Andy Warhol eating a hamburger

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OkayJxcelyn. : Gaddammit Ben now I want food

Sirdavitian : We all know he's a Men in Black agent.

AshleyTheGoldenHeart RBLX : Who was here because of Ben’s awesome nails?

Orisha R : It's 4 am and im watching Andy Warhol eat a burger.

Ember : When Burger King puts you on an awkward blind date with Andy Warhol

Pikamerify : God dammit, Ben.

prishiii : People: Did you come from simply nailogical? Me: No, I came from simplyBENlogical XD

Hollie clark : I'm a holosexual

mackenzie kay : holo all the holosexuals sent here by ben & Christine <3

Neko Girls Norsk Gaming : BEEEEEENNN

WalterownsIT : Shout out to all of my holosexuals

TheMakeup Lover : HOLO WHO IS A HOLOSEXUAL!!!!!!

Fatou Jabang : Why Ben why 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Violeta Zani : I think only HOLO SEXUALS are here

lumipaint : is this the first mukbang ever?

Peyton Vari : Ben whyyy

~ Lexie Tibbo ~ : I love Ben

Maria s : Sharon Needles

pezz : Macaulay Culkin did it first.

Maja Sundqvist : lol simplybenlogical

young braap : I'm pretty uncultured in just about everything especially art, but my goodness Andy Warhol you were and still are a beautiful man and I appreciate the art you've crafted. From the Brillo Boxes to 'Empire', you always remained consistent with style yet differentiate in approach every time. Thank you for your life's work, Andy.

John Lloyd Anderson : From Simplynaillogical to this GODDAMIT BEN

Tarzcat : I am I the only person who's curious as to how ben (from Simply Nailogical) found this video?! :')

NEET.dreams : The original Reviewbrah.

Sian Hayes : Thanks Ben

Elena Rickert : goddamnit ben im hungry

Joyce Abraham Kitojo : watched ahs and now I am here

Paul Walker : Title "Origins of a reviewbrah"


Pineapple Kitten : Who else was led here by simplybenlogical??

princess레짐 : Here from American Horror Story

Peter Miller : who is ben

Carson Colorgrave : Who else found that quote from Andy Warhol about Coca Cola to be strangely uplifting?

Anonymous User : I think two people watched this video that weren't from Cristine's channel 1.Ben 2. Andy Warhol

Veni Aggarwal : Raise ur hand if u came bcuz of BEN!!!!!

Emily Dunham : I am a holosexual

LuluLuv : H💿L💿 every💿ne!

holly : Andy Warhol reminds me of my dad. i was sent by simplyBENlogical

LunaMoon Studios ™ : Got here from Simply Nailogical.. ermm what ish dis

Moonlight : Stfu about who sent you here no one cares. someone in the comments please have an intellectual conversation with me about this video.

frogdad : Idk who tf Ben is but Andy Warhol is the man.

Aditi Mohanty : Thanks Ben it was so worth it👍😑

my_name_isnt_ dave : I thank Ben for this interesting experience

isgravybaby : Cristine sent me here...

Silver Lining : #simplybenlogical

TROUBSKIGRAFIX : So, How's that burger Andy?

AvcaNO : Who came from Cristine's channel?

Hady ElHady : I came here from Sharon Needle's music video!

Handy dandy Andy : who is here because of simply nailogical?

Panic! At The weekend pancake Report : Ben sent me here