Earthquake experience with DYNAMITE!! Crazy Stunt!!

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Hydraulic Press Channel : Tää on kyl kova :D

tommihommi1 : that has to be in the top 10 of stupid things that ended up on youtube instead of liveleak

Adam : I always knew you were going to blow yourselves up someday, but I didn't expect you to do it on purpose!

Babarudra : You forgot to start this with the standard American South phrase, "Here, hold my beer."

Kai Kotajarvi : Turvallistahan tää oli, teillä oli kypärät päässä :D

Ride84XL : LOL!! that's crazy - but really nice. I didn't thaught you would actually stand right on top of it.

rasm244c : Totally didn't expect you to stand right on top, that's dudesons level crazy!

Rob Graham : HOLY CRAP! From the title, I just thought you were just going to blow up some dirt, but this was CRAZY! I'm glad you got your math right! WOW! That either took balls of steel or brains of mice - I'm not sure which!

Erzgebirge erleben : I am a geophysicist and we use dynamite very often to create "earthquakes" and record the echo in seismic exploration. The feeling of 20kg, 20m deep in a borehole is pretty intense. But we normaly stay away 100m-200m. But you can still feel the earth moving under your feet. You guys are cracy to stand on top of that. Cracy is good :-)

Azide Fox : thats one of the coolest things i've ever seen xD

Henrik Wallin : When you expect to be blown sky-high and you get blown a foot down :P Which actually could have been dangerous if that was deeper.

Rane : There was no danger there because you used the helmets. That's good because safety first 😂

jöötäjä : vittu pojat :DD

NoiseJammer : That was really awesome guys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍

Yay 1 : Awesome!!

Duncan MacKenzie : Be truthful, did you try a test shot first before filming? Regardless, it was fun, thanks.

Steve Staley : That was without a doubt the best explosioon I've ever seen.

bill staples : That was awesome. If you want to experience earthquakes move to California where I live.


Gary IoW : Ha ha! You nutters!

Kalle Kosonen : Hyvä jätkät!💪

Daegog The Wyrdmake : Well, congrats on not dying.

Maciek : Awesome video

MankeySock : guys that was pretty crazy i'm glad you have a lot of experience with explosives! i didn't think you were going to stand right on top of it :P stay safe and keep the videos coming :)

Ely und Bastel : Thrust in math and guessing feels sometimes so wrong but such experiments create true believers.

Lost Beetle : No way. I had no idea you would be standing on it. I'd imagine the line between killing yourself and not killing yourself was quite thin here.

Rusty Panels : Dudes, I'm so glad you didn't get blown up. I s'pose you are too.

Rain Hansen : Guys I love your videos and 2kg please😉

Henri Aho : On ne hurjia.. 😓🤑

Winter hauer : Ai vittu ku tekee nasulia ja vatsa kittää

Shmimey : That was crazy. Stay safe guys.

netsurferx1 : You two dudes are nuts...Don't ever change!

Mark N : Great demonstration of soil liquefaction, a byproduct of earthquakes. Glad it was a SUCCESS! Thanks for sharing.

David Hoover : You guys are crazy! Hahaha! I hope you get lots of views this is great!

Arctic Exploring : You are crazy! :D

Experimentboy : You guys are crazy, haha! Even I don't know if I would've dared to do it :P

V : My favorite video of yours! Awesome!

Marek Kozuchowski : just awesome

Joni Lakso : käykääs nyt pojat joku enkun kielen kielikurssi ihan lämmittely mielessä. Teidän ralli englanti on pahempaa kuin Tommi (streit tuu the ääs of Timo) Mäkisellä.

Ian Morris : 1:22 To save your time. So much needless faggotry in this video.

BILLSTMAXX : Probably putting anything on youtube explosion related is not a good idea! I'd expect this to be removed by them

santiago conde morales : se la mamaron haha

reggiep75 : This was a legit laughter zone but I fear it's only gonna get worse as UP-SCALING is proposed one day and it's 1.5 kilos at 2- 2.5m and the briefest of calculations are made and then it's on! We most definitely need some earth mover experiments tho and all with a few angles of slow-mo to enjoy!

Red Room : u guys are crazy, 1kg dinamite under your feets o,O

Dave Caswell : Great earthquake!! Have you considered doing a BLEVY (boiling liquid vapor explosion)?? You could heat up a propane tank and then rip the tank open with dynamite so you have control over when things happen.

sensemille : I wish you could invest (like in the stock market) in channels that you know are going to blow up (no pun intended) :) great stuff! looking forward to see you guys at 10 mil subscribers

soft det : Wow !!! you probably tested this a couple of times, I would have been sweating bullets on that one. I sure wasn't expecting that, I was wondering when the camera was going to switch views to where the explosive was, very entertaining huge thumbs up!!

markiangooley : Looking at historical earthquakes: some are near Finland, almost none in Finland. Finns were killed due to the 2004 earthquake and the tsunami it triggered (they were on vacation in Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc.).

Sheep Eve : Great channel! Good Lauri mentioned You guys so we can look at some more fun stuff while finish my afternoon coffe!

Redlock : This is how the first world war mines worked. The tunnel under the enemy was packed with explosives and the soldiers were buried when it was detonated.