Andy Warhol eating a hamburger

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Judy Reese : Holo💿

Sirdavitian : We all know he's a Men in Black agent.

nymphetamine filth : I came here from gmm...

AshleyTheGoldenHeart // RBLX & MORE : Who was here because of Ben’s awesome nails?

Ember : When Burger King puts you on an awkward blind date with Andy Warhol

Mr. Doctor : Gooood Mythical Morning!

Valeria Castaneda : BEYNN! NOW I WANT BURGER KING! 💿😫😆

✧猫Dasha✧ : *Legendary Mukbang*

John Lloyd Anderson : From Simplynaillogical to this GODDAMIT BEN

OkayJxcelyn. : Gaddammit Ben now I want food

NEET.dreams : The original Reviewbrah.

Tarzcat : I am I the only person who's curious as to how ben (from Simply Nailogical) found this video?! :')

cactus girl : BEEEEENNNNNN

Anonymous User : I think two people watched this video that weren't from Cristine's channel 1.Ben 2. Andy Warhol

karissa the Logan Paul addict : who came here bcause of ben??

Elena Rickert : goddamnit ben im hungry

Neda : I came here just because of Sharon Needles 😅

Veni Aggarwal : Raise ur hand if u came bcuz of BEN!!!!!

AtariGoBot : Mukbang... Andy did it first.

Maria s : Sharon Needles

Holly Dean :3 : Who else came from Christens video??

Rea The Puppy : Who came here from American Horror Story season 7 ?

LuluLuv : H💿L💿 every💿ne!

Emily Dunham : I am a holosexual

katie nguyen : Who came here because of Ben ✋️

tall ugandan boi : Andy Warhol reminds me of my dad. i was sent by simplyBENlogical

Aditi Mohanty : Thanks Ben it was so worth it👍😑

Top 10 Archive : Macaulay Culkin made it more weird.

my_name_isnt_ dave : I thank Ben for this interesting experience


Rebecca Morrison : Had to watch this after watching Rhett eat his beans 😂

Ryan Avery : Who the fuck is ben?

Maja Sundqvist : lol simplybenlogical

Joyce Abraham Kitojo : watched ahs and now I am here

Silver Lining : #simplybenlogical

ADAM : the original ASMR.

BaRrY bEe BeNsOn LoVeS tIdE pOdS : Ben sent me here

Orisha R : It's 4 am and im watching Andy Warhol eat a burger.

princess레짐 : Here from American Horror Story

AvcaNO : Who came from Cristine's channel?

sss sss : When Ben puts you in an awkward position an you want to find a new video but something about this makes you wonder why Ben was so fascinated by this🤔😂

Maximocha : Who came here from Rhett & Link?

Sian Hayes : Thanks Ben

Australian ASMR : Here from GMM

Soggy Milk : Who came here because of GMM?

Lpscupcake 123 : Why is Ben watching this stuff?

DarZ Rezner : Who's here coz of the HOLO???? 🤘

Bipolar Patootie : Holo, It's me.

WaterMelaninEnergy : me on a date

Life With Twelve : How is that Ben