Asian Vitruvian Man

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Robin Seifert Medienproduktion : 4:06 lol Mercedes commercial ^^

- ̗̀ Buizel NX ̖́- : Holy shit that's an Airbender

Josh Armour : This is pretty amazing.  I'd actually pay this street performer.

Prophet : 3:40 he knows how a coin feels when it falls to the ground

Теософия в России — Theosophy in Russia : !

deepak soragi : how could any one dislike this :/

Domino60 : Hard working always end up with nice skills that's what nowadays kids don't know. Lazy asses. :D

Cyanporo : Where's the continuation of that, he brought out a box looking thing :o

mrk : Does anyone know  the song name? It's amazing.

romanianskill : Thank god for making this man and this wheel and then allowing them to come together, people say there's no proof... Are we all blind?

Lily M. : Awesome, great! Why not admit it, he's an extraordinary performer. Come on people instead of criticizing, say the good things about others, think, the garbage you throw will return to you, try to be nice, have respect and more love for others so we can have a much better world.

EricMetalhead : I cand do t his... hold my beer

Solar Hellas : AMAZING!!!!!

NawaZ Shariff : Just Amazing :)

Andrzej Wójtowicz : there is no spoon! I get it now!

Kavi Chotai : the real life lord of the rings...

Sofia Isilwen : He should be working with cirque du soleil :)

SilentReverie90 : hory shet!!

Smeagolas : Why does this not have a million views?

Drunken Robot : The Last Hoopbender

Arachnikadia : This is fantastic! Amazing talent, and a very strong guy. Also, In case anyone is interested, the music is A Chantar Mar, by Angels of Venice!

曾傑成 : 【傑成按:第一次見,一新耳目。這種玩藝,沒有花巧,且須體力、體能、技巧、難度兼備,宜入奧運項目。】

Angel : Whats the name of this song

erika lochs : Does anyone know the song?

Anisa Prohić : This is beautiful

777dcarlos : he was gong to more trick :/

Steven Smith : This guy does monk training he is probably going to live a long life.

Mark Torres : He's Asian. This is normal.

nybaby40 : How do people discover which gift they have been born with... this is amazing... we all have some gift we can develop. some are lucky enough to find out which one is it... others, just go through life and never know what theirs is..... 

Joe Maxpayne : he knows how to play with physics

Cloud Chan : I can do that. Hold my Gin.

jack wang : 真棒

Piticko __ : Kdo tu je od CZECH ? LIKE (y)

Andreja Breznik : If you put it on 2x speed he's beating up invisible ninjas.

阮碧杏 : 真的太好看了

VAiSiA Stalin : thank you for his name

dadaili lmahboul : Yes, he is doing good, but in his hobby no more

Hemaworstje hemaworst : kuma films .

Jim Bob : He'd better watch his toes.

S k : Its called a 'CYR[sire] WHEEL"

raghuveer gupta : awsome


bellydancerocks321 : So beautiful and effortless. I could watch that all day.

MEXICANO EXPULSADO POR SER TAN GUAPO : Is this the same guy from Chase commercial?

john ibasco : this is what happens when a Shaolin gets his hands on a Cyr wheel

The Stalker : Is it the wind, or are his movement blowing away the lone leaves around him? All the while in complete silence and balance. Just amazing.

jasonlax : the question how well did you tip him? you took his video and posted it to youtube.

Freeman Hamster : Asian American, Qizhi HU. 美籍华人街头艺人,胡启智

delovely day : 🙏💕👍

Mahmoud Ebrahem : eccentric performance of the vitruvius concept in arch class.