Who took the L?? -- Mark Mcgrath vs. Kid

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ruf man : any dude who wanna call me gay can straight up catch these sensual kisses bro

Trin Lovell : fart fig newton

lucey : 8:07 i want the new TMG song titled "Sugar What?" *pls and thank you*

LA Turtle : cocaine.

Pretzle Prince : _LMFAO_

Presence : This might be the funniest video I have ever watched 😂

Cat : 6:40 *Smell my fart* What made him think that was a solid comeback? 😂

Frank Gutierrez : Noel don’t take Ls cause he take NoEL

Liam G : Next that’s cringe episode - fergie singing national anthem

Liam Styles : you guys are some of the funniest people on yt i swear

hope : *s h u g a r g a i*

Dark Justice : Lol he took a HUGE L

makatiea : Why did sugar gay look like a younger cody??? Am i the only one???

Kyrie Irving : this video is sugar gay dude

Jonah Chivilo : I W I L L B E A T U R D I C K O F F

Sally Perkins : I WILL KISS YOU _SOFTLY_

Emily Deze : I legit cried from laughing. Sugar gay is on celebrity big brother rn so I'm dead

Byborne : Noel is a very talented dude. He got some of them very thicc funny bones. Both Cody and Noel lays some incredibly hilarious comments in this video and I sense a great future for both of them but daaaamn, Noel is gonna hit big one day, I swear!

Me Harper : I W I L L B E A T Y O U R F U C K

twenty three : k i s s m e g i n g e r l y

rosyelizabeth : Omg I’m dying “WHO SAID SUGAR GAY”

Chris : Everytime Noel says “Sugar Gay” it’s different and it’s funnier each time


Modernday Co. : I feel like Cody knows he's nominated for a shorty awards but didn't think he was going to win, so he's just going to say he didn't even know he was nominated....

provyprov : I agree with cody, I think the kid was winning the fight when he got mark to lose his head, but then it quickly swung in mark's favor when he became literally gay. overall 10/10

Izod Eddy : This had me dying i swear

Neleera : Isn't he the singer in Scooby doo when theyre on that island

TheCosmicLad : sUGar G A Y

Alex Silverstein : Who else would film themselves screaming, "Sugar Gay" at Mark McGrath if they ever saw him?

hope : live for the basic white girl polaroids hangin in the back

Raeesah : Iconic

drake : actually laughed at this video but I'm still not going to subscribe cody but I have been subscribed to noel bc he's hilarious. no worries you got the like on this vid man I appreciate your content

xox0951 : What are you S U G A R G A Y

Steph : I had to look up who mark mcass was

Wahbasss : the funniest youtube video ever right here people

t3agan : 5:03 literally made me laugh so hard i fell off my bed

Natalie Benesh : i love your videos with noel, you guys are so funny together

Kaylyn Fairchild : I need Noel in my life

Breanna Berkebile : “Kiss me gingerly”

Madeleine Swann : I laughed so much my neck did a weird popping thing

st joan : sugar ray is such a mellow-ass band it's so wild that he's like this

Daniella Violet : Not many vids make me laugh aloud but this was fucking hilarious ahah

rarri 246 : Cody you should really react to hurt bae 2

Youssef : Ayeeee, a monetized Cody vid

Indigo Detry : SUGAR GAY

Will Freeark : Honestly I’m team Mark on this one lmao

Fabio Borini the Lord and Savior of Milan : Noel's kid voices are amazing

matinize : Mark McGrath is in the latest Celebrity Big Brother US !!!

filip kolic : This is the best thing i have seen in a long time

Swag Tapas : Is it just me or does the sugar gay kinda looks like an older Kody ko