LEGO Thor’s Stormbreaker from Avengers: Infinity War

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Benny's Bricks Bricks BRICKS : "BRING ME THANOS!" Great MOC, Great video.

Lego Fiat Multipla fan who makes videos : Where are your million views you deserve? Great moc!

TR-87 Production : Good job

hwat : I'm not a fan of Marvel, but it looks cool.

Haggis Films : Looks very cool! Quite realistic :)

ShadowEclipse Gaming : Make a tutorial plz

LCW Productions : Epic

Kaique Borgess : Ficou muito bom!

Master Of Moffat : cool

ninjago lasha : Im subscribed can you subscribe

Naruto Anime Channel. : Great video, I subscribed please sub back 👍👍

Sami Mannel : This is pretty awsome im impressed i will be uploading lego videos too soon,mind subscribing to me i already sub back.