Who took the L?? -- Mark Mcgrath vs. Kid

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ruf man : any dude who wanna call me gay can straight up catch these sensual kisses bro

Cat : 6:40 *Smell my fart* What made him think that was a solid comeback? 😂

LA Turtle : cocaine.

Daniel Fernandez : This might be my favorite video in all of youtube. #FaceThrottle

Dark Justice : Lol he took a HUGE L

just an alternative emo kid : i’ve never felt gayer while watching this and that says a LOT

twenty three : k i s s m e g i n g e r l y

Alex Silverstein : Who else would film themselves screaming, "Sugar Gay" at Mark McGrath if they ever saw him?

Bikewreckboss : Cody: *literally anything happens* Cody: *Zooms in*

hope : *s h u g a r g a i*

Yazmin Lopez : Noel makes the best white people impressions

Breanna Berkebile : “Kiss me gingerly”

Alex White : g o t w e e z e y o u r n i p p l e s


lucey : 8:07 i want the new TMG song titled "Sugar What?" *pls and thank you*

Kaylyn Fairchild : I need Noel in my life

Amber Nicole : The guy Mark was kissing is Rupert Everett...who is gay lol

rian g : SUGAR W H A T

Hays Collins : I literally had to pause to video so I didn’t pass out from laughing

Janice Magri : cody's dance has me dead

The Golden Nugget : Never laughed this hard at a youtube video before

Lorenzo Mariani : Mudslide? More like CUMSLIDE

Ramon Castillo : I still think the kid took the w

Sally Perkins : I WILL KISS YOU _SOFTLY_

kaitlynn pearson : 8:01 you’re welcome

Beautiful Impressions : *Come on! Kiss me gingerly!*

Gavin Reddig : 666k vewies

Emily K : F A R T F I G N E W T O N

Mariah Ali : this is my 4th time watching this

Soggy Noodle : He's gonna choke.... His.. uh face. How- what-

ProfessorCream : This is the funniest shit I've ever seen

Ryland Hunstad : Wow Ethan Hawke really hit rock bottom

Presence : This might be the funniest video I have ever watched 😂

Dakota O'Connor : Could you guys just make a YouTube channel together! Please you guys are so funny. Like this if you agree so they can see this.

emma miletic : this was the funniest “that’s cringe” video ever, I legit cried of laughter

MadSnaxGaming : Why does he look like tiger woods quit golf and decided to do YouTube

JelloItsMe : 5:02 *I’M NOT*

rosyelizabeth : Omg I’m dying “WHO SAID SUGAR GAY”

filip kolic : This is the best thing i have seen in a long time

Sophia : There is actual tears from laughing so hard

emo fuck : the 182 people who disliked this are sugar gay

Kirsten Helen : ᵉᵃˢʸ ᵗⁱᵍᵉʳ

Trin Lovell : fart fig newton

Jade Thirlwall : why do i keep coming back to this video? this is hilarious

Tia Marie : the way that cody looks at noel😩 0:07 - 0:10

maja : I watched this video twelve times already just to laugh. All time favourite video.

angelasings24 : i really need to not watch these videos while eating cause im about to choke laughing this one was so funny

yo lee : 4:16 me trying to think of a joke in class

p e t t y : 4:12

p e t t y : Somebody:I love you. Me: 4:46