Anderson .Paak Sings Hot Sauce Ballads While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast : Which hot sauce song do you think should be on Oxnard?

Sergio Kobalia : get Big Shaq on, man claims to never be hot

Will Scharnagl : Anderson Paak is a super chill dude. I met him on the street in Tokyo. Me and my friends walk up and go “can we get a picture?” and he points to his wife and goes “with her?”

Dashiell Gregory : "damn, this is fire. This Almond Breeze?"

WCUcp : The more I watch Sean, the more I see Justin Timberlake!

Leif Laitinen : I would want boneless nuggets if I were to do this. Screw picking the meat of the bone, just pop it and eat it.

SoFlo D'Antonio : **patiently waits for the Anthony Fantano episode to be uploaded**

1210Nique : Since y'all willing to provide vegan options bring A$AP Rocky on here please

Niko : You should get Tyler the Creator on hot ones

Ciara Creagh-Peschau : Can we get RuPaul on here pllleeeeeeease?

ThisIsNotTheNSA_ : Daniel Cesar? I think it would be cool for him to come on the show

CezaMVO : The way Paak's face lit up when Sean asked him about Mac Miller was awesome. I listen to Mac Millers music everyday then I remember he's gone. I hope he is heaven, pain free.

Colin Kolo : 9:40 damn no one said bless you when you sneezed twice...bless you dawg lmao

Charlie Pollard : .Paak holding it down for us vegans, my man

Sebastian Galvan : This dude's from my hometown, always get so stoked for .Paak. Oxnard finally being put on right.

Ashar : Man became Vince staples after the third last sauce lmao

gilli0n : It's the show with hot questions and even hotter nuggets.

GO PACK GO : The "NO LAWWWD" when he fell off the table. LMAO

1210Nique : Almond Breeze makes my favourite almond milk too. Silk is overrated

JustBe BRAVE : Andy never misses a chance to Milly rock 😂

SHOWER KADDIE : "oh this one is HOT HOT" 😂😂😂

Teo the Producer : Anderson .Paak looks like how Logic thinks he looks like

Briones805 : Haha “hell nah go to the liquor store on 5 points” 😂 interview was sooo true


Nic : I’m excited for Red Dead 2 ❤️

Texas Rage : *WILL SMITH* hot ones!

NIKO FETT : Hell nah Liquor Store

Xavier Reyes : Sean:"Its happening" Paak: ".....deadass"

Jaskaran Bhimber : Yo, you need to brush up on your geography, Assam is Indian, India isn't in the Middle East, it's South Asia.

Patrick Grillakis : an episode with drake bell and josh peck would be great I bet

Laffinty : You gotta get Mikey Chen from Strictly Dumpling on the show! He could dominate the hot sauce!

BellaBeastTv : the ending was soooooooooooooo goood

bagjuicemami : Wow, he’s vegan? Can he be any more perfect?? 😭

Cristóbal Hernández P. : I wanna a funk collab by Anderson Paak & Bruno Mars

Off-road Rampage : props for the sneeze etiquette

Leslie Traveler : How about Will Smith or Tom Hardy 🤞on the show 🙏🏽

TrailBehindTheRest : How Logic thinks he looks

Bobby Ohnio : Get Joe Rogan on the show please

Johnnie Fihaki : Get Schoolboy Q on the show !

everevolvingmama : When you're late on watching damn RIP Mac Miller 😭❤️

Luccia Mora : Paak is so so sweet

InfoVault87 : Try to get Ryan Reynolds on he would be hilarious on hot ones

joe buddon : By far the best episode I’ve ever watched.

Cody Soape : This dude's super cool

Kobe LA : Why is this guy is so entertaining lol

pollo culo : loved him ever since I heard him on yes lawd with knxwledge. Get Knxwledge on here ASAP bro

Julius Maximus : Anderson.paak gets hall of fame for this interview 😭😭

Christina Molidor : I was at Dodger Stadium when he opened for Beyoncé. He may have thought it was a train wreck, but I thought he killed it - I’ve been listening to him since.

Collin McGwire : No way Anderson .Paak is on Hot Wings. Legends meet legends....

Ian DiCarlo : Dude is going to be a household name come Thanksgiving