Alvi cat : loudest purr ever

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Tommy, Gracie & Leo : A purr~quake! : )

Xiedubbel : Great strong purring sound

The Laughing Lion : that purry is felt from here in las vegas....!>!>!>!>! Alvi is dangerous sometimes, handle with caution, lol

Pichi HD : Beautiful and funny video, *Alvi.* 👍 11 Greetings

気ままにORT Japan : 素晴らしい動画ありがとうございます😘

Traveler's Garden : Very cute!

Adela Fernandez Perez : Fantá

深川猫近堂 : Cute. I'm glad that you did not get hurt by the earthquake

John&Ruby Channel : Cute, quiet cat. Yeah ~ Is this the earthquake? It's all right, is not it Japan? be careful.^^

タレちゃんねる : ゴロゴロ言ってるぅぅぅ♥️ 可愛い動画から地震の動画はビックリしました‼️

Ricardo Hernandez : Hi Alvi! I have bad and good news: Outside in my apartment balcony, there are quite an amount of plants, trees, and weeds that serve as shelter for 3 feral cats. I never ftilmed them because they run away! But they are black and cream colored. Our apartments now have NEW management that cut down those plants and weeds. And soon, the trees will come down. Which means NO HOME FOR THE CATS;who need a home. I CANNOT Keep them becuase they have fleas and are aggressive. THE GOOD NEWS are that the new neighbors feed the cats and provide them shelter on their balcony! What's your opinion Alvi?

Minecraft Kitten : LOL!

KIKI : Wow! I was surprised by the power of Prou! (*´▽`*)Lol It's very cute and fun!(*^^*)

Jennifer Morales - Feline Films : LOL, that was some major purring!!

Cat Leo : Alvi spint zooo zoet en ja, het is rustgevend en verkwikkend voor mens en dier. Het kalmeert me veel als Leo knort terwijl hij krabt. Als ik me niet goed voel, is het ontspannend. Alleen Leo's spinnen is heel stil in tegenstelling tot Alvis. Een fijne week gewenst

Lit Piano123 : So loud and cute!

m a r g e o t : Lovely cat......Like for you Thanks my friend

KAT FAN : Yeah, *I totally agree with you but sometimes like in the morning when we are in our beds and then they come and* "Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" *That moment is like 'no, not this time please stop your engine...* lol

Samdotvlog : 44TH LIKE Awesome video my friend

Gatos : Hahaha, I loved the video, Alvi's purr is powerful.

M Outdoors : Listening to cats purr, must be the most relaxing sound ever. Very cute cat. Thanks! :)) Hilarious. Earthquake Purr, yikes. :))

Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats : Wow! Alvi's purrs are very powerful!

The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf : Awwwwwwwww ❤️😊👍!

Jazzy Puppet : He seems so happy! Loud and happy!

優ゆう : (○_○)!! I’d never had guessed. Alvi is strong!

Darren Burch : I love it when car Purr. Happy Kedi. Man thats loud lol Another clear upload

Ankes World : so cute , love it, thanks, LOL

Creative Denny-TV : Alvi, you're too carried away! :)))

Кот Обучалкин : *Замечательная у вас кисуля! Лайк #81*

ちゃんねるおミズ : This video is wondful♪♪♪( 〃▽〃)Hahaha

Mad9977 Productions : nice purr =)

G애솔하 : Awesome your video Alvi's purr is so cute and lovely Haha It's so powerful I really enjoyed watching it Thanks so much for sharing Good luck friendly greetings solha <3🌻👍My new video upload please check out ♡

Furtastic Friends : Wow!! Alvi has one powerful purr motor!! He is a very handsome kitty!!💕💕

blackfordmedia : Beautiful purrrrr....

2 funny cats kittens : Alvi is really enjoying the massage😻😻

EMPOT FILMS : oh wow.. so adorbs! :) :) <3

Adriana Novas : Funny video!!! 👍😄 I love this sound!!! 😻 Alvi is a love!!! 😸💖

LihatAja Channel : nice and cool video, thanks for sharing

Anita Boos : LOL Alvi your are very cute and nothing else!!!!

asankaw1 : Oh my another loud purrer..aww so cute

Community Cats : hahaha that was amazing!! I have always said that Alvi is an exceptional cat :)

Sweska Shiro : Alvi is an adorable cat. He looks so charming. BTW I came here from Mysli's channel. I like to check new channels. And I subscribed.

Mia and Her Husky Shira : Aww how adorable!😊 The earhquake part made me laugh though haha

Nienie Miauw : Woow that is insane haha 💖💖

peter deli : very strong purr but alvi is a beautiful cat thank you for sharing i liked and enjoyed

Nyah Nyoh : Subbed.. That is one really loud..😴😴😨

kijinyan 44 : なでなで♡嬉しいね👍💕

Kitty Sitting in the City : My ginger sounded just like that! 😅 Including making the walls shake. 😽❤

sachiko .k : とてもいやされる猫のゴロゴロ!♡(*^▽^*)

Katy & Alaska : Waw !!! Love the sound of purring :) :) Pretty strong :)