“Woo-oo!” Times 1 Billion | DuckTales | Disney XD

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Vailskibum94 : lol

Cooltree63 stopmotions : My interpritation of the story behind this video -in the office- Jack: hey mac, whatcha doin? -mac quickly hides computer- Mac:NOTHING MAN IT'S NOTHING jack: mac... you can tell me anything. Mac: fine... -shows computer- Jack:... i- i love it Mac: really? -Jack grabs computer- -jack takes it to ceo- I HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS MAN!!

The Real Jay Sarz : Congrats Disney on making another cringeworthy title

Galaxy Gaming : I remember when DisneyXD was just Phineas And Ferb, Gravity Falls and Other Normal Stuff now it looks like it's gone to the Meme side of YouTube...

adigyran : why this channel invaliable in Russia?

ArendAlphaEagle : I'm actually more surprised MatPat's Film Theory made it in the official DuckTales 2017 playlist.

Rexua : I'm from Spain and I want to watch the first episode online, but I have a problem: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT! Could someone help me, please?

JamieteobGamesYT : Disney XD you ok?

Ahsoka Tano : When you run out of ideas...😂😂😂

Cartoon Connoisseur : Am I the only one who feels like Disney is trying a little too hard to be "hip" with this one? Just be you Disney, we'll still be watching.

Westley West : Be happy that their keeping it real. Ducktales 4 lyfe. Love it!

LandShark 2000 : I'm impressed Disney XD jumped in on a good meme. Nice to know they know how to do it, rather than Nickelodeon trying to act hip to open to more videos.

Xantain : "Sir, our company is becoming a meme. What should we do?. MAKE MEMES. MEMECEPTION.

Alice Is Trash : Disney, you feeling okay?

Randy Plays Mc : You should have an April fool's episode where this plays instead of the theme song

Fruitdroid MEME! : Might solve mystery, or rewrite history! Ducktales! 0:34

Matthew Messinger : Shitposting at its finest.

TwiTNiT : Only Disney would use this much computing power towards a 1 minute YouTube video

David Sprague : First kids dabbing in the new Fruity Pebbles commercial and now THIS...

LeoNeo Playz : Duck tales powering memes

Taco Master : i guess Disney XD found the weirdest type of meme on YouTube!

ArminezBeanz16 : Its a duck blur!

Toffee The Bear : NO! first nickelodeon then cartoon network...and now disney XD!

Mohammad Sahidullah : This another duck tales cartoon.

Alal3084 : Still less than the amount of money Scrooge has.

Aidan : stop trying to be hip and cool, disney. it ain't working

Josh Erens : Two of the biggest shows on this channel are going to be SVTFOE and Ducktales combined. Calling it.

Bluster Kong : When did Aaron Webber start working for Disney?

John Peacekeeper : Who's bright idea was this?

Action_Builder : Music to my ears!

Johnny Weissmuller : "Woo-oo!" *Claw* *Claw*

Bukan Hamid : when *THEY* themself made the memes

DAFLIM ISOKEYDOKEY : At the end it looks like cardboard

JoyStar : Seems like someone watched that Windows XP startup sound video. XD

Captain FUN : M E M E S

LegoBrikZ : Let's be honest, it's not as bad as nickelodeon and cn

TheSuperEan300 : Now they're at the times videos

Alyssa Lucas : Ahhhh yelp

Vertog pro : Why?

thatguyonyoutube : *ASCENDANT*

JAY-E : Just why?

TomyTheTerrific : Omg so excessive

Sara Rodriguez : R.i.p my ears

BubblyDucks : What

Alexandra Thougaard : I LOVE THIIIIIS

Sansgaming46 sonic gaming 46 : a magical meme is back for woo oo

Desert Prince of the Oasis : Now that's a load of Woo-oo!

PokéGirlYT - Gaming And More! : Why did disney XD make this video in the first place? It's funny, but, random

BRODY REINERT : I never knew Disney would do this....XD

River Winn : Wait Disney XD makes memes? XD... I finally get it