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CONAN Highlight: Conan thinks the popular Japanese anime and manga character Detective Conan has been ripping him off since 1994. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪‬ On Google+: On Twitter: On Tumblr: On YouTube: Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter:


Tamir Olognuud : sorry to tell you american conan,in most of asian countries,detective conan is way bigger than you

Megumin : Detective conan's name is inspired from the british author of sherlock holmes "Arthur CONAN doyle" his last name is edogawa and is inspired from the author "Edogawa Ranpo" who is a mystery genre writer back in the day.

RealSupaHotFireVEVO : Conan doesn't realize how popular Detective Conan is worldwide, you better watch out, American Conan.

Justin Sung : Ironically, thay way I found this show in the first place was surfing the web for Conan Edogawa videos and coincedentally finding this Conan. I remember when I first saw one of O'Brien's talk shows here on youtube a few years back I thought "wow, he has the same name as Conan Edogawa".

Mameshiba : Who’s this Conan? I only know detective Conan.

Common Onion : When an anime character is more relevant than you

Bee madafka : if you google conan in any middle east country Detective Conan will show up firsf

Charlie S : Uh conan, youre not first search in korea too. Trust me all asians knew conan the detective first and shocked that your name was conan.

Steff Lee : Actually 'Detective Conan' name came from Sherlock Holmes' writer, Sir Arthur CONAN Doyle

Sachindra Bhattacharya : Conan will always be Japanese for me! ^_^

TheRearSideOfTheWolf : Even in Italy Detective Conan is more famous than O’Brien.

Plotbunnyhunter : “everywhere else in the world i show up first“ uhm buddy, no.

danny lolo : im in germany firt thing i see when google conan is anime conan .... not you

LDaveEvan : As a fan of Detective Conan, i’m happy to see this being even talked about on here. Lol

Raditya Nugraheni : When I tried to google conan in my country, Indonesia, the first result appeared was the wikipedia page of Conan Edogawa. So, sorry Mr. O'brien, you lost not only in Japan. Lol

Masoom Rana : Why are so many people talking this seriously? .-.

Myanimefreak : Detective Conan is the better Conan lol

Richard Schmidt : The first thing that comes in germany is also detective conan.

Tough Love : Just wanna say Detective Conan has 900+ episodes, 22 movies, and 20 video games under its belt.

Alessandra Mastromattei : Actually when I search conan on Google the first thing that comes up is detective conan, and I'm italian

Harry S : I'm from India and Detective Conan episode is important part of my life from Childhood. I don't know who are you???!

mohd anas : M sry but i think u don’t deserve a singel YEN ! 🤨

Sahl Ebrahim : Guys i recommend you to watch detective conan ,its really good

Mordred 『Alter』 : Yo imma be real.... I didn’t even know there was a talk show host named Conan Meitantei Conan was my childhood

okboi117 mmm : When my friend ask "hey do you know Conan O'Brien?" And I answered: detective Conan

Jennie Ahn : In Korea as well. Detective Conan comes up first if you search Conan on Google or Naver which is a Korean search engine like Google. Lol

HssA 88 : lol i used to live in Jordan as a kid and all the cartoons are Japanese dubbed cartoons in arabic , i started watching Detective Conan from 1997 , sorry Conan but ive know about Detective Conan way before i ever heard of you ;)

Elisa : I'm not even from Asia and I've known Detective Conan for ever, I've only recently found out about Conan O'Brien. I think I even knew about Conan the barbarian before that.🤔

Kevinappears : Detective Conan is WAYYYYYY more famous than you sorry man that's the truth.

Ann G. : Detective Conan was named after Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes.

Playonce : when i first saw conan o brian i though of detective conan. I was confused

Captain Alkaloid : Actually, here in the middle east the only Conan folks know is "The Detective Conan"

GO! Go! Zeppeli! : Nah man...i knew detective conan since i was a kid....never heard of you 😅

HeheGamin : i think this conan is more of a child trap in a man body

Hashem ALsada : Also in the middle east if you search in Google in Arabic the first thing will come it's the anime Conan

Kasper : The legend say the conan in the video is actually Kaitou kid . Trying to depromote detective conan.

Joanna Ansula : I love detective conan

흫_흫Larcroze : Sorry but in my country when we said Conan, people will be thinking about Detective Conan the anime since it was part of our childhood show and not you. Seriously, no one, a minority- really rarely know about you and I'm one of em' in my country .

siddharth dutta : I am from india and here too Detective Conan is more famous.

cosmosblue772 : There's also Future Boy Conan...

Nightmares Frightmares : Detective Conan forever!!!!!

ZekSkywalker 7824 : *They dont even know what you're saying Conan*

valfs intruder : CONAN JAPAN! Then Conan goes to Conan Town and an interview with Gosho Aoyama! Ahhahahhahha

Michele : this is my childhood <3

What To Do? : Actually I had no idea who the American Conan was until I found him on YouTube searching for Conan edogawa 😂 Also I'm not even japanese

Pro Leoj : Dude i just gotta say I would have never known you if I didn't know Detective Conan That anime is awesome P.S- all Jimmy's are better than u P.P.S- Jimmy is also the name for adult Conan 😬

syahir : There's a reason why it's known as Case Closed in the US. Also, Detective Conan's soundtrack is bloody dope.

Kertas Kecil Voyager289 : lol he just realized this now? actually not only Japan, but most of the asian countries lol

Peach Revilla : Seeing lots of Conan fans here makes me happy!! Grew up watching DC and loving it till now<3