Kill Bill Vol.1 - Hattori Hanzo's Sword - 'The Lonely Shepherd' [HD]

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Wei Ren Lim : I asked a Japanese friend of mine who explained the missing subtitle. "If in your travels, should you encounter God, even God will be cut down". Hanzo means it both ways. It is, literally the sharpest sword he has ever made. Metaphorically, it also means that whoever wields that sword, may lose himself and become nothing but a killer... not recognizing even God, for the sole purpose of revenge. Wow... that's some deep shit right there.

Gene Parmesan : I played this while unwrapping my chef knife

2amendmentrulz : Is it me or is the music in this movie just epic?

cugamer : Tarantino needs to do a movie about Hanzo-san.  A master sword maker swears an oath to God to give up his craft? That must be a hell of a story.

lovenlightman : Great seen. Watching how the two of them-Hanzo and his worker r pretending to be Idiots and in true life they r very serious people.

Luke Schnitzler : I always liked how the bald guy was like a goof and a idiot in the restaurant but when it comes to the swords it's all business

FourTwenny : If, on your journey, should you encounter God, God will be cut.

Dan Williams : One of the best scenes in a movie, ever. And the the lone shepherd music just makes it encapsulating no matter how many times you see the film. I don't think a single one of the billion people who saw this movie when it first came out were not totally taken emotionally and engrossed in this scene. It's just epic beyond belief.

Cc : I watched KillBill: Vol 1 last night, this scene is amazing. Quentin Is a genius film maker. I love how Hanzo talks about the sword and his friend watches him with almost tears in his eyes and combined with the sound of The Lonely Shepard it is moving.

Billy Troll : They should make a prequel with Bill and Hanzo

SnowNasty : 2:56 -  "If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut".

kingslum kng : Japanese culture is so cool

Sagar Naidu : One of the most powerful dialogues i have ever heard in my life. Wish the last line was included..... :3

Harsh Bhagvat : "yellow-haired warrior.. go."

Touchetee : like how he writes BILL

J.T. Dutch : ... Hanzo getting emotional when he says "God will be cut" is just the best.

Far Out Theories : That sword is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. :D

smo1001 : my favorite scene in the movie.  dislike for censoring someone else's work.  shame on you.

bossjorge86 : i had a man customize my ak47 for me lol he told me "if ever you encounter god on your journey god will be shot" i laughed cause i knew he was refrencing this scene but still i absolutley love my gold plated ak:-D

The Mighty .Chicken : Hattori Hanzo swore an oath to never make a sword again after he was disgusted by all the death it brought. Hanzo Shimada swore an oath to never touch a sword again after his fight with his brother Genji whom he thought died by its hands. Is there any chance that Blizzard did some sort of hommage to Tarantino's HH through Hanzo's character story ? Or I'm a complete idiot and they already said it somewhere, making this comment irrelevant.

jdreyn02 : I think a lot of people are misunderstand the line removed here. If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut. I don't believe its a reference to the incredible sharpness, strength and killing power of Hattori Hanzo's sword. I believe it is a reference to the oath to God which he broke to make the sword. God will be cut or God will be hurt by seeing the terrible the death and carnage wrought by the weapon Hattori made and the broken oath to create it.

SRT480 : is their a more beautiful thing that is meant for such a horrible task?

newalm : Never knew this song was used in a movie.  It is my favorite song by German composer James Last.  I first heard it around 1981. I am fan of James Last's music and another really good song is "Biscaya" by James Last.   The pan pipe flute is played by Romanian musician Gheorghe Zamfir.  This recording of "The Lonely Shepperd" was done in 1977.

Celtic 67 : One of the greatest scenes in film. I don’t see any CGI, special effects or a superhero. Take note Hollywood!

KaiserAfini : Beautiful scene, you can practically feel the deep regret and sadness in Hanzo's voice.

hattorihanzo : i must have watched this scene over 20 times, the music and dialogue gives me the chills every time..

Kevin Lee : "I suggest you spend it practicing." *Slips and falls downstairs and dies. Movie abruptly ends*

Faddei : this music.......... great

Maxwell Winters : Domo

Guybrush Threepwood : 0:13 Even uses ninja font to write on window ... level: asian

bambarby : Left out the best line. Failed

uppanadam74 : I have affiliated myself with the Japanese...I know their strengths and weaknesses...I have just found out my mother has breast cancer...I wish...that this clip in itself can give her courage and strength...and I have forced her too watch it...cause of it's strength!!  Moanes Mourad if you are bullied and even harassed about this clip...fear not...this clip has helped my mother for she has seen it's strengths for her own reasons...thankyou Moanes Mourad for this!!

Frann Ortiiz : Esa Katana te corta con solo verla 😍

水陞火降 : Tarantino surely knows how to use music in movie. Every ost he chose in his movies was perfect.

Dee V : This scene always gives me chills. The subject, the mood, the music, atmosphere and acting. What a great combination that executes a killer crescendo into the final and equally significant chapter of Vol. 1

Underwood95 : One of best scenes in history. Period. Period. Fact. Period.

Vlad Cirus : Such a weird choice by Tarantino to use a Romanian folk song for a Japanese scene :)

Andrew Daly : Nice focus on Hanso san's student. It shows how much he revered his sensei. And that he understood the serious nature of what was happening. Lovely touch.

R C Nelson : It's "Major Domo" to you, lady.

Wout Schreurs : Such a powerful movie!


StuUngar : Vol 1 is infinitely better than 2. Vol 1 had a lot of good serious scenes and dialogue, although the action was admittedly over the top. Vol 2, outside of Madsen and Carradine, was nothing but overacting and cheesy dialogue. The Pei Mei story (though I wish they would've shown him teaching her more than just punching a board), and the Madsen & Carradine performances are the only things I care for in Vol 2.

Waspie x : Now, Go Yellow Haired Warrior!

prakash tyson gurung : it will cut god also if he comes in your way....that was deleted

drlee2 : Volume 1 is the only Kill Bill movie I care about. Volume 2 is nowhere near as good as this film. Volume 1 took the less is more approach. Amidst all of the chaos, violence and action, there are deeply moving scenes like this with minimal dialogue and characters expressing emotions through facial expressions. The entire movie had moments like this.

dogmandan79 : This is one hell of a powerful scene. Not only doy ou feel the pride but you feel the sadness of Hanzo as he has broken his oath to God yet in turn created his best sword ever. The music only adds the the scene and makes it even more in depth.

Dominique Isole : Beautiful sword, beautiful music

Gurosama Bltch : At first I thought it was a japanese song playing

Anand Nair : Why hide the words in English where he says - "Even if god comes in your way, this sword will cut him"

Amber Puga : Kill Bill 1 is an worn of Art!! Great scene