Thanking the bus driver

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matthew cleek : *Why all the Lenarrs have a different skin tone* 😂😂

Cannaestia : This was absolute comedy gold LOL

I Don't Know : When you get a green screen for your birthday

SEV7N : *_When the Bus Driver has a better gaming chair than you..._*

Apian Bird : He protecc He attacc But most importantly he thanc

「Raman」 M。 : Always thank the bus driver, even if he's mad

B15ChickenSlayer :D : All of you are gonna die except one person!!! *THANK YOU BUS DRIVER*

StormedTech : This is why we don’t have proximity chat in fortnite


Santa Claus : -Bussing the thank driver has been disabled.-

Yuvixa Lopez : *bus driver is temporarily disabled*

Tado Potato : Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr and... Thank you Lenarr

The Sight : *Epic Game* : _the bus driver has been removed for some reason_

Random Xbox Gameplay : 100 players saying thank u bus driver 1 billion times lmao

h i : “The bus driver has been temporarily disabled”

jxxylon : *Lenarr* has thanked the bus driver

Santa Claus : *Bus driver:* _crashes bus_

Mighty Mites : If he would have said thank you bus driver at the end

JALEEL AND CALEB GAMING AND MOVIES : Ty bus driver ......... Yall shutup yall gonna die soon 😂😂😂😂😂

HowDoIPlayGT : busdriver.exe has stopped working

Symora : *plot twist: the bus driver kills them all and gets victory royale*

Jewelix : *Thank you bus driver* *my mom said thank you bus driver* *my dad said thank you too bus driver* *thank you again bus driver!*

Alexander Plaza : Just imagine on a school bus...

FakeGlaring : Bruh even the people did not jump off😂😂😂

SUPR3MEE_ _ : My favorite part is when they say thank you bus driver

Ahmado : The bus drivers gonna thank himself and jump off (with no glider)

zx Diamond : Lenarrs:Thank you bus driver *x100* Bus driver: *youre welcome stfu*

ur mom : *Bus driver wants to know your location*

Rylan R.J.S : "Thank you bus dri-" *BUS EXPLODES*

TSM_Aido1234 _XD Elite Games : That is Full of Defaults

DA 07 : Can we pls appreciate these editing skills 😂😂 this funny as hell.

Distinct : Next update: *The bus driver is temporarily disabled*

Darth Kermit : DusBriver.exe has stopped working

Choccymilq : **bus driver has left the chat**

jackob0111 : Bussing the thanks driver

MLPSmoothie : bus driver: *get out*

Tai Hung : Thank You Bus Driver. 🚎

TFA Clan : A daily life of a bus driver

Flamin Hot Doritos : *_"T H a N k y O u B U s D r i V e R"_* 🤗

Beelzebub 666 : The greatest feat of social engineering in history

Bryan Mendez : *THE BUS DRIVER* has thanked the bus driver

Hi Guy : “You welcome”

ohh noo : Thank you..... Bus driver

Mr. Mark : Ali Ninja 69 has thanked the bus driver

Orange Dude : Why do they have different tones of skin color lmao

RedVacktor : Thank you bus driver 😆

XV : The person who thanks the bus driver first always dies first

ohh noo : Thanl you bus driver

il capo di iutub 1!1!1! ! : THANK YOU BUS DRIVER!

ohh noo : Thankn you bus driver