“Woo-oo!” Times 1 Billion | DuckTales | Disney XD

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Vailskibum94 : lol

Cooltree63 stopmotions : My interpritation of the story behind this video -in the office- Jack: hey mac, whatcha doin? -mac quickly hides computer- Mac:NOTHING MAN IT'S NOTHING jack: mac... you can tell me anything. Mac: fine... -shows computer- Jack:... i- i love it Mac: really? -Jack grabs computer- -jack takes it to ceo- I HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS MAN!!

Galaxy Gaming : I remember when DisneyXD was just Phineas And Ferb, Gravity Falls and Other Normal Stuff now it looks like it's gone to the Meme side of YouTube...

ArendAlphaEagle : I'm actually more surprised MatPat's Film Theory made it in the official DuckTales 2017 playlist.

ScorchtheHawk : Not enough! Scrooge runs a MULTI-TRILLION dollar business, he should be able to handle a few MULTI-TRILLION times

The Real Jay Sarz : Congrats Disney on making another cringeworthy title

adigyran : why this channel invaliable in Russia?

Ryan Wags : I never thought Disney channel was interested into memes

123Yellowberry123 : Oh, they weren't kidding.

Jakeneutron : Magical-

UnluckyT : Who showed Disney memes again?

TKS : At least Disney XD didn't make them dab. Or will they?...

JamieteobGamesYT : Disney XD you ok?

Rexua : I'm from Spain and I want to watch the first episode online, but I have a problem: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT! Could someone help me, please?

Blue Diamond : When you run out of ideas...😂😂😂

Dr.Robotnik : They're evolving

Cartoon Connoisseur : Am I the only one who feels like Disney is trying a little too hard to be "hip" with this one? Just be you Disney, we'll still be watching.

Westley West : Be happy that their keeping it real. Ducktales 4 lyfe. Love it!

Silvar The Herdgeheg : whoever's idea was this, they deserve a raise.

LandShark 2000 : I'm impressed Disney XD jumped in on a good meme. Nice to know they know how to do it, rather than Nickelodeon trying to act hip to open to more videos.

Xantain : "Sir, our company is becoming a meme. What should we do?. MAKE MEMES. MEMECEPTION.

Chris Williams : Is this how many people tuned in? Because the show is AWESOME!!!1

Alice Is Trash : Disney, you feeling okay?

Maher and Ibrahim's Avengers : Disney CD you just beat every YouTube channel that try to do this kind of thing

Carter Pryor : Welcome to the deep end, Disney. Glad you finally joined the rest of us.

Gold Ampharos : Clever girl.

Mario1080p : Imagine if Rick never fixed the broken timeline in "A Rick in Time"

Yuuhi Saka : This is the most useless thing I've ever seen in my life.

Randy Plays Mc : You should have an April fool's episode where this plays instead of the theme song

Sealz888 : *woo-oo*

Bry0602 : Please don't be like Nickelodeon, Disney. You're better than this.

NightWing Dragon : DISNEY... why

Fruitdroid MEME! : Might solve mystery, or rewrite history! Ducktales! 0:34

Fluffydips Thecartoonman : Disney XD does the dank memes I see. Nice. Unlike Nick and CN with their literal normie instagram memes.

anti-social-tree : why

Artzei 2.0 : A couple of more of this and you have perfectly sounding Decepticon.

Christian Vidauri : Disney has become self-aware.

BFI01 YouTube : ok you M E M E R

OldTimeyDragon : *Sees this on official Disney XD Channel* Me: *Stares off into the distance* "What have we done?"

A Guy, Named Luigi : Why did you... IT’S FABULOUS

TwiTNiT : Only Disney would use this much computing power towards a 1 minute YouTube video

Tim Floess : People, people, calm down. It's one meme that they didn't even shoehorn into the show, they put it on their YouTube. As of now, there's no reason to compare this to Cartoon Network, having Bubbles say "no me gusta" while making the wrong meme face. At least here they didn't show a fundamental misunderstanding of the meme they were using, they got it right, so I really don't see what the cringe here is. ... ... ... Please don't make me eat my words Disney...

Master Eon89 : yee, they get it

Andrew Lee : Oh god

Christopher Arndt : The app doesn't work but someone had time to make a YouTube video. Geez

Stercandraw : I'm shook

Shiny Pig : Disney XD is now in the meme game.

Zombieman4 : Why is this real?

TheTacoWizard : Petition for "Oh no the Ground!" x 1 billion

Rylo Ken : mhhhkay...