Giant Dog Costume Surprise For Mom's 50th Birthday

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Remnii : 5:00 actual reveal

Chance H : Oh those Amish really know how to party... very neat

Margret Wangari : Nice one😁

Misian C : Don't lie, that's your fursuit.

Jim Bob : Cute AF

omega53 : Your family seems rich, can I have a small loan of 1 Million $

GormHornbori : I hate to break it to you, but I think your dad is furry. (or "your dad"?)

youngsaaron : Who cares and why did you post this on Reddit?

Louise Cahir : Awesome sweetie x

jorge69696 : It was perfect.

JD Spring : yep, nice surprice

Gamerblue : That was great!

Dustin Witter : I want that dog mascot costume badly please

michael zapin : loved it!!

Shideo Kim : Клипы оргинальный!

Sam Sinclair official : Bless

Alfonso Vega : That was a great one

Ruz : That was cute dude. You're a good boy :)

Maharani Designer Boutique : it's really furious man. we can't imagine like this