The Strangest Cryptid & UFO Encounters

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The Strangest : Welcome back, Strangers! Which Cryptid story was your favorite? Also, be sure to check out Swamp Dweller's new video that we make an appearance on!

Joe Polish : I actually came from swamps channel, and I figured anyone that is a friend of he who dwells in the swamp is worth a listen...the Werewolf and the Devil were my favourites and are both stories I know well. I think you you should do the Gugwe is a little known sasquatch variant that is extremely aggressive and carnivorous...and no one that has run into it and lived to tell the tale has anything good to say about it. Anyway I really liked this video and have subscribed.

Laika Thunder Child : Oh yeah 😁 2 of my favourite channels combined. I love a “little green men” story anytime. There must be some crazy owls in the US 😉. Thanks as always . You’re all ✨⭐️!

Michael Caywood : I’m from New Jersey, so I know all about The Jersey Devil.

Swamp Dweller : i am spooped

Teresa Jones : Great collaboration! I’m addicted

dan rusk : I live in wv 10 Mins either way to PA or Ohio, you hear of strange stuff around here.

DANGER ZONE : More stories more drinks.

marcos benitez : Swamp sent me by to check out your awesome content also

Haunted Road Media : Great job of covering lesser-known reports and sightings. I’ve been to Flatwoods before and visited their exhibit.

northzion : Awesome Youtube channel ! Just found it today :) allready usb to it :)

LaShawn Newman : Swamp Dweller said you were a good channel ! He was right

Lynne Wright - Glzrbug : I was going to say, Swamp sent me, but then I realized I already am a sub to-your channel 😂

After Dark Paranormal : Amazing collaboration!!!

Damarys Dingui : Great video and great collaboration.. I believe more about UFOs than Cryptid.. But you guys did an excellent job narrating the story.. Awesome video and storyline.. Thank you for sharing..💖

Gary Jordan : Excellent video!

Kenneth Wilkinson : interesting stories. I liked the first story.

Madre Verbowski : Just finished swampy volume 18!! 💞💖 Awesome duo!! Fantastic stories!🙌🙌

Kristi Fox : Great video 👍👀

Jody Dewey : I just discovered this channel thanks to Swamp Dweller, I subbed immediately, very much like it so far.

Linda Lovehate : Interesting I like the first story

ParaNormal Activity and Mysterious Stories : thanks for the engaging story.

Elroy The Gad : Swampy

Brogus Jeri : Yeah! West Virginia! That’s where I’m from!

Agrippa Maxentius : Creepy stuff! I’m a regular listener of SD, saw your comment on my channel and I’m glad I checked this out.