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Is there life on other planets 1962

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In this Four Corners segment from August 31, 1962, Ray Taylor asks an eclectic mix of Sydneysiders, “Is there life on other planets?” For more from ABC News, click here: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on YouTube: Follow us on Instagram: #aliens


Aiden Banana : Interviewer: Do you think there's life on other planets? German guy: No I'm German

Amanda C : The guy nervously saying "vegetable" at 1:35 gave off such strong "I'm an alien in disguise" energy

Asim Giri : Wow people really used to think before speaking back then.

lumin : “vegetable” lovely

Kate K : if this was filmed in 2019, this is most likely the response you’d get: “ayyy fo ‘sho man you already know imma cop my alien from area 51 and clap some alien cheeks hahahahah”

Saurabh Mazumdar : Recommended videos are getting interesting these days on Youtube

Maelor 65 : We just gunna ignore that dude who saw a flying saucer 🛸?

Lucas Strøbech : "No I'm German"

Dodgi Damo : guy only speaks French interviewer casually switches language

amar : little did they know 56 years later, it’d be posted on the internet

Sarah Lolo : Did anyone else get this on their recommended videos 💀

Alexander Nikolov : Probably they are all dead. Creepy.

LeRandomDavid : *V E G E T A B L E*

Hey Dani : Wow people back then actually spoke english

Spoiled Ramen : "Vegetable" This guy, ancient vegan. : 2:21 So beautiful, and what a pretty voice

Diego Austin : Interviewer: “Do you think there’s life on other planets?” German guy: “No, I’m German.”

Naufal Farris : 1:29 im german

Yuritza Stanley : Notice how the younger generation is willing to accept the possibility whereas the older generation does not ... I see not much has changed.

Reality Check : 3:08 Do u think there's life on another planet? Women(alien): Hold my bags💁👜

Vicious Zero : 2:20 This girl was smart and attractive. Hope if she did have kids they inherited her best traits.

MASKEDMAN712 : Damn YouTube in 1962 was pretty lit.

Victor UnGuise' : They really liked using the word "definitely" back then.

Aiden Banana : 1:35 dafuq was that?

Oi 44 : Me and the boys asking people to fly to Uranus with us

Peter Ivanov : We are animals ,aren't we. Him : speak for your self :D

Angela Perez : “What kind of life do you believe is out there?” “Vegetable” Nervously walks away and looks back to see if he is being followed

Lork Lorkman : Who else is here in 2097 when we discovered life on Alpha Centauri's planet Ambica?

SHUBHAM KHARE : People in 1962 : "it is possible that there is life on other planets" People in 2019 : "Earth is flat"

Super G : French Dude: ima be like yea I cant speak english and that im french so I dont have to answer his question Reporter: Hold my beer

Flat Line : No I'm German 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

sum dude : Quiet weird when you think about the fact that probably half of them are dead lmao

SuperPopBro : Do you think there is life on other planets?. I'M GERMAN. 🤣🤣🤣

Autismo Maximo : 1:29 Do you think there's life on other planets? *Uh , I'm German*

Once Upon A Time : Me no English. French The interviewer started talking French I am impressed

Big Al' : The woman at 3:07 is gorgeous.

Dee Dee : Me: Time to go to bed YouTube : But have you seen this?

GreenoLeo : 1962 people - Yeah there might be other living beings on other planets 2019 people - Earth is flat 😂

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : Imagine if you told them that 50 years from now people would be watching them being interviewed on the internet with a smartphone.

Sammmuela : 1:26 She thought she was so clever.

John Donovan : YouTube in the 60's was something else.

DinoMight Studios : Nobody: YouTube: “Yo look at this video I found from 2018 from 1962!!!”

Romano Naidoo : I’m here because the thumbnail lady looks like Kali Uchis.

HeyImFreeze Studios : Man: "I'm french, cant speak english." Reporter: *starts speaking french Man: *confused screaming

n3LLy : *youtube recommendations be like* 1962 : nope 2019: its time to recommend it

slim shady : 2:21 most logical answer

Kushagra deep : *"Okay this video is in my REcomMenDAtiOn for the 10th time...."*

E s s c e n c e : 3:07 Wow, she’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Spirited Away : Okay ladies and gentlemen!! Forget *_i_* *_like_* *_turtles_* It's time for *_VEGETABLE_*