Ivanchuk plays CHECKERS! (Best Ivanchuk video ever)

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Chess to Impress : great video, Ivanchuk is a hero

James Monroe : CHUCKY is AWESOME!!!

thilo28ful : He doesnt care much about titles. he just loves every kind of chess .Thats passion.    I really like this guy.


Reptilian Eucalyptus : This is meme material

ramil binando : LOL Grischuk @ 0:39

Yahya Peace : i love this video hahahahha

Vivek Gawande : His opponent looks like hugh Alexander from the movie imitation game

Carlos Silva : 2:02 that's not how checkers is supposed to be played. Queens can only move back one square

Stefan Girstmair : nice :) cant wait for your fun and entertaining chess videos :D

Sick Dece : How come they are moving thier pawns diagonally without capture??

Wolfgang Wilhelm : There are some many mathematicians, chess players and other intelligent people, who seems not to be from this planet. And there is Ivanchuk, who seems not be from this universe.

Supernova : Is this a new channel? Nice video!

gg2cool4u : You posted about this channel on /r/chess right? Keep it up with the neat content!

Danilo Lintas : not sure about checkers rules but why couldn't Jobava push the c5 pawn to d6 and go promoting???