Andy Warhol eating a hamburger

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OkayJxcelyn. : Gaddammit Ben now I want food

Valeria Castaneda : BEYNN! NOW I WANT BURGER KING! 💿😫😆

vip5hawol : *Legendary Mukbang*

nymphetamine filth : I came here from gmm...

Jazza Lemmy : Thx Beyyn

Judy Reese : Holo💿

Anime_ Unicornz : Who else came here from Simply nail logical??

Josh : I'm here because I feel like it. Not because some website or person brought me here.

Ivana Moon : why did Ben know about this?

Lpscupcake 123 : Why is Ben watching this stuff?

H I : BEYYYYYYYN. Get me the tea

WaterMelaninEnergy : me on a date

Pink Shep Purple Sheep : Hahaha btw simply nailogical put the link to this video on one of her videos. Like if you watch Christine (simply nailogical)

bf video star : Here bc of Ben 😂🤣

karissa the Logan Paul addict : who came here bcause of ben??

Tiffany Shells : Who came here from simplynailogical ?

Hollie :D : THANKS BAAEEEEEEN! 😂 (Simplynailogical)

Keaton's DIYS & Hacks : Damnit Ben you put me through this😭😭😭

Alice ๖ۣۜB : why did ben send us here

Rebecca Morrison : Had to watch this after watching Rhett eat his beans 😂

Tatum Roberts : Now we know what Ben likes to watch in his free time

Destiny Deja : I'm here from Simply Nailogical

Dawson Rudy : Gooood Mythical Morning!

Anee Mato : Thanks, Ben, thanks a lot. I really needed this in my life.

Trixie188 Video Productions : Here because of simplybenlogical


Athena Petraki : Wow cristine really did link it

Mijacogeo : Oh my god. Andy Warhol was the first "Report of the Week."

Hanna Marie : tht moment the comments are taken over by holosexuals

that girl : The real crime is that I've watched this more than once...thanks Ben.

katherine : When you come for Andy Warhol eating a burger. When you stay for quality content.

TTuoTT : He was actually a Youtuber before there was Youtube.

god is a sister : Thanks Ben

AshleyTheGoldenHeart // RBLX & MORE : Who was here because of Ben’s awesome nails?

Soggy Milk : Who came here because of GMM?

Maddie Bee : Its 11:42 PM on a school night and Im watching Andy Warhol Eat a burger...

Clara : I remember coming here from Cristine nd Ben's video and now from GMM

Jonathan Sefcik : I hate it when people dip their hamburger in ketchup. JUST PUT IT ON THE BURGER! ITS NOT A FRENCH FRY!

EmuPro : Simply Nailogical squad where u at

walking_meme _God_ : God dangit Ben

Maximocha : Who came here from Rhett & Link?

Gatcha Phina : Who came here from BEYYYNNNN

Camy Hogan : Holo.. who came here because of Ben from Simply nailogical

nobody important : Who else was led here by simplybenlogical??

Nadeen Hammad : Who came here from simply nailogical Like if you did

Business Fish : Opens bun, pours ketchup aside, closes bun, dunks hamburger in ketchup. WTF?

Gabi P : That’s a spicy mukbang thank you Behn

Yolo Swaggins : Please don't tell me this is supposed to be art...

Orisha R : It's 4 am and im watching Andy Warhol eat a burger.

Adrienne Patterson : I'm From GMM Any Mythic Beasts Out There?