Who took the L?? -- Mark Mcgrath vs. Kid

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Comments from Youtube

Marie owo : “sugar gaay!” *”I️’M NOOOOT”*

gmw fandoms : *"i WiLl KiSs YoU.... softly"* LMAOOO HIS FACE

Brown JEEZUS : I want a girl that stares at me like cody stares at noel

ella : anyone who wanna call me gay can CATCH THESE HANDS _and hold them_

Bina B : mark mcgrath is matty smokes in 20 years.

Kryllic R. : idk who took the L, but I got a feelin that Mark took the D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Saya N : *kiss me gingerly*

Kels Saw : I love how the second he goes too far and says “prison rape this guy.” They’re both like “....Mark....”

kezia mar : mark mcgarth: “your small like my fart” me: “weird flex but ok”

Leigh-Anne Marie : The internet has to be able to find that kid. I gotta know where he is today

angela : anyone who ever calls me gay can catch my hands and walk down the bay with sand in our hair and toes while watching the sunset ON SIGHT

Bandrew : cody and racially ambiguous cody really did a good job on this one

Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi : This is by far the most underrated Cody Ko video

Leia Howton : Talia calling codel sugar gay

zeynab abdi too : *sugar gay is his trigger word*

KT Glitter Time : The disappointed tone in Noel’s “Maaark” at 5:35mins was so funny 😂😂😂

Christovajal : Everytime Noel says “Sugar Gay” it’s different and it’s funnier each time

JLongbone : To add insult to injury the guy Mark McGrath kisses at 7:32 is a gay actor. He was in My Best Friend’s Wedding 😂

Rachael Mary Angel : i wanna go to hollywood, find out what clubs mark mcgrath frequents, and stand outside with a giant neon pink bristol poster with sugar gay written in bold block letters and wait for him to exit. i dont wanna do any touristy things in hollywood, i just wanna antagonize mark mcgrath.

Veronica Moses : This is one of my fucking favorite videos on the channel. The first time i saw it I laughed so hard I genuinely almost passed out because I couldn’t breathe. “sugar gæ dude?” Cracks whip

Brown JEEZUS : I think this is the funniest video I've ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating

taylor lyn : noel: *breathes* cody: HAHAHAHAHAHA!! honestly same though

Sheepa : Noel is actually amazing at impressions oml

Kaitlyn Palmer : I originally clicked bc from the thumbnail it looked like Mark McGrath was about to throw down on Danny Gonzalez

Badsk8ergirlxoxo : I'm not gay *passionatly kisses a guy* WHOS SUGAR GAY?

Tara Mcloughlin : Bruh i just realised this is the guy from the scooby doo island movie

miss mango : mark mcgrath looking like a sugar gay version of smash mouth lead singer

Kayla CAKE : *_wHo sAiD sUgAr gAy???_*

Infinite Brain Coral Void : The best thing about this channel is its deep mythos. Its lore. Its worldbuilding. The plethora of references. Every time I find out where one came from it's like I've opened the cover of another leatherbound volume of a lost Icelandic saga. I guess I'm just saying it was nice to finally figure out the origin of "sugar gay."

sad goosey : 8:12 noel: sugar what bro? sugar WHAT? cody: *crying with laughter*

ruf man : any dude who wanna call me gay can straight up catch these sensual kisses bro

Astrid Almao : Oh thank God YouTube has not deleted this one.

Ashlyn Andersen : I encourage everyong to look up "Sugar Gay" on urban dictionary

brandon crosland : I could imagine these two guys be the next 21 jump street

Kyla Stinson : I ‘ M N O T

hope : live for the basic white girl polaroids hangin in the back

Sacred Supreme : the camera man wheezing at the fart joke is the best part of the video

solitaire honey : this is like my fifth time watching this, i still laugh so bad i cant breathe each time

Sienna Craig : Sugar Gay is starting to become one of my favorite things to say. And Cody and Noel’s reactions just make me laugh. The way they’re making fun of the whole situation is just so outrageously funny.

Blue Watson : why Mark look like discount Ethan Hawke

John Barrasso : this is quite possibly the funniest shit i’ve seen in so long

lackadaisical : *1 m i l l i o n s u g a r g a y*

cailey b : i will never stop coming back to this video

Brooke Karnavar : I didn’t know sugar gay was a thing💀I thought they made it up

Olivia : “DuDe YoURe BeInG rEAlLy SuGaR GaY RIghT NoW.” ~ Noel Miller

Mason : Let me save this video before YouTube starts snapping their fingers

Kaitlyn Green : yo I wanna friendship like theirs 💀😭

Late Night Burritos : He looks like he got in one fight in 2004 and now he’s stuck in that time

Connor Ferguson : Hot girls we have problems too, we're just like you...except we're hot.