Whole Fried Chicken | Full Fried Chicken Prepared By Grandpa

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Kavya S : How many people love grandpa!!♥️♥️

Car Azu : This is the best Channel I have ever seen. Godbless your heart Grandpa:)

Pelangi Pelangi : Grandpa is not only a super cook but also has a big heart. God bless you grandpa, love from the UK.

Ahmed Gharib : If he was your grandpa, you’d have more uncles and aunts

PinkBlue Crush : u know the thing that makes me the happiest is when grandpa after saying "this is my family" the sound of his laughter makes me so happy😄😄😄 i always forward to that part😙😙😙

Can I get 10,000 Subs with No Video?! : *Not Pew* *Nor T-Series* Grandpa Is The Best

katy donawether : 309 People love chemicals in USA so the dislike the video haha GO eat at Mc Donald losers 😂 Grandpa chicken must be the best in the world

Hussein Hussein : Guys if u get ads don’t skip it That’s another way to help

bangtwice : I wish grandpa would become younger day by day😔

shades1902 : Oh my God from all the aromatics he put in that oil, I bet you could smell it from 2 miles away lol.

Simon Munchen : Big love from Iraq to our Grandpa ❤️ god bless you

Venkat Ala : I think people are mad and no heart those who dislike this video........I think we have to support grandpa every second & every minute.....so I m going to trust grandpa😊God bless you grandpa😊😊😊😊

Alessandra Sada : Delicioso!!! ❤

Life lessons : Hello Grandpa 👋 , you did it again. Looks yummy and fresh ingredients! Seem like a lot of work. Well done with love and feeding the children. Those children look happy af lol . ❤️ from Florida , 🇺🇸 😊

Sheikh Marwan Hussein : Grandpa you are the best. Respect from Iraq And Netherlands

rashid muhammad : This is beautiful and I love how he just says just subscribe to help us unlike these other youtubers subscribe like and sign this and this all bs

Aliyah Criscen Umaña : I really want grandpa to have teeth so he could eat and taste the good food his cooking for those lovely children.

Dennis Camacho : if you see an ads please click it or watch it around 30 secs to donate to those people behind this channel so that they can continue feeding others <3, love from the Philippines

fatima dilerer : God bless you grandpa! You are amazing..🙏🤗

DASHELL JAYNES : He needs to be a guest on Masterchef

Anna Ruffiey : One in millions😍theres many billionaires outsides,they hve money...but didnt do like what u do grandpa! May God Bless u🙏 Lots of love from Malaysia❤️

Jack Mock Rock : This video is perfect. Soothing sounds Real satisfaction Tasty food Nature background And most importantly, helping and bringing joy to others

[Insert Name] : World hunger fears this man..

paulo henrique : Meu deus que homem bom é esse senhor, , está de parabéns. Sou brasileiro mas curto os vídeos desse bom homem 👏👏👏👏👏

dyah nur : I really hope those kids will remember you, even though I know you do not do this by expecting payback from them, but if I were them I would remember you for life

penyou : I like how he fries the chicken with the whole onions. So satisfying

Thai188 : This channel is better than T series

Home Creators : congrats to 4 Million subscribers grandpa ..............😍😍😍😍😍😍

BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA!! : Who dislike grandpa video are the one with no soul

Pure Cooking : Chicken looks yummy

Rochelle Molina : Hi im from phillipines and i love watching gradpa kitchen .. 😘😍 also hi to your assistant grandpa we love you

Elizangela Artieda : Parece ter ficado uma delícia..me água na boca. bjs.tiozinho..

Joshua Rosales : Who's hungry now? I love you Grandpa!!!!!

Ellis Francis : You are awsome grandpa

Karol Durães : Uma pessoa de bom coração, parabéns! Deus te abençoe 😍

Mezi : Extremely humble and giving you are more then a good person. Subscribed.

Kaharudin Firmansyah : I will support this channel.. giving is the best communication.... 👍

행초 Eats : *Grandpa! Many people all over the world are impressed by your cooking video. Thank you.*

Astrit TO : Congrats for 4m subs our grandpa. You deserve more than that.

surg 2211 : He is a savage no gloves for the peppers

سليمان سليمان : كيف الشباب وين السوريين والعرب

Bobby _Vibezz : May this man never die

libertario conservador : Esse senhor é um grande homem , com a idade dele faz mto mas que as pessoas mais jovens ( me incluo )

Derek Dsouza : I wonder when he will make brownies...the laughing kind

El Lins : O que torna esse vídeo bastante Lindo ele ter mais que esse pessoal vai faz são a parte final no qual eles pega comida e doa para criança e quando fazer isso não tem preço você ver alegria no na criança no olhar

Joussa Teff : مازالت الدنيا بخير

Kate Lynch : I think that this is probably the most wholesome channel in existence

Dareen Ali : السلام عليكم انا اسماء من العراق احبك ياجدي كثيرا كثيرا كثيرا واتمنى لو اكون معك وانت تطبخ انت انسان اكثر من رائع وجميل احبك واحب طبخك الممتاز ولو كان هناك مليون مليار لايك لوضعته لك بدون تردد والاحلى ضحكتك الحلوة اتمنى لك كل السعادة شكرا وسلامي لك ولمن معك جميعا

Angela Smith : Great job grandpa, and uncle helped guy <3