Why Daniel Cormier Almost Cancelled His CONAN Appearance - CONAN on TBS

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Morgan Chan : DC is made for television. He's great on camera.

19thHour : Key: "God's lessons are so beautiful..." Peele: "I'm sorry, who put this fight together? If ya'll got an actual crazy person for me to fight, well that's not fair to me! Or him!"

Mack V : DC is a good guy

Weirdo Williams : Love DC and Stipe. Glad we get to see them fight.

AXIOM FILMS : Get miocic on

Vishnu Mohan : Great dude lol convo flowed.

Bald and Bearded : "Conan I don't know if I've ever felt more safe" 🤣🤣🤣

Milkful : DC such a good guy

쯔위-ah : DC broke the curse in a spectacular fashion

superpowers 75 : This guy doesnt sound like he has taken alot of shots to the head. And DC is well spoken for a combat sport athlete .

icookyorice1 : DC looking THICCC

adrianhe : Now we just need Chael Sonnen's prediction, then we'll know for sure if the curse will continue.

hiephoi058 : Cormier will win

xanxusprimo702 : Daniel "DC;Destroyer of Curses" Cormier lets go!!

M Mxyzptlk : DC looking ROBUST

SoullessDog : Michael Bisping also lost after being there.

ImpatientTurtle : Jesus DC is looking thicc AF. He aint going back down to LHW anytime soon, towel or no towel. Love the guy though, that ending line was smooth.

Poseidon : This mma fighter is so modest.

sammyflinders : Cormier killing it on the big show

Zeko F : I don't understand why is he hated by some of the UFC fans. probably because the only way to beat him is to take steroids.

keisha 21 : hahahah "...felt more safe." 😂😂😂

iam jp : ....and cormier will lose this fight....so the curse stays

you tube : DC just prophesized his loss. Law of attraction

Dee Gravelrama : Who was on before that they were joking about with the white wine?

V7 Plays : I like cormier but Stipe is gonna win anyways

depp deng : I think DC cuts a looooot of weight to make 205 and Stipe doesn't cut and weighs about 245 or something, so i'd say the weight difference is not really that huge.This is a fight i really want neither to lose, both great fighters and amazing human being.


Luke Outcold : Liked before watching because DC's the man 👊👊

Rogue Seraph : Well...should I bet a thousand dollars on a Stipe win?

w1seguys : The curse will continue lol.

Jas Gill : LOL I love DC man. Such a good personality for TV and representative of MMA. Love Stipe too but DC winning would be awesome.

Shadow09 : Go DC 😼😏😈👍🎈🤡🖕🤤

Reddrix : Conor McGregor came to the show back in July 2015 before his fight against Chad Mendes, and WON the match! So.... He broke the curse in the first place???

Mark F : "Conan, I don't know if I've ever felt more safe" lmao good one

Chameleon General : Damn DC looking .... EXTRA THICCCCCC!!!!

Jung Kook : Dc broke the curse. He is the real champ. #ChampChamp

BeyondH : I don't think I've ever felt more safe xD

tarun mehta : Imma miocic fan but I just can't root against DC. Stipe and DC are like the 2 most likeable MMA fighters and I cant believe one of them has to lose :"( let the best guy win I guess .

Jonathan Becerra : Let’s gooo dc

murtazwa : To break the curse we just need Chael Sonnen to predict Miocic will win.

Usama200824 : "Conan I don't know if I've ever felt more safe" LMAO

Shili Brad : DC, problem is you cant break Coco's curse. NO ONE CAN

alcott devalte : dc gotta break the curse, I predict a 5 round decision win for dc or a tko win for stipe

VKJ85 _TeleRiver85_ : First from Finland, possibly.. if so.. yayh. If not.. okayh. :)

Riza Wibawa : What a clean ears he has as an mma fighter.. no cauliflower over there..

Tony Montes : DC looking Swoll 💪🏻 this man is a giant killer.

Only Coffee No Sugar : DC so thiccc

Zer0Diamonds : I guess DC's losing then...

L Petillo : gotta love dc

Lyon Lyon : Dc vs marvel, marvel wins