Wyclef Jean: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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FREAQU : Nah I'm rushing and getting ready to go to work, I gotta sit down with this one later. This one special. we need Erykah and Hiatus Kaiyote!

DrinkMoWater : One of my favorite desks to visit ..

berna11 : Damn Shakira really made Wyclef wanna speak Spanish.

Takayuki Ishiguro : Tiny Desk is the huge reason why I still hang on to music.

Devon Waterman : Tiny Desk you all need VulfPeck to perform! You won’t regret it

Joe Rispoli : Childish gambino tiny desk concert please

Ashley L : Only Wyclef can spit bars in Spanish, French, and English calling Trump out! I don't think people realize the musicality of this man. NPR you continue to feed my soul with great music.

Sandalwood Hill : How can one be this cool?

MAJIK : Hey NPR can you send Erykah Badu and Jill Scott an invite please???

Kofi Perry : pocket drummer

Elliextra Barabass : That Girls singing in the second song is the thruth!!!!!! Such an Amazing voice!!!!!!!


Alex Pandamann : Hiatus Kaiyote !!! PLEASE

Malcolm J .S : Just stop..Cory Henry please! I hope he does a madness

Robert Riden Jr : People put too much into it. Simply, enjoy and not judge.

Neo Motsiri : Wyclef trying to channel the spirit of Jimi Hendrix on that guitar solo.

Alan KS : no kidding, bass and dropping bars on trump

Bj Robinson : Love it, and what a beautiful testament to Whitney Houston.

Kevin Schulze : how to get through monday

lucas roefmans : WE NEED CORY HENRY & the funk apostles

Jeremy Kean : Malcolm Gladwell on the bass.

Mike Martin : great way to way up Monday morning listening to this. Has the whole house moving and grooving. Thank NPR

Isaac Cook : We need vulfpeck at the tiny desk

Sir Nas Johnson III : very talented guitarist this wyclef dud!

Ewuraesi : Jazzy sings so beautifully, and she complements his sound so well. She definitely just got a new fan here 😍😍

Ricardo King : Does she not sound like Lauren?

Lissa St Brave : Who disliked this?

Jared Armstrong : erykah badu pleeeeeeeeeese

Tova H : Dear Tiny Desk organizers, thank you so much for the endless incredible musicians, just like Wyclef. You have brought inspiration, empathy, love, joy, celebration, mourning and sadness into my life by introducing me to the most insanely creative and colourful artists on this channel. I look forward to the rest of what you're bringing forwards, appreciate your incredible sense of good taste and thank you once more for giving me meaning and relief in this crazy life of mine. Love you, T.

Robert M : I was really excited to see this and even more so since he was playing Gone Til November, but then I learned about how he stole from charity. Hmmmmmm. Not so good NPR.

Bryson Mukuya : Chance sounds like Wyclef i see it now

The Starters Club : Starting a petition for a Fugees Reunion Tour - Who's with me?!

Ilio Gonzalez : This is the most impressed I have ever been out of a tiny desk, and that is saying something because Tiny Desk Series is amazing.  He played 3 different instruments, rapped and sang in 3 different languages, and kept the crowd engaged the WHOLE time with his stories/jokes.  Such a performer... I am in awe.

Patrick Foley : I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wyclef. The Carnival came out when I was 12 - vibed from day 1. Stay strong Wyclef - keep the great music coming brother!

JuaniqueVerde : *deep sigh* such complicated emotions I have for Wyclef Jean! 😩 I grew up on Wyclef and The Fugees, respectably. I just can’t ignore the fact that this man is the reason for Ms. Hill’s mental breakdown. He’s a pretty fucked up individual. We needed her. And still do! That guitar solo was over-the-top, so much so, I turned my volume all the way down to mute. 😒 On the contrast, I thoroughly appreciated the positive story about Whitney Huston (RIP!) because we need more of those to be recalled!! 🙏🏾 what unfortunate story. All in all, one can’t deny the level of talent of this individual, no matter how hurtful and contradictory they are. The Score got me thru grad school - Big Up to The Fugees! Thank you NPR, and Wyclef Jean - this made my day & provided me with a some happiness and reminded me of a happier time in my life. ✨🙏🏾✨ music shoots straight to the soul! So much to say about this performance - bravo to ALL of the artists!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Joe Khanh : Ay yo, this is fucking Amazing

Ivan Santos : Get Sia. It would be golden.

Brandon Belcher : Jazzy sounds good & she’s beautiful 🔥 she has a Ms. Hill vibe.

B G : He stole money from Haiti.

Christopher Ewing : TALENT, that's it.

dewdewdewdewdful : Tiny Desk definitely deserves the best music channel. But I also don't want the whole world to see/listen, because I want to keep it to myself, so selfish. It just feels good after I come home late night after work. Perfect selection of musicians to set the mood too. Thank you. So much respect for keeping music alive. spelling

futurist 11 : Talented artist but the sheer hypocrisy of this man's character is insane. How dare he posit himself as a champion of the poor and institutional reform when he embezzled donations from a charity that was meant to help his people?

Like Hell : This is an amazing display of sound and talent. I also really dig the Maryland flag guitar strap! haha

Martin Hockings : One of my favourites so far!

Eric Dunbar : Wyclef be jammin!

Paris Love : Okay.... so can we just talk about Young Jazzy for a second?? I got goosebumps from the time she opened her mouth. Do the damn thing girl!

Alex : Didn't think you would support thievery NPR.

kevinoneal : A very beautiful performance! What a great musician

Lincoln Dunn : great musician, great story teller. LEGEND!!!

Night Wolf : Holy shit voice! I gotta search her music up. She's giving me 90s vibe