“Woo-oo!” Times 1 Billion | DuckTales | Disney XD

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Astro Gaming : I remember when DisneyXD was just Phneas And Ferb, Gravity Falls and Other Normal Stuff now it looks like it's gone to the Meme side of YouTube...

ArendAlphaEagle : I'm actually more surprised MatPat's Film Theory made it in the official DuckTales 2017 playlist.

Vailskibum94 : lol

Bluster Kong : When did Aaron Webber start working for Disney?

John Peacekeeper : Who's bright idea was this?

adigyran : why this channel invaliable in Russia?

Xantain : "Sir, our company is becoming a meme. What should we do?. MAKE MEMES. MEMECEPTION.

Rexua : I'm from Spain and I want to watch the first episode online, but I have a problem: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT! Could someone help me, please?

Josh Erens : Two of the biggest shows on this channel are going to be SVTFOE and Ducktales combined. Calling it.

JoyStar : Seems like someone watched that Windows XP startup sound video. XD

Cooltree63 stopmotions : My interpritation of the story behind this video -in the office- Jack: hey mac, whatcha doin? -mac quickly hides computer- Mac:NOTHING MAN IT'S NOTHING jack: mac... you can tell me anything. Mac: fine... -shows computer- Jack:... i- i love it Mac: really? -Jack grabs computer- -jack takes it to ceo- I HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS MAN!!

Mi ki : NO! first nickelodeon then cartoon network...and now disney XD!

Evil Aidan : stop trying to be hip and cool, disney. it ain't working

ScorchtheHawk : Not enough! Scrooge runs a MULTI-TRILLION dollar business, he should be able to handle a few MULTI-TRILLION times

Cartoon Connoisseur : Am I the only one who feels like Disney is trying a little too hard to be "hip" with this one? Just be you Disney, we'll still be watching.

Bry0602 : Please don't be like Nickelodeon, Disney. You're better than this.

Ahsoka Tano : When you run out of ideas...😂😂😂

Taco Master : i guess Disney XD found the weirdest type of meme on YouTube!


Donald Duck : They're evolving

Entomologist9 : Disney is memeing now

Cyntikka : Disney XD making awful memes on YouTube? The end is getting near... and it's fast!

Sapply : I am watching this for... reasons.

Josue Gomez : I'm sad, I really wanted this show to be good but they changed the voice actors and the main song singer this show is no good.

Steven Tripup : Why is Disney making memes?

Sam Hill : Disney XD breaks the internet


jada's world : Great now Disney's doing it Thanks A lot internet!

Nate Oscar : Its nice to see variety?

Stephanie Alido : XD

Carny the lime green Parrot : Duck tales powering memes

Mike&ChrisProductions : I swear, Disney, you had better stop trying to repeat internet trends, because it's ruining your reputation!

Christian Vidauri : Disney has become self-aware.

Lkrboy24 : It would seem Disney is beating Nick and CN in the meme game

Grucha : disney and memes lol xD

You reposted in the wrong Neighborhood : Y know who does this

Dayton The Spider Guardian : o... No?

Lilddm 85 : *W* *W* *W* *O* *O* *O* *O* *O* *O* *O* *O* *O* *O* *O*

The BrickVlogger : Nice meme Disney!! Now let's try to be more autistic

Joshua Macias : But y tho

Beastly_Doote8999 : Noooooo NOT DISNEY XD

ProGamerx20 : My question is why did disney xD make this in the first place

090 090 : One question: Why?

Action_Builder // A_B // Act_Build : Music to my ears!

Plxstic is Beached : They've memed. Oh no.

Pau Bluedan : this is a waste of one minute of your life.

Nigel Adams : Disney I love this series so far, but the intros missing that bass guitar punch that used to have. No other complaints.

Xenotater : Why is this on the official... You know what, nevermind. I should know better than to question YouTube at this point.

Andrew Lee : Oh god