Why Daniel Cormier Almost Cancelled His CONAN Appearance - CONAN on TBS

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Morgan Chan : DC is made for television. He's great on camera.

AXIOM FILMS : Get miocic on

19thHour : Key: "God's lessons are so beautiful..." Peele: "I'm sorry, who put this fight together? If ya'll got an actual crazy person for me to fight, well that's not fair to me! Or him!"

Weirdo Williams : Love DC and Stipe. Glad we get to see them fight.

Vishnu Mohan : Great dude lol convo flowed.

Kaos Milk : DC such a good guy

superpowers 75 : This guy doesnt sound like he has took alot of shots to the head. Well spoken.

Mack V : DC is a good guy

icookyorice1 : DC looking THICCC

adrianhe : Now we just need Chael Sonnen's prediction, then we'll know for sure if the curse will continue.

Zeko F : I don't understand why is he hated by some of the UFC fans. probably because the only way to beat him is to take steroids.

xanxusprimo702 : Daniel "DC;Destroyer of Curses" Cormier lets go!!

M Mxyzptlk : DC looking ROBUST

SoullessPotato : Michael Bisping also lost after being there.

Bald and Bearded : "Conan I don't know if I've ever felt more safe" 🤣🤣🤣

Poseidon : This mma fighter is so modest.

sammyflinders : Cormier killing it on the big show

ImpatientTurtle : Jesus DC is looking thicc AF. He aint going back down to LHW anytime soon, towel or no towel. Love the guy though, that ending line was smooth.

w1seguys : The curse will continue lol.

hiephoi058 : Cormier will win

Nuri Muhammad : A lot of people love to count DC out based on his height or looks, but this 5'10 man has been destroying massive elite fighters his whole career since he started in his 30s. Thats superiority and freakness in my opinion. Only 1 man who many call the GOAT, jon jones beat him and he needed steroids!! Meanwhile 2 bums in comparison to DC (struve, JDS) debunked Stipe Miocic. Stipe has never faced a threat quite like DC. Also needs to be understood that overall game and ability, STAMINA, AGILITY, wrestling is all on DC's side. The haters keep doubting DC, but i wonder how they will react when DC takes Stipes gold

Dee Gravelrama : Who was on before that they were joking about with the white wine?

you tube : DC just prophesized his loss. Law of attraction

V7 Plays : I like cormier but Stipe is gonna win anyways

depp deng : I think DC cuts a looooot of weight to make 205 and Stipe doesn't cut and weighs about 245 or something, so i'd say the weight difference is not really that huge.This is a fight i really want neither to lose, both great fighters and amazing human being.

Rogue Seraph : Well...should I bet a thousand dollars on a Stipe win?

Luke Outcold : Liked before watching because DC's the man 👊👊

Keisha Lambarte : hahahah "...felt more safe." 😂😂😂

Shadow09 : Go DC 😼😏😈👍🎈🤡🖕🤤

Jas Gill : LOL I love DC man. Such a good personality for TV and representative of MMA. Love Stipe too but DC winning would be awesome.

Not Okay : DC, problem is you cant break Coco's curse. NO ONE CAN

BeyondH : I don't think I've ever felt more safe xD

Jonathan Becerra : Let’s gooo dc

VKJ85 _TeleRiver85_ : First from Finland, possibly.. if so.. yayh. If not.. okayh. :)

alcott devalte : dc gotta break the curse, I predict a 5 round decision win for dc or a tko win for stipe

Zer0Diamonds : I guess DC's losing then...

Only Coffee No Sugar : DC so thiccc

Tony Montes : DC looking Swoll 💪🏻 this man is a giant killer.

murtazwa : To break the curse we just need Chael Sonnen to predict Miocic will win.

Usama200824 : "Conan I don't know if I've ever felt more safe" LMAO

tarun mehta : Imma miocic fan but I just can't root against DC. Stipe and DC are like the 2 most likeable MMA fighters and I cant believe one of them has to lose :"( let the best guy win I guess .

PJ Rivera : Lol the conan curse

HollyWood_33 : Jon Jones belt looks good on Conan’s desk #paperchamp

Nuh. Abdulaahi : Lol it’s true wtf

Æ N I E M A : I like Cormier and wish him all the best for this fight. When he is fighting anyone but Jon Jones I want Cormier to win. When he fights jones though...Jon is just simply put...the best to ever step into the octagon. Take away all his personal problems and the steroid allegations...Jons talent and skills are just undeniable and anyone that says different is just a misinformed MMA Jon jones hater.

Mundi Cox : Okay now I know it's safe to bet on Miocic. Conan's show really is a curse for UFC fighters 😅

Lyon Lyon : Dc vs marvel, marvel wins

Riza Wibawa : What a clean ears he has as an mma fighter.. no cauliflower over there..

Mark Foti : "Conan, I don't know if I've ever felt more safe" lmao good one

Aymen Aymen : DC is screwed now