10 Egg Gadgets put to the Test

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varsha kesavan : i m just watching someone cook eggs instead of doing my homeworks

salsa salsa : he's so easily amused i like it

Nima Nowbakht Ghalati : *my eggs are too big for this one* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fiona Brook : he gets so happy abot everything i love it

Zoey_Wolflover lol : "Lets scramble it up" mixes up with fingers ;)

Spicy Rice Cake : Priority is the safety huh? But he uses his fingers to scrambled the egg in the hot pan😂😆

Hannah Michelle : “This is my favorite one- ow” Ah I love him

llCute But Psycho : This video is approved by HowToBasic

LaughOutLoud LOL : Eggcellent 🍳👌

B 405 : Quote of the day by Taras...."Success I like it".

WendyxToo : I'm eating eggs when I'm watching this XD

Gina Jones : The eggs aren't cooked all the way dear

Jazmin Torres : I love that he always has something nice to say about them

Derin Becel : In soviet russia, we don't use *gadgects* , the *gadgects* use us.

TheSilentTubeHD : How many egg you eat

why are you reading my name : 3:10 close your eyes til he change

Patrick Savage32 : It just exploded or should I say eggsploded

mr asif : Boom boom boom boooooooooommmmmmmm!.

Elaine is not cool : Oh I guess it's supposed to be kind of scrambled... *dips fingers in it* SCRAMBAAL IT OP

90s whore : me: ok i’m gonna go to bed early tonight 2 am:

S SMITH : I just love how happy he is. It's so cute 😊

1000000 subs with no videos challenge : In soviet russia EGG COOK YOU

Julia Peng : Hi yaaa hooo loooks liike brrain

Anya Butler : I'm just imagining him narrating every time he cooks. Even when he's not filming. Like the toast pops out of the toaster and he's like, "woah that's sooo cool"

Simba gang : In America you use gadgets,in Soviet Russia gadgets use you!!

bao trinh : i’m going to say this now Russians have no fear of heat

Roland Seah : That video was Eggcellent get it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mac Guida : Am I the only one who thinks at 6:55 that that's just like Watchmen's logo?

XOsklf : "safety is number one priority" scrambling egg using a finger on a burning pan

SETH GEIS : *"WOW look at this little egg chick... And zombie head."* I feel like I'm watching a Toys In Japan video now...

Iowa Gurl : I'm a YouTuber too

john holcroft : I love your accent

someone ate my cookies : *scramble it op*

Chase Miller : I love how happy he gets about these

Jerrilynn Orozco : 2:02 scrambles it with his finger idk why i found that so funny😂😂

aylen manzaneda : YOR INGLICH IST SOW GOD

Gerardo Lozano : I like your video

choya biswas : Gys that egg monster is mini P.E.K.A from clash royal !

Katherine 712 : "Let's remove some of that EGGTRA stuff"😑

Kc Morada : Guys you guys are watching an guy playing with eggs😂😂😂

Kaspz : Man I'm hungry for some eggs

Melina Gomez : The eggs ere still raw

Mitchell Cizmic : He said boom 35 times :/

Anime profile picture : "Scramble it up" Wiggles the egg with his fingers 😂😂

Neoladara : Queety kyat thats what he said

chris douglas : A *REAL* satisfying video

Fat : lol I like how he says "success"

Quang Nguyen : The EGG-stra stuff

VaJenna : I love the end: "wow, this one is so cool, it's my favorite" *to the next one* "this ones so cool! It's my favorite." *to the next one* "look how cool! This one is my favorite too!" 😂 I also loved the smiley face part "I want this for breakfast everyday, even though I'm not a kid!" 😂 really CRACKED me up ;)

Mauricio Garcia : In America you cook egg, in Soviet Russia egg cook you