Killswitch Engage - The Arms of Sorrow [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Levi Sisk : Howard is a great singer. His voice is magical

Anri Of Astora : 3 things happened today 1. My friend said he hated this song 2. My friend got hit by a bus 3. I lost my bus license

jay masters : these riffs are bigger than adams side burns.

Beli Vuk : best black singer I've ever heard

A7XFUNZ : “There was nothing wrong with Killswitch or the relationship. Everything was wrong with me. I was going insane. It never occured to me to get help. For years, I just tried to fight through it and I was driving those guys beserk. My anxiety was building and building, and near the end, there were a lot of times I’d sit in the back of the bus or lay in my bunk for hours on end without speaking to anyone. Even the idea of having to do a meet and greet freaked me out.” This is why Howard left

Loki Mirazita : I will forever amazed by his vocal range. His clean voice is something that can never be matched. Phenomenal singer. Shame he is no longer in KSE.

Max the Scarecrow : I know that Jesse and Howard were always main dudes when it came to vocals,but can we just appreciate Adam's great backup vocals?

stormyOW : Howard Jones, in my opinion, has one of the most powerful voices in metalcore

drift221 : Bruh this is not even a conversation, Howard was better. Period.

Yumba Crew : Both vocalists are good but Howard is better

Oblique Sustain : This song has the most beautiful Intro ever.Period.

Kalle Virtanen : this song brings back so good memories

bluehavencd : Rappers, take note, this is what a singer looks like. Too bad about him leaving though. Howard was damned good.

Basement Doritos : Howard is better at cleans , Jessie is better at screaming .

Juicy J : Man I want Howard back in KSE

Bryan Marshall : This song is something else. As a band, I think they tapped into some feelings and ways of expressing emotions that are beyond mosts ability to comprehend. Amazing song. Truly masterful.

caioaugusto_ : Adam should sing more, his voice is realy good

Ayrsawft : The comments make it look like Howard died. He didn't for anyone new here.

QoMSoL : I remember seeing this video for the first time. I was like "WTF? Laurence Fishburne sings in a fkin awesome metal band?" :D Great vocals. Howard is just great!

José Echeverría : Do u imagine KSE with both... Howard at clean vocals and Jessie Screaming?? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Armando Molina : is it normal that i listen to this song rigth afther i wake up and before i go to sleep?

SRcontroversia : Tremendo vocalista.

Matthew Hernandez : Holy Sh*t, didn't know Morpheus was the lead singer of KSE, explains why he was so METAL!!!

Kim Hidalgo : I miss Howard :(

adam nelson : im not black and i do like both vocalist but its true what they say black men's oices have more soul. and i do like this dudes voice even tho i do like the original singer too. this guys got a powerful voice for sure

Cody Genis : kse isn't the same band I loved listening to now that Howard's gone it just isn't the same band anymore

Sir Goofs alot : 2017 anyone? who listenin to this still?

MultiSpacehead : Blindly descending

AlexTheAverageKid : like a badass Ainsley Harriot

Markel Whitney : IDC killswitch isn't killswitch without Howard

ozzman123 : slowly falling in love with this band:)

Wolverine was CM Punk : Why is Eric Rowan in the Drums?

JoJoFan93 : I don't see why all the war between who is a better vocalist, both Howard and Jesse are great vocalists "but" one seems to have a vocal that is really poetic in my opinion and that would be Howard while if I want to hear something that get's me in a pumped mood I'll listen to Jesse since he has that tone in his voice to do so, not saying Howard can't do it he has but he doesn't do it as often. I like both of them is where I'm trying to get at.

adrian galindo : this singer is legit one of the best in metal history. common guys, can you really argue against this? the lyrics, the vocals, the different pitches/tones.....record breaking.

Jon W : I can't get enough. It makes me feel so much. I love this album and this band, as I did in High School when I first heard them. I am only now getting into them again years later. I can still remember walking down a crowded hallway blasting this song through my earbuds. This is probably my favorite album from KSE but all their others are good, too. I need to listen to the others more but I just love this one so much I give it unequal attention.

Brian Muehlher : Hands down the best KSE era

Saúl Tercero : Howard was the best Killswitch Engage clean voice singer

John Kelley : I miss Howard he was to me a big loss to the band

Give It A Rub : I miss Howard.. i only listen to kse songs sang by him <3

Boogie 93650 : KsE is fucking awesome.howard or jesse it doesn't matter to me,they are both great.they both have there strengths vocally.lyrically is whats more important to me and they both grab me by my fucking soul.I Love this band.

Lachlan Sidak : The lyrics are about depression, the man is jumping because of his sorrow, but others can interpret it as jumping to save himself from the fire. However I believe that the fire is a representation of his sorrow, and he's trying to escape it. Some of the apartment occupants may also represent his sorrow, with the girlfriend slapping her boyfriend symbolizing a broken relationship and the jump rope hitting his foot representing imperfection.

Fallen Angel : Oh man! How I love this man's voice!!! Howard is great.

Kitty & Owl : The voice of a god I swear.

Aaron Dixon : people will disagree but. in my opinion. there is NO ONE else in metal who has harmonized beautiful clean vocals with heavy distorted music quite the way Howard did with Killswitch. amazing

Immortal -SIN_21 : I never understood the irony of Listening to "The Arms of Sorrow" by Killswitch Engage until I realised the song was about letting your demons pull you down and accepting the fact that you'll keep falling farther into that pit of unhappiness and loneliness if you let it until I realised that song was basically written about me... and others like me

Michael AnFree : Where is the verse "Tear these walls down." ?

StinkyBacon Music : I like this killswitch engage not the new them sorry but i don't

ROCK & METAL MUSIC LOVER : Howard's clean singing sounds good, I love it.

ISetYourFaceOnFire : Howard Jones voice is the greatest thing to ever happen to KSE and Metal Core. Is screams and more particularly his cleans are just incredible. IMHO this is KSE's best song.

dylanmcn : I'm so sad I won't be able to hear this live ever again 😭