sebastián Cray : But.. But.. John Campea says there's no fan backlash!

6RID8U6 : This epic mastercut is the greatest testament to the biggest misfire in the Star Wars cinematic universe. And I salute you all.

Gordon Davis : Without earning it, Rey gets a lightsaber, she gets the millennium falcon, she gets the family dog - Chewbacca- she gets hugs from Leia, etc. every male has to be shown as being childish. Thus, Luke is shown drinking milk from an alien breast. You may not have noticed that this reinforces the film’s point that males are childish, but your brain did.

jesse taylor : do not see the solo movie opening week.

Krocodockle : Last Jedi is an abomination

North Dwarf : I felt like I could have done a better movie...

David Gonzalez : Long story short bad director.

Renatenha A : This video made my day. Thank you for the effort


Don't Worry : Another sad truth: This Youtube clip is edited better than TLJ. Seriously.

dragonsangel7777 : I knew star wars was in trouble after the Force Awakens, which is why I didn't even try this PoS.

jeremy arnott : The Entertainment Tonight Canada (Roz Weston) full review was by far my favorite rant of this dumpster fire!!!🤣🤣🤣

Hans Dampf : Furthermore they killed the happy ending of Episode 6. Han and Leia break up, Luke turned into a hermit bathing in self-pity...

Petko Karamotchev : I would personally like to shake hands with all these people. Finally someone telling the truth. This movie SUCKS and does it BIG TIME!!!

archangelum : Watching these rants is a million times better than having watched The Last Jedi, which I really wanted to like, but actually is one of the worst films ever made.


surenoonehasthisname is me : I didn't even see it and I hate it.

Uncle Fester : The prequels are gold!!

shlibookensteppah : Excellent curation. I hated TFA, but this turd....I don't even have the words. I thought people were lying about the Mary Poppins in space shit. Nope. This film is a monument to failure. Seriously. Everyone fails in this movie. The good guys. The bad guys. The writers. The actors. The director. No one wins. It's a fail-a-palooza.

Bill Difilippantonio : These different YouTube-ers videos perfectly reflect the pain we all are enduring and the disappointment felt around the world.

Zinger3 : Episode 1-6. This is Star Wars Episode 7 & 8. This is Star Wars on Disney.

Emrys Wledig : Wow, the people who hated this movie are more racially diverse than the characters in the actual movie. How do you like that, Disney?

Bob Smith : Social Justice Wars: The Matriarchy Strikes Back.

Drackkor : Sadly all of this is true and I could even add more in the way Finn and the Fat Asian can't be killed.

maximilian645 : Episode xx the last mary sue.