Thanking the bus driver

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matthew cleek : *Why all the Lenarrs have a different skin tone* 😂😂

Mansoor Anwari : 50 shades of lenarrrs

Cannaestia : This was absolute comedy gold LOL

I Don't Know : When you get a green screen for your birthday

Galaxiimira : Now why the hell THIS wasn't on the Youtube Rewind?? x'D

「Raman M」 : Always thank the bus driver, even if he's mad

B15ChickenSlayer :D : All of you are gonna die except one person!!! *THANK YOU BUS DRIVER*

SEV7N : *_When the Bus Driver has a better gaming chair than you..._*

Apian Bird : He protecc He attacc But most importantly he thanc Edit: for those saying I can’t spell I purposefully miss spell it as it’s a joke, oh dear

The Sight : *Epic Game* : _the bus driver has been removed for some reason_

Yuvixa Lopez : *bus driver is temporarily disabled*

h i : “The bus driver has been temporarily disabled”

Tado Potato : Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr Thank you Lenarr and... Thank you Lenarr

SMART KID : My favorite part is when they say thank you bus driver

Jewelix : *Thank you bus driver* *my mom said thank you bus driver* *my dad said thank you too bus driver* *thank you again bus driver!*

DA 07 : Can we pls appreciate these editing skills 😂😂 this funny as hell.

SpongeBob ಠ_ಠ : *no one truly knows... who drives the battle bus*

Rylan R.J.S : "Thank you bus dri-" *BUS EXPLODES*

NAZAIAH Evans Noel : Why isn't this a meme to the point where everyone should just keep saying thank you bus driver to the actual bus driver and if they get mad then there an a******

HowDoIPlayGT : busdriver.exe has stopped working

-jxxylon- : *Lenarr* has thanked the bus driver

Lil Ty : Bus drivers around the world are really gonna hear it now😂

The retarded channel So cringey : Thank you OOVOO JAVER...

Mimsadoodle YT : In the ending they all should've said Sorry bus Driver over and over

Zealous X : Just imagine on a school bus...

RedVacktor : Thank you bus driver 😆

xChaseMoney IS A NAZI : Shrek has thank the bus driver

XV : The person who thanks the bus driver first always dies first

Almighty-_-ken : what outro song is that I like it

RL PranksTM : Lmfao this true asf

Ahmado : The bus drivers gonna thank himself and jump off (with no glider)

Calvin Moore : thank you bus driver

zx Diamond : Lenarrs:Thank you bus driver *x100* Bus driver: *youre welcome stfu*

Sciron : DusBriver.exe has stopped working

GPizzle :v : *Bus driver wants to know your location*

Symora : *plot twist: the bus driver kills them all and gets victory royale*

Tai Hung : Thank You Bus Driver. 🚎

Choccymilq : **bus driver has left the chat**

Compton 187 : what beat is at the end ?

Aido Playz : That is Full of Defaults

MidnightBlue 460 : *My Dad said thank you too bus driver*

FireBreathPheonix : Thank you bus driver!

Hi Guy : “You welcome”

MoNsTeR L : Thank you bus driver for real tho😐

MLPSmoothie : bus driver: *get out*

CaptainRoti : outro song?

N01_capo de iutub ! : THANK YOU BUS DRIVER!

internet voyager : BTW, thank you bus driver

Badro NDZ : The best video I've seen in 2019 😂❤️

swirf ! : He ran out of shirts at the 3rd row