Conan Calls Out Detective Conan - CONAN on TBS

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Mordred 『???』 : Yo imma be real.... I didn’t even know there was a talk show host named Conan Meitantei Conan was my childhood

Tamir Olognuud : sorry to tell you american conan,in most of asian countries,detective conan is way bigger than you

Justin Sung : Ironically, thay way I found this show in the first place was surfing the web for Conan Edogawa videos and coincedentally finding this Conan. I remember when I first saw one of O'Brien's talk shows here on youtube a few years back I thought "wow, he has the same name as Conan Edogawa".

Megumin : Detective conan's name is inspired from the british author of sherlock holmes "Arthur CONAN doyle" his last name is edogawa and is inspired from the author "Edogawa Ranpo" who is a mystery genre writer back in the day.

Charlie S : Uh conan, youre not first search in korea too. Trust me all asians knew conan the detective first and shocked that your name was conan.

rasnac : Sure you can pick a fight with a boy detective over a name, but do you have the balls to confront the real Conan, a.k.a Conan The Barbarian? :D

Nermac1 : Don't forget about Conan Airport!!!! An entire airport themed after the detective himself!!! Though Conan really should go to Japan for an interview with Gosho. Maybe Conan can get inserted into the story later, getting accused of a murder, and it's up to our kid detective to prove his innocence.

Sachindra Bhattacharya : Conan will always be Japanese for me! ^_^

Bee madafka : if you google conan in any middle east country Detective Conan will show up firsf

Raditya Nugraheni : When I tried to google conan in my country, Indonesia, the first result appeared was the wikipedia page of Conan Edogawa. So, sorry Mr. O'brien, you lost not only in Japan. Lol

Kyotosomo : okay conan i now expect you to talk about anime every week on your show can't wait for your upcoming one piece review

Plotbunnyhunter : “everywhere else in the world i show up first“ uhm buddy, no.

Myanimefreak : Detective Conan is the better Conan lol

Bingewatch : I'm surprised people aren't getting that this is a joke? Yes, Detective Conan is more famous worldwide but this is just a joke on Conan's part. He knows Detective Conan isn't a copy of him, it's just a funny coincidence regarding their names.

danny lolo : im in germany firt thing i see when google conan is anime conan .... not you

US : Weeb Conan is best Conan.

BOYancy Effect : Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu!

RealSupaHotFireVEVO : Conan doesn't realize how popular Detective Conan is worldwide, you better watch out, American Conan.

January Colnick : Detective Conan... or Edogawa Conan is like a God for manga & anime lovers, not just in Japan. It's pretty logical story cause Kudo Shinichi (17 years old) drank a prototype poison pill called APTX 4869 and he shrank into 7 years old body. He needs to use fake name to make Black Organisation thinks he's already dead. By the way, Gosho Aoyama made his name Conan because he loves SIR ARTHUR IGNATIUS CONAN DOYLE, Sherlock Holmes' writer who was born in 1800s. Edogawa came from EDOGAWA RANPO, which is the famous crime fiction story. Fun fact, Edogawa Ranpo is also a stage name of Hirai Taro. Edogawa Ranpo is Japanese spelling of EDGAR ALLAN POE. Detective Conan is really popular, also because it's like merging many popular culture of crime fiction such as Agatha Christie too. About the city, Gosho Aoyama comes from Totori prefecture and the government turned it to become touristic place. Even there's a museum called Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory. Detective Conan is on List of Best Selling Manga, number 4, behind One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto . A super fan of Conan here :D

Alessandra Mastromattei : Actually when I search conan on Google the first thing that comes up is detective conan, and I'm italian

valfs intruder : CONAN JAPAN! Then Conan goes to Conan Town and an interview with Gosho Aoyama! Ahhahahhahha

Richard Schmidt : The first thing that comes in germany is also detective conan.

Arun Jovian : I used to watch Detective Conan when I was a kid

Harry S : I'm from India and Detective Conan episode is important part of my life from Childhood. I don't know who are you???!

Mameshiba : Who’s this Conan? I only know detective Conan.

Kertas Kecil Voyager289 : lol he just realized this now? actually not only Japan, but most of the asian countries lol

Masoom Rana : Why are so many people talking this seriously? .-.

丽嘉 : I'm a major fan of DC and I'm offended by this. Did he even surveyed if he's known to every country? I don't think so. Let's say it's a joke, but the moment he trash talked DC made me disgusts him. Some may say I'm being too serious or whatever but everyone has different perspectives and I'm one with those who don't care who's this guy is the moment he spoke trash. Does putting down someone or something makes you happy? I think that's just shows how much of a trash he is.

Allison Dunning : Do the weebs know he is joking? Cause the comments dissapoint me.

흫_흫Larcrose : Sorry but in my country when we said Conan, people will be thinking about Detective Conan the anime since it was part of our childhood show and not you. Seriously, no one, a minority- really rarely know about you and I'm one of em' in my country .

LagiNaLangAko23 : I knew Detective Conan, DECADES before I found out who Conan O'Brien is.

Common Onion : When an anime character is more relevant than you

HssA 88 : lol i used to live in Jordan as a kid and all the cartoons are Japanese dubbed cartoons in arabic , i started watching Detective Conan from 1997 , sorry Conan but ive know about Detective Conan way before i ever heard of you ;)

HEISENBERG : Actually, here in the middle east the only Conan folks know is "The Detective Conan"

B Z : Detective Conan English translation: Case Closed(which is horrific in my opinion) is a well known Anime series throughout Asia, not just Japan. he's named comes from middle name of Sir Conan Doyle . because the show is about detectives and solving crimes. I'm Asian and myself have grown up watching the series. so imagine my surprise when years later I found some old white dude on the Internet named Conan having his own talk show. Lol .sorry, Mr O'Brien Japan beat you to it

Elisa : I'm not even from Asia and I've known Detective Conan for ever, I've only recently found out about Conan O'Brien. I think I even knew about Conan the barbarian before that.🤔

Imiko : This is everything 😂 love to see my favorite Anime of all time get recognition worldwide I know Gosho Aoyama is proud.

Harry S : I don't even freaking know you!!!!!!!!!! But, from my childhood I always knew detective Conan. Don't disrespect Detective Conan because it's best soul touching series. Captured In my eyes is the best movie of my life!!! Who the F are you.

jontabs : The amount of people without a sense of humor is just saddening. Well, the amount of people who can't stand to read something negative about what they like is likewise saddening

Steff Lee : Actually 'Detective Conan' name came from Sherlock Holmes' writer, Sir Arthur CONAN Doyle

TheRearSideOfTheWolf : Even in Italy Detective Conan is more famous than O’Brien.

ryyn711 mmm : When my friend ask "hey do you know Conan O'Brien?" And I answered: detective Conan

manga fahem : well is not only in japan even in middle east and north africa detective conan is part of culture here hhh

Shin Chan : People in youtube are mostly stupid. Believing mostly of what they what here. Claiming "hey his more famous than you" but than man is not serious with this. You all are fools. And you are fooled.

Kevinappears : Detective Conan is WAYYYYYY more famous than you sorry man that's the truth.

V A P O R W A V E IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL : He- He's a teenage that shrunk back into his child size.... It just sounds weird when you say he's a man trapped in a child's body. Especially sounds weird to people who've never heard it.

cosmosblue772 : There's also Future Boy Conan...

Jennie Ahn : In Korea as well. Detective Conan comes up first if you search Conan on Google or Naver which is a Korean search engine like Google. Lol

Jack Davids : There was a much older Anime Conan that I watched in my childhood, it was called Conan the future boy and was only 25 episodes or so, it was wonderful you'all should check it out.

LDaveEvan : As a fan of Detective Conan, i’m happy to see this being even talked about on here. Lol