Jake Gyllenhaal - Sunday in the Park with George
TIL Jake Gyllenhaal starred in a Broadway musical

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Enjoy this special video featuring Jake Gyllenhaal singing Finishing the Hat, directed by Cary Fukunaga. Previews begin Saturday. #SundayintheParkwithGeorge


Anas Al-ameen : He should've been Sepastian in La La Land.

jillhbaudhaan : It's 2017 and I'm just finding out he could sing...the hell.

Mal v : is there anything he's not good at?

Lowell C. Johnson : This is a side of Jake I haven't before. I'm impressed.

Nicole B : At the beginning when he says "I get mesmerized by the strings" and sings "where am I?"...so adorable. ❤️

Klaus I : Dear Jake and Annaleigh and cast......we saw Sunday on our 23 anniversary . My partner's name is George. I saw the original with Bernadette and Mandy twice on Broadway (I was about 22 so you do the math in term of what that cost me). I've seen it about 4 times since then. I have now seen the best version (you even made what I refer to as "the dog song" work). I told George after we left the theater I will never see it again live. I can't hope to see a better version. Simply. thank you all.

Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy : man crushing hard on jake gyllenhaal.

Isabel : his giggle.... what an angel

Elphienfiero1 : what an incredibly talented guy! Brilliant under-rated actor, too

Myles Hoglund : Lyrics: 0:40 Yes, she looks for me, good Let her look for me to tell me why she left me As I always knew she would I had thought she understood They have never understood And no reason that they should But if anybody could Finishing the hat How you have to finish the hat How you watch the rest of the world From a window While you finish the hat Mapping out a sky What you feel like, planning a sky How you feel when voices that come Through the window, go Until they distance and die Until there's nothing but sky And how you're always turning back too late From the grass or the stick Or the dog or the light How the kind of woman willing to wait Not the kind that you want to find waiting To return you to the night Dizzy from the height Coming from the hat, studying the hat Entering the world of the hat Reaching through the world of the hat Like a window Back to this one from that Studying a face Stepping back to look at a face Leaves a little space in the way like a window But to see, it's the only way to see And when the woman that you wanted goes You can say to yourself, well, I give what I give But the woman who won't wait for you knows That however you live There's a part of you always standing by Mapping out the sky Finishing a hat, Starting on a hat Finishing a hat, Look I made a hat Where there never was a hat

Alexander Zamora : Really done well... the song is not easy to do, Jake has sharp ears to do this song impeccably. L O V E this

Umit KYMZ : I had the great fortune to see Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Asford in "Sunday in the park with George at Hudson theatre. I came from Turkey such a short time to meet them personally at the stage door and flew back to istanbul after the show. They were kind when I greet them. The cast and orchestra were magnificient. Jake and Anneleigh brought down the house. I am also huge fan of Jake's works. He literally nailed the audiences. The show was so intense. it was the happiest day of the year for me. Jake was phenomenal as usual. I will never forget what I have been going through. I got mesmerized by Jake and Annaleig's great voices. All audiences were moved and some of them cried too.

Briana Rowe : "I get mesmerized by the strings and I'm like" *says in sing songy voice* "where am IIII" IM CRYING THR BEGINNING

windowpeek : I love the sound of this song with all the instruments and of course the amazing voice. He killed it especially at 2:50 ;-)...the play will be great

gabuchycooper : omg!! Jake is perfect!! 😍😍😍❤

Max Marriott : Now I want Cary Fukunaga to make a "Sunday in the Park with George" movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

link0587 : I can't get enough of this song. It's a wonderfully complex and emotional composition

SHLE86 : I could listen him singing for ever.

folliesfanatic : We saw the show last week and it is the only Sondheim show that I hadn't ever seen I saw the PBS video of this production with the original cast. I was just so moved by this cast and the production. The leads were outstanding and the show is just so beautiful, a Sondheim gem. Jake and Annaleigh, you were outstanding.

Mike Wargo : Does anyone else get chills when he hits that “there’s a part of you” run? Because I’ve listened to this a dozen times and it still gets me

-Clouds above us crying- : I've been smiling for 3:53 min straight... Damn how I love this guy his amazing

T Buzz : A modern man singing an old song....whew! Blew my mind.

Scooby : This dude is awesome

Naomi Mitchell : Sounds like a young Mandy Patinkin! 😍😍

grandcarriage1 : I'm sitting here with my jaw on my lap... I'm floored.

Simya : what play will be next for Jake in 2017-2018 season in Broadway?

morph628 : Gosh, leave some parts for us, Gyllenhaal!

domk0000 : I watch it every day. His voice is amazing.

Irisa Anne : That was so unbelievably attractive. My goodness.

Nerea López : Gyllenhaal and Fukunaga. One word: hotness!

Jes Lightning : Damn, Jake! I didn't think anyone could Manny Patinkin's intensity, but you come pretty close! I wouldn't be at all mad if you took off a year from acting on screen to return to the role of George.

Olivia Brennand : whose cutting onions, why are my eyes leaking?!!!

Priscilla Gorham : Another reason to be overly obsessed with him..

AmeliaPanics : i wish it were possible to tattoo a video on my face

Pepi Market : BEAUTIFUL reference at the beginning with the random guy going up the stairs. Right as the Piano comes in before he sings the line "Finishing The Hat" for the first time the dude with the jacket says hello, but his form of doing so is by twirling his finger around his head a bit. It's a term called TIPPING THE HAT, I think. WHICH IS GENUIS.

ShekelLeija : Can't stop watching this video! I love it too much <3

Brent Norem : Definitely invoking Mandy Patinkin here. An excellent rendition. I wish I had seen this live!

Jaelee Roberts : beautiful! he's an amazing singer ❤ I want to see this live.

Beanie Bots : I realize I'm totally late to the game... but I had NO idea he could sing this beautiful!!!!!!

hiba : more reasons to love Jake wow

Shahid : he is the GOAT

eggboiswag : A lot like Mandy. And that's a good thing.

Taylor S. : i literally watch this every other day

HeartSinking : I'm totally convinced that he'd be a great Robert in Sondheim's "Company". Where could we write a formal petition? ;)

Tiffany Shockley : Beautiful.

* MoonlightBTS * : He would be an amazing Flynn Rider😩🙌🏼

QUEEN SHE : 2018 that was beautiful 💕

Paul Saint : When I go back to my first audition after 30 years, I hope I feel like Jake did after this performance!

Pietrina : I was confused by the title because this song is "Finishing the Hat" and there's also a song in the show called "Sunday in the Park With George"