Craig Ferguson 9/9/13D Late Late Show Alice Eve XD

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playshacro : She's just the most beautiful woman in the world. Her accent is just WOW !

Muzikrazy213 : in addition to the human goddess, that got pretty damn deep for a second there

시아가르 : I would sell my kidney to marry her

The No.1 Guy : I love people that think she's just dumb as rocks, since they have no idea what they're talking about. They seem to base their perception of her off possibly one or two of THESE interactions (of all things). Furthermore, I'm surprised at the number of people that think that talk show conversations (and again - especially THIS talk show out of all of them) are actual 100% genuine conversations. Revelation: they're not, and it takes watching a bit of the Fergermeister to understand, common sense. Much like Conan, Leno, Carson, several more, the host is a comedian. This is not a documentary or a serious interview. It's entertainment. The host and guest are having an improvised sort of faux-conversation which can drift into honesty and genuine content on occasion, especially if it sets up another session of goofy improv to break it up soon after. Every so often, you get a guest that doesn't realize this and makes it tough for the host, like Harvey Pekar or Hunter S. Thompson. But, even more to the point, this is a show with a robot skeleton hamming it up stage-left, a pantomime horse goofing off stage-right, and a funnyman running the whole flow at center-stage. Some nights, the comedy is gonna be 'meh.' Sometimes it's quite lively. Sometimes this happens with the same guest on separate visits! On Craig's show especially, the formula is broken even further, when you consider the guest can even forget to plug whatever they were supposed to push during their visit, and there's never too much fuss over it. People who watch the show will know this is often the case. You watch Ferguson and these guests enough OUTSIDE of the show, and it becomes quite clear no one is taking this too seriously.

Paul Clark : No tattoo..great !

Kaarlo Suotamo : Shes is good and wise

B : Wow those are, I mean, she is amazing!

F77 RAPTOR : Those BIG eyes are great...😏

Lampëão : L I F E T I M E *BreastCare + MilkAid* W A R R A N T Y

Shook One : What on earth where they banging on about???

cano166 : or maybe we all just have awareness like witnessing Gods will

Nando N : Oooh he's well read.

NoComment : Ho ho ho..

Dennis Polmans : She reminds me of a smarter/classier ex of mine

albanymike : Does anybody know the name of the song that Craig and Secretariat are dancing to? Thanks

Nuno Soares : She's such a flirt and she knows Craig will stare at her cleavage. Thus the dress hehe

Greedy Jane : I... Love You...

Queue Snake : This is all constructed just to meet you. Subtle.

alo2acs : What is that bell thing he does at the beginning, i don't get it?

Queue Snake : Existential-ey. Calvanism? Hmm.

Imasoulinseoul : This type of interview makes Craig the king of late night talk show.

Queue Snake : Follow the snake. Lol

Queue Snake : Smooth.

G K : That's the formula. Put a hot girl in front of him and let the comedy begin

Maximillian Chen : you know what. i've only ever seen her in She's Out of My League and i thought, my god, this woman totally fits the blonde bombshell stereotype. And then i find out from a previous interview that she studied in oxford, and now she talks about the existence of free will. mind-blowing.

Steven Conrad : I agree. Kristen Bell, Alice Eve frigging beautiful to the nth power.

Sunny Chung : its actually so hot how intelligent she is... and how hot she is

Anatoly S. : I'd say, THEY are beautiful

PJ : He was as "dirty" before.

Dave D : I love Craig and I've watched him for years, but I have to say that his schtick is starting to come across like he's a dirty old man...

Kaiju Jaeger 54 : It's official i'm in love with Alice Eve... and it's not the dress that's distracting ;-)

Kaiju Jaeger 54 : Yeah she doesn't get the innuendo or acts like it

Sue Kwong : Didn't expect this interview to have weight - but that's one of the best arguments about tattoos I've come across.

SST : No, he was French. Born in France and fled to Switzerland.

netrider5 : Maybe it's me, but when the audience laugh sometimes she looks at them wondering what they're laughing about.

snappa52 : Swiss speak French, German, and a form of Latin in the different areas of the country

Ze : Damn. so fine. Alive Eve too

Plastikschachtel : Calvin was Swiss... not French

naihanchin Kempo : she needs to be invisible woman in the Fantastic (4) reboot

The Cricket Nerd : Hnng. She's criminally adorable.

boylogbet : nice argument ending :v

chuchahan : Damn, sexy laugh.

Sean Graczyk : she is always fun. 'Don't lean over the desk', she leans forward.

syhromg : How can i concentrate to the interview with dress like that

TheScreechowl : That dress IS quite distracting, isn't it?

thescowlingschnauzer : I want to take them both home with me and philosophize and cavort deep into the nite.

LLyt82 : Great. Googly. Moogly.

daboywonderr : she is stunningly beautiful

allluckyseven : My GOD, she is beautiful.

Jesse Leshwange : What a pyt.