Jason Alexander in 1985 McDonald's Ad

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MerkinMuffly : The Summer of George!

Jesse Funk : these burgers are making me thirsty!

Nick Vitto : And you want to be my latex salesman?

Jedimonk : A hamburger divided against itself cannot stand Jerry!

Dank 141087 : George likes his lettuce crisp!

jojojorisjhjosef : This is the america I got promised, then I got stabbed by a crackhead.

direktFF : The 80s was a magical decade.

Pez : *How do YOU eat it, with your HANDS??*

Sir CurseAlot : Burgers jerry, burgers.

stevations : No Burgers for You.........next

BRockin25 : Everyone in this video was on coke

S Perry : Nowadays, if George Costanza came running up to a group of people screaming about hamburgers, I doubt if anyone would join him in a big dance number. we've just become too jaded.

Aaron Stark : “You say you’re getting tired of lettuce and tomato hamburgers in this town that don’t quite make it?” Nobody has ever said that in the history of mankind. (Saving Jason Alexander in this commercial, of course).

Mircea A : the hot stays hot, the cool stays cool, and the Styrofoam stays forever - at McDonald's!!!

Luke Carter : Cant stand ya Costanza!

peterchao : One of the greatest finds of the year. Let's get in contact, Crommy5, PM me. 

Eric Krolick : pipe it down chorus boy

John Hunt : "Could be the best tasting lettuce and tomato hamburger...ever!" Well, no, it pretty much sucked donkey balls, mostly because the cheese wasn't melted. They should have put the cheese between the burger and the bottom bun, not between the lettuce and tomato. Who the hell does that?

furrysega7 : Did this killed independent George?

wildcat12000 : 0:49 "Hot beefy Mc D" If only they knew what that meant now days...

Michael Marsh : This was actually a good idea

Jim Lo : Life in 1985 was good. I need a time machine to go back to 1985

H M : So I didn't exist in the mid 80's so can one of you fossils enlighten me.... did women really wear overalls like that?

Soxruleyanksdrool : My name is George. I do McDonald's commrecials and I live with my parents.

TheEschwank02 : i have lost all respect for george costanza.

NJGuy1973 : He was going to do a Burger King commercial, but decided to do the opposite. It worked.

josh : why are so many people dancing about cold lettuce?

James Buckley : We have lost more technology than we will ever have. Someone please bring this back.

Chris Embry : So much production and creative effort went into that. Hours of writing, set construction, casting, sound/lighting engineering, choreography, market testing, editing, and more... To advertise a shitty dehydrated beef product, because shitty food is cheaper to produce and can therefore be sold at a higher profit to idiots susceptible to highly refined marketing techniques. When your grandkids are on your lap asking you what things were like before the revolution, tell them about the McDLT, and how the cool stayed cool and the peasants stuffed themselves obese on factory-produced fodder for the marketeers who ran our elections and staged wars against imagined foes.

1UpProduct : So, what you're saying is that the parts of the burger need to be separate but equal?

Stuart Garlick : This was an ad that Al Pacino's character in Jack and Jill rejected.

Greg Patterson : What happened to great commercials like this.

Jorge Lozano : that was a great burger, but then the tree huggers complained about the incredible amount of non biodegradable waste that McDonalds was producing and that was the end of the McDLT. Oh well there is always IN N Out

AWSOMUS LATEST : George like his lettuce crispy...

Rulinator : Cheese on the wrong side there. Schoolboy error.

armst012 : You're not in the mood to eat the McDLT, well you GET IN THE MOOD!!!!!!!

Kate Ji : *Omg he had hair!! This guy was designed and make for acting.*

Pap : George Needs His Burgers

Blkeclipse L : probably a first in history where a man is glad he went bald. otherwise he wouldnt have gotten the part for george costanza. despite how talented he is they were specifically looking for a balding man

Patacorow : Waiting for Berta.

Bryan su : He had hair...but sounded the same...

Axel Foley : McDonald's execs: Yeah..we're going to stop carrying this item... What do you mean you're going to stop carrying it!? Hot on one side, cold on the other! THIS IS LIKE DISCOVERING PLUTONIUM...BY ACCIDENT!

Press Play : Watching family guy Star Trek cast now I know what a Mcdlt is looks good

Parasitic Hunger : Nostalgic gold!

H M : Was this even a ploy to keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool with their burgers, or did some guy sitting in a meeting bring up the idea "You know....... why don't we make THEM put the burger together!"

shao19851 : George likes his BLT hot!

Sammie Cooke : If McDonald’s George walks through that door, he will kill Arby’s George!

Anton Boludo : This is almost as bad as the little kicks.

webbox100 : Jason Alexander is always channeling a bit of Kirk/Shatner.

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