RIP Vine. I'll never let go

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Sorry that there wasn't enough room on the door for the two of us.

Comments from Youtube

Kal J : Never trust a girl who doesn't like cats Or, specific pets in general

HiwelcometoChili’s : “Appears to be the grinch in a mask holding a gun”

hannah lemon. : I haven’t seen most of these. Good job.

jimin’s jungkook : I’ve never seen some of these and I feel like an uncultured swine

Charles Melber : This ones gotta lot of unrecycled vines in other comps, shoutsout to you dude

the cup RM throws in the Run MV : "What appears to be the grinch in a mask" lmao

Cool Guy : I don't trust the chick who's talking shit about cats. People who hate cats are evil

TheInvisibleGiraffe : Girl: if you have a cat I'm not coming over! Me: *adopts 20 cats* Hum, Tragic.

Ayo Bunni : Fact: most people who love dogs ONLY love dogs and hate cats, while people who love cats usually love dogs too

Psychedelic Anxiety : FINALLY AN ORIGINAL ONE

bdpa kaknox : Had some quality vines that I haven't seen before, nice going.

a n a r a : PuT tHaT cAnDy BaCk! I ain't buyin' you that mess... *throws candy* OuH! *TrY mE bEtCh*

Daniel Oi : It's a porno

Liyenna Valdez : Me: **sees my mom lying on the ground** Hey, are you ok? Mom: **looks up** Yeah I’m meditating

hurricane tortilla : The cat one.... *DISAPPOINTED*

depressed hoE : ok but why is no one talking about 2:11 that shit was M A G I C A L

Lyesa'sBurritosaregood lmao : Y Do People Hate Cats

abstract noun : i love cats

Pusheen Unicorn : 0:59 I don't even know this girl, and I already hate her!

Haramboi : *CoUnTrY bOy I lOvE yOu* ***sticks tongue out***  *YaYAyAyyAyya*

Taehyunggie : Never stop uploading these please. I need these compilations of yours in my life forever.

Steven Lerner : “You got it daddy. I like calling you daddy.” “Thank you, I kinda like it.”

Tehya : *oNe bItEs My fOReArM* *I'm nOt cOmMiN oVeR*

Zoe Friend : Its Eduardo. E d u a r d o

Avery Konwiser : i am a simple gay. i see a drag queen, i scream

Emma Brazier : "The Grinch in a mask holding a gun" Yup, totally

Truthful : 1:03 well then get out

jam jam : 2:12 *i really wanna do that next time i hear that song aaaaaaaa*

lazy : 1:02 “put it back on the street” tf lets throw you on the street

Kaelie Schorr : 0:58 if you’ve never had a cat you’re not allowed to hate cats. Some are are total dicks yes but if you’ve never had a cat come to you and rub their face on your leg, you’ve never felt love. Also dogs are amazing and she should’ve been more excited

TomatoPlayZ _ : the dimension of iridosaclites killed me

Daddy's Babygirl : 10:21 Violet guurl 😍, also awesome vine compilation!

•Finn• : 0:58 that's okay, don't want your 5 head over here anyway.

Kyrkebakken05 : ill never sleep again 9:02

Ernst Johannes : 2:12 when all of yoir friends know the vine 😊😋🙄

Brianna Butler : thank god vine 2 is on the way 😭😭😭😭

Purrecious Tabby : DONT DO CATS LIKE THAT NO

Rachael Ingrid : Omg we got this video when we were learning CPR in school 1:07

Dirk Sholar : Can we take a second and admire how naturally cute girl at 10:50 is?

RichieToaster : 0:59 ok, I seriously hate this. It’s extremely mean and not ok

CM Connolly : 3:05 LOL

G H : 7:26

Anonymoose Mustang : So I got a condom ad right before Shia Lebouf started yelling do it

Angel Hermosillo : We are all still mourning

Christler Gay : 2:12 only harmonizers will understand.

Iris KnowsAll : 2:11 I'm dead😂👌

ciara : why is 9:19 the best one though

gabby : I want to be them 2:13

Donutface 21 : The video boxes things on these rip vines are getting smaller and smaller Every time