Who took the L?? -- Mark Mcgrath vs. Kid

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ruf man : any dude who wanna call me gay can straight up catch these sensual kisses bro

Saya N : *kiss me gingerly*

gmw fandoms : *"i WiLl KiSs YoU.... softly"* LMAOOO HIS FACE

Eleanor Neale : fart fig newton

JLongbone : To add insult to injury the guy Mark McGrath kisses at 7:32 is a gay actor. He was in My Best Friend’s Wedding 😂

rosyelizabeth : Omg I’m dying “WHO SAID SUGAR GAY”

Mariah Ali : this is my 4th time watching this

ella : anyone who wanna call me gay can CATCH THESE HANDS _and hold them_

Madison Y : I can’t believe they didn’t hear “I’m gonna choke your face”

Olivia333 : “DuDe YoURe BeInG rEAlLy SuGaR GaY RIghT NoW.” ~ Noel Miller

hope : live for the basic white girl polaroids hangin in the back

Bina B : mark mcgrath is matty smokes in 20 years.

hardsgonnafall : But what if Mark actually had the wrong guy all along, and it was someone else that called out sugar gay but he just snapped on a random kid.

Brown JEEZUS : I want a girl that stares at me like cody stares at noel

kezia mar : mark mcgarth: “your small like my fart” me: “weird flex but ok”

Wahbasss : the funniest youtube video ever right here people

Kryllic R. : idk who took the L, but I got a feelin that Mark took the D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Okaiii K : 50 shades of sugar gayy

Ultra Prosomes : Okay so I was at the Arizona Cardinals game today and Mark McGrath performed at the halftime show and I was screaming "SUGAR GAY" so loud I lost my voice it was beautiful

shannon ranalli : i will kiss you *s o f t l y*

Madeleine Swann : I laughed so much my neck did a weird popping thing

Dime10 1 : You guys aren’t even trying, your just yourselves and some of the funniest content creators Ives seen👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

MDYT : "he's like 38"...he's 50.

Alice Eldritch : I've never even heard of this guy before. All he will ever be to me is Mark from Sugargay

ignorant : "What'd he say?" "He said 'prison rape this guy', right?" *Noel: "Mark..."*

Indigo Detry : SUGAR GAY

Mew Mystify : I W I L L B E A T Y O U R F U C K

johanna : ok but this is just mickey from shameless in a nutshell

Paula Garello : This is one of the funniest video on the internet tbh

Ocean eyes : *ILL CHOKE UR FACE OFF*

KT Glitter Time : The disappointed tone in Noel’s “Maaark” at 5:35mins was so funny 😂😂😂

Anniken Lad : This video is my favourite thing on the inernet ever. I have watched this video 34 times now. This video needs to be played at my funeral. I will revive. I will wake up from death to watch this video one more time. oh. And one more thing SuGaR gAy

Marcie owo : “sugar gaay!” *”I️’M NOOOOT”*

Messor Noctus : This video has taught me if someone calls me gay, I have to get in them man cheeks to prove to them im straight.

hope : *s h u g a r g a i*

kaitlynn pearson : 8:01 you’re welcome

Dylan Romero : "You wanna get Face Throttled?!!!!"

Belsnickel : I’m starting to think Sugar Ray is gay now.

Tieflingamer : That wasn't even fair, he didn't let the kid talk, so he just "dominated" by being loud and obnoxious

Brown JEEZUS : I think this is the funniest video I've ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating

Enchanted Spikes : They literally are so precious.

emma : 9:18 third eye blind was a nice touch lol

Elizabeth Calderon : Hyundai isn't that bad of a car

Presence : This might be the funniest video I have ever watched 😂

skkr skkrt yeet : Fart fig newton

Coco Fish : for such laid-back songs, this guy is TENSE

Skatin' Satan : I’ve watched this video... so many times...

Sheepa : Noel is actually amazing at impressions oml

yo lee : 4:16 me trying to think of a joke in class

Maria Luiza Fernandes : I watch this video at least three times a week I have a problem. Also, when Noel can’t hold it and burst into laughter is the best thing ever.