10 Egg Gadgets put to the Test

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varsha kesavan : i m just watching someone cook eggs instead of doing my homeworks

salsa salsa : he's so easily amused i like it

Nima Nowbakht Ghalati : *my eggs are too big for this one* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fiona Brook : he gets so happy abot everything i love it

Spicy Rice Cake : Priority is the safety huh? But he uses his fingers to scrambled the egg in the hot pan😂😆

llCute But Psycho : This video is approved by HowToBasic

Zoey _wolflover : "Lets scramble it up" mixes up with fingers ;)

Hannah Michelle : “This is my favorite one- ow” Ah I love him

LaughOutLoud LOL : Eggcellent 🍳👌

Derin Becel : In soviet russia, we don't use *gadgects* , the *gadgects* use us.

WendyxToo : I'm eating eggs when I'm watching this XD

BJ 25 : Quote of the day by Taras...."Success I like it".

TheSilentTubeHD : How many egg you eat

Gina Jones : The eggs aren't cooked all the way dear

why are you reading my name : 3:10 close your eyes til he change

Myth InACan : It just exploded or should I say eggsploded

Jazmin Torres : I love that he always has something nice to say about them

mr asif : Boom boom boom boooooooooommmmmmmm!.

Anya Butler : I'm just imagining him narrating every time he cooks. Even when he's not filming. Like the toast pops out of the toaster and he's like, "woah that's sooo cool"

Misty The Silver Cat : THERE IS A KITTY EGG cooky thingy doodle....

S SMITH : I just love how happy he is. It's so cute 😊

90s whore : me: ok i’m gonna go to bed early tonight 2 am:

Ffeferii : Oml I'm hungry now

XOsklf : "safety is number one priority" scrambling egg using a finger on a burning pan

Simba gang : In America you use gadgets,in Soviet Russia gadgets use you!!

aylen manzaneda : YOR INGLICH IST SOW GOD

Roland Seah : That video was Eggcellent get it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia Peng : Hi yaaa hooo loooks liike brrain

Elaine is not cool : Oh I guess it's supposed to be kind of scrambled... *dips fingers in it* SCRAMBAAL IT OP

Ffeferii : The 'egg'stra stuff XD

Mac Guida : Am I the only one who thinks at 6:55 that that's just like Watchmen's logo?

Flash6ordonRox : 2:12 Comunism:* our favorite

1000000 subs with no videos challenge : In soviet russia EGG COOK YOU

Katherine 712 : "Let's remove some of that EGGTRA stuff"😑

Fat : lol I like how he says "success"

bao trinh : i’m going to say this now Russians have no fear of heat

SETH GEIS : *"WOW look at this little egg chick... And zombie head."* I feel like I'm watching a Toys In Japan video now...

Melina Gomez : The eggs ere still raw

Say HEY if you're GAY : At 4:50 it sounded like the egg was screaming in pain as it was getting squished!! 😂 poor eggy

john holcroft : I love your accent

Quang Nguyen : The EGG-stra stuff

someone ate my cookies : *scramble it op*

Gerardo Lozano : I like your video

Chase Miller : I love how happy he gets about these

Iowa Gurl : I'm a YouTuber too

Napat Actor Voice Limlikhit 5022 TH : I Watched This When I Eat Breakfast 🧀🇧🇷🇴🇲🇩🇿🇮🇪🗺

Kc Morada : Guys you guys are watching an guy playing with eggs😂😂😂

Neoladara : Queety kyat thats what he said

Dingess Berry : Starts video: "Safety is number 1 priority!"...Few moments later... 6:39 Ahhh it's hot!!!

Bettina Sofia Soriano : "Aww its hot" LOL😂😂😂😂😂😘