Homeless Youth at 13, Rule Is Now 22 and Still Homeless.

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Mary Reynolds : If he were here, I would give him a place to live. Very intelligent young man..he's going places!

Mary Reynolds : I can't believe how rude viewers can be. I don't understand why some even watch this channel if all they want to do is put others down. Because many of us have a heart and happen to care for life and want only the best for people, that makes us the stupid one's somehow. I have helped many people in my life, done what I can to make a little bit of a difference in someone's life. I don't have alot if money or things..but I'm secure and happy, and I have enough. I'm not the bad guy because I want to help someone reach their dream, or help someone get their foot in the door for a job etc. The difference between myself and the people that bash others, make fun of those in need who are really trying to better themselves is..I'm happy in life, I don't take people or life for granted, I care about a better world, and I want what's best for everyone. When I lay my head down to sleep at night, I know I've done my best..and I thank God everyday!

dajam9035 : Damn 13 man...13 and all the way until 22 and still going. That is insane.

Kim Basciano : What a smart kid. I hope he gets help, and gets some housing. What city was this in Mark?

Vera Nika : I never judge a homeless person. Anyone of us could get here :(

Roy Johnson : this dude is smarter than most people i know who aren't homeless

The Catmother : What a gorgeous young man, with no one to count on. Poor kid. It's hard to develop a positive self confidence, when you're kicked out at such young age and left by people, that were supposed to care for you. I have no respect for such "parents", they made this kid existing on this hard world, but didn't want to take responsibility. I hope this kid will somehow grow the strenght to fight for himself.

Rae Brooks : No one deserves homelessness.

Cari G : I agree 100% with this young man. You never know when you can end up in this situation. And what bothers me is people thinking that all homeless people are lazy and they are at where there are because of their own doing. It's just not true.

The Catmother : Give this kid a suit and he will be a great office worker. The way he's talking gives a really good impression.

soundseeker63 : This guy doesn't even have a roof over his head, and yet he can smile about his situation and remains positive about his future. While many people who are much better off than him (including me) cannot smile at all. What does he know that the rest of us don't? This is making me rethink EVERYTHING!

Keisha Rose : He seems so put together and one with intelligence. What happened ? What's his story? He didn't make it clear.

Jessica Jasinski : Mark, during these interviews I wish you would ask more about how they became homeless, where their family is. When you talk to the homeless youth I'm interested in knowing how they got there. What was their family life like, what's going on with their mother father or any other family. Why did people turn their backs on them, or were they coming out of foster care. I always have so many unanswered questions during these interviews. I love watching your videos, and wish I could help everyone of them. But can you please get more details about how they became homeless, and where their family is

Stephanie Walker : Father God, please guide this young man along his path in life. Send the right people to cross his path that may help him to reach his goals. Give him strength and hope. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen! 🙏 #ittakesavillage

OiOi :D : Meanwhile the other kids are getting with donations $500k+ a month for playing videogames in their house, but it's ok because it's "quality content".

Fèlix : This guy is right on the money. Please, everyone understand that a prayer won't help him or homelessness. It's ABOUT ADDRESSING THE ISSUES and CHANGING THE LAWS THROUGH POLICY. He should run for congress or for some other type of government position. We need people like him that know first-hand what it means to be homeless, so he can help others. I wish he had a gofundme account, so we could help him. People like him can make all the difference in this world if we just decide to help them.

Daniel Sanchez : Dayum I know this guy personally, I never imagine him being homeless. Well spoken man and educated. Hopefully he can get some help and prosper in life.

Vera Nika : I feel so angry when i see young people who are strong and smart suffer and live on the street.

alexis s. : he’s beautiful I want to help him 😞

mushy ozzy : one thing that stood out is his optimism and his smile which was evident throughout the whole video . He surely is going places, God bless him and his bright future 🙌❤.

Teresa Bowden : To look at this young man you wouldn't think that he is homeless. But looks can be deceiving. Praying for him to get some help finding and keeping a safe place to live.

Michelle : One day this young man will give an amazing testimony of how he made it. God bless you Rule.

Maria Chorbadzhieva : Warm eyes

Global Set DarkPool : Keep going little homie..... Don't trust nobody but yourself. Save all your money and invest in passive income man. Create a business yo while you don't have bills and youth still.

koffinkat666 : See he has beaten alot of the odds, Alot of people would figure whats the point in going to school when the world shuns me? And then start doing drugs to cope. This guy is very strong!

Gail Thomas : Can't he get a grant for housing, especially since he's in school?

Christian : Bless him God

EireneSarah : He is so eloquent and so optimistic. A true hero full of generosity.

cj cj : Greetings Invisible People, I was touched by Rule story. I would be more than happy to help him with a roof over his head, food and good and safe environment. As an former educator, I understand the struggles students go through on a daily basis. Please reach out to Rule and let him know that I can help him not be homeless. This young man may one day be a professional doctor, lawyer, engineer or even the president of the U. S. I been blessed in life and feel the need to help others. Please reach out to Rule and let him know that I can help. Thank you invisible people!!

pink kisses : Is there a way to donate?

EM F : A homeless 17 year-old asked me for food. We talked a bit he said his mother and grandmother kicked him out of the home because he got angry and crushed they're meth glass pipe and also he's mother collects he's share of foodstamp privilege. We were near the DSSH application office, I told him where to go to apply for his own benefits and shelter, attend school and job training. I directed him where to go. They will set him up with the tools. Mom and grandma needs a wake up call. He's tossed away like trash. Put your foot down and claim your life back. Don't be deceived. The drugs took they're mind and you became invisible to them. But you are real. You can make a difference for yourself. This young man we prayed together. I've not seen him again. I gave money and some candy i had and he was teary eyed so appreciative and grateful. Sad he was so tired and hungry. I pray he is safe always. I'm always meeting many different people always in need and I can give what I can afford to give. It's hard to say no to the real people who is hungry and tired. They could be angels and we wouldn't know.

Teresa Michele : He’s just a kid this is very sad!

SuperBike Racer : Too bad the wealthy that could really make a difference are to busy worrying about the rights of the squirrels! I wish I could do more but other than buying lunch for the occasional homeless person and giving a little money I don't know what else I could do especially since I live with one foot on the street myself. All the wrong people are rich!

Goldie Espinoza : I was homeless for a year and half living in my car sleeping at Wal-Mart amd wroking at the same time

Nasim _ : His smile

A Z : This story made me sad, so young 😞😞

Nico'TF92i : He's homeless and still got a better skin than me smh

MsThemjs : May God Bless him

Recie Strange : man, It's snowing too....bless his heart , and everyone else on the streets right now. things shouldn't be this way

babyheartz_ _ : Be safe young man

TheSmackdwn : This is just so wrong. My heart hurts for this young man. What a beautiful person he is. This mass homelessness just blows my mind. The riches our country has and yet we just poor and poor into other countries when we have left our very own neighbors to starve and live off the streets, even our children. Dear God, this has to end. :(

w9 s2 : Just watch how people care about this man and comment more because he is goodlooking.

Healthy Hobo : Wow! What an impressive young man!!! He understands root-cause analysis better than some six-figure executives I have no doubt he'll make it....he's gonna go far!

Jan Warriner : This is an intelligent and nice young man. I hope he can find a solution to his homelessness. He deserves it.

Alana Weaver : He needs to be taught Android development. He can really help homeless youth. I wouldn’t recommend joining the U.S. military but I hope he’s going after his law degree. We need more lawyers with his background. Keep your head and chin up young 🤴🏿

Lifestyle Beauty Today Kay Miley : Hey! How can I get in touch with this young man?

LouisVuitton TheDon : There is a day coming and it will come mark my words when we as humans have to pick humanity over selfish materialism and greed...

Black Republican : I'm glad he's strong most people would have committed suicide!!!

Rubi Jacczak : He is well spoken! What an inspiring young man, I would be proud to call him my son! How can I help him?

Donald Compton : That's true what he says I was homeless for 4 years so I understand what he's talking about lose track of time track add a month I'm so thankful that I got housing God bless and I hope everybody finds houses