Asian Vitruvian Man

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Prophet : 3:40 he knows how a coin feels when it falls to the ground

Pseudo Sacred : imagine him using this to go to places

2pongz : this is what happens when a Shaolin gets his hands on a Cyr wheel

thexulterius : Can someone please edit out the ring, it would look crazy!

黃曉偵 : 好完美的表演^^真是讓人嘆為觀止^^~

Josh Armour : This is pretty amazing.  I'd actually pay this street performer.

Mark Torres : He's Asian. This is normal.

nicotrancetv : amazing performance, i would love to try that hahah big up for Vitruvian Man!!!

Raevhaar : Won`t be long till SHIELD picks him up

Vertiga : made me cry.

teedle : lets hope those people proceeded to put money in that box

- ̗̀ Buizel NX ̖́- : Holy shit that's an Airbender

deteacher2b : He is absolutely amazing! I would love to know what the piece of music is that's playing!

Robin Seifert Medienproduktion : 4:06 lol Mercedes commercial ^^


อนิจจัง อนัตตา : เจ๋ง มาก..

Andreja Breznik : If you put it on 2x speed he's beating up invisible ninjas.

deepak soragi : how could any one dislike this :/

Piticko __ : Kdo tu je od CZECH ? LIKE (y)

bonoise41 : Très beau quelle souplesse et quelle concentration bravo Merci du partage Amitié de Laure

jack wang : 真棒

JustJimeny : imagine the dizziness

Domino60 : Hard working always end up with nice skills that's what nowadays kids don't know. Lazy asses. :D

RAY : This is seriously more beautiful than any performance I've ever seen. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of discipline it took to achieve this. Amazing!

SunShot : Playing with physics without any formula or calculation, really wonderful

waldox : he should come to the toronto buskerfest, its held in toronto every summer, we get huge crowds, canadians love this kind of stuff

Kathy E. Gill : Thanks for sharing this! I'm sorry that so many people seem to have made a copy of your video and sent it into viral-land this month. Do you have any more details?

Lachlan Hight : Could some sort of video effects wizard please remove the ring form this video? It would probably be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Miguel Gonzalez : Talent + gravity + inertia = Awsome

Ryan Gman : ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?!?!?!

TheFrankyboy1985 : this guy must be so dizzy after the act....

Chewy C. : Amazing & fantastic! Thx for sharing such beautiful performance!

Brian Hamilton : The laws of physics seem to be suspended. Impressive!

Harpreet06 : Was awesome. Made me dizzy watching it, can't imagine how he copes with all the spinning.

Mulavana Bhattathiry : Excellent

Asier E. : Awesome!

EricMetalhead : I cand do t his... hold my beer

Sherman Lim : NICE!  Just as good if not better than the performers on Cirque du Soleil who did a similar act.


Bnelen : NUTS!

Gianni Carlo Contardo : That is awesome...

Karen Swain : WOW !!!!

22stormik22 : epic perform

Sanaw Ali-kamal : Waw

VAiSiA Stalin : thank you for his name

Cyanporo : Where's the continuation of that, he brought out a box looking thing :o

曾傑成 : 【傑成按:第一次見,一新耳目。這種玩藝,沒有花巧,且須體力、體能、技巧、難度兼備,宜入奧運項目。】

胡翠轉 : thanks for sharing!


Thanawat Phumpuang : so good...