thank u, jeff -- Ariana Grande Parody

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The Late Late Show with James Corden : thank u, jeff

Jesus Christ : Thank U, internet

Selena Hacken : This song works because this is how we all feel about Jeff Goldblum

Shayla Mackinzie : People: A Cover Is NEVER Better Than The Original. Me: A CoVeR Is NeVeR BeTtEr ThAn ThE OrIgINaL. *Links This Video* 😂

Llama Cat : "When he tickles those keys, I just don't understand bro."

Tamiya The Queen : Ariana Grande did a parody of this!!! Y'all it's really good but not as good as the og

Reece Clive : Ariana NEEDS to see this.

Killua Gon : LYRICS: THANK U, JEFF. We first saw him in The Fly, but his face was grotesque. Then he won independence, from an alien menace. And in Thor Ragnarok, his performance was classic, but who could forget that heartthrob doctor, that he played in Jurassic . He taught me love He taught me patience. He taught me pain Jeff Goldblum Is amazing. He's our silver fox, with black thick-rimmed glasses, the way that he talks, will charm off your asses, and for that I say... Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) he's so freaking scared of that T-Rex Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff). He's so freakin'... He does more than just act. He plays a mean jazz piano. And when he tickles those keys, I just don't understand bro. I've interviewed a lot of celebs, forget the rest. Cuz I think Jeff Goldblum is my favorite guest. He kills every scene, his skills are exacting, there's no better man, in character acting. He's over 6 feet, he's the complete package. Look at him here, in this leather jacket and for that I say ... Thank u, Jeff. (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) I'm freakin' grateful for his packs. Thank u, Jeff. (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) You can bet that he has a tons of sex Thank u, Jeff. (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff, (Jeff) Thank u, Jeff , (Jeff) I'm so freaking grateful for my Jeff .

idk : get you a man like jeff goldblum who looks at you the way james corden looks at jeff goldblum

Jen _29 : ...Sometimes I question his sexuality 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼😘

Agust Daddy : I think we're *all* greatful for Jeff

honeymoon ariana : thank u for leaking the original version

Blue White-Craber : Even Jimmy Kimmel can’t top that

Monika : I don't even care if this is a parody. For me this is one and only version of that song that needs to exist in the world now <3

FNAF Bonnie The Bunny : Can someone give him a music career?

Nicole Macole : I’m never gonna sing the original lyrics anymore Thank ya for that,Jeff!

Jackson Dytrych : Jeff Goldblum is without a doubt one of the coolest guys in Hollywood

Josue Sainz : This is so hilariously put together. I’m so glad to hear that someone like Jeff Goldblum is highly featured in a skit with James. I once heard from an acquaintance that Jeff is so nice!

Magical Muffin : Ari stop making parody’s of these cute love story’s

Corina M : So,i went yesterday to my therapist. She's very sweet and offered me a cup of tea. I said thank you. I almost bit my lip trying to avoid an Jeff. But when she offered cookies i just couldn't keep it together,so i said thank you cough cough Jeff. Phew,that felt so good.

Lady Diana : I can't count how many times I have clicked on the reply button

AJ Brie Larson : Best parody ever lmao

ramona allen : thank u, shrek

Gjerde : I'm just going to watch this again even though its 1 am. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

OOF X : Thank you, mom For giving birth to me and giving me everything I wanted in life and giving me love and patience and never pain. Hehe

Code Breaker : James:You can bet he has tons of sex Jeff's thoughts: Ha Ha I'm still a virgin but he'll never know

Caleb Cash : Just saying, this is better than the original

Corrine Talbot : Everytime I wanna see "Thank You, Next " I prefer this video instead 😂😂 LOL

Alice Barker : Everytime I hear the Ariana grande song I just want to sing this 😂😂😂😂😂

A S S : Thank u, jeff jeff 🎶

skanda : ariana's response omg. i'm dead 😂

Chloe Smith : lol remember the “live action” thor ragnarok, thats was when their relationship truly began

BookOfAccount BookOfAccount : Thank U *MY NAME IS JEFF*

Touati Rania : And I wanna say, thank U,James For this video ❤....

Dove Cole : Anyone know where to get those satin pajamas..

FreshGirl 3000 : Recreating scenes of a music video, which recreated scenes of famous movies, while reminiscing about Jeff Goldblum's acting career. That's an obvious choice🤔😂.

Vicky Dinh : Thank u, YouTube

Moonlight Cloud : Thank u,James I’m so freakin lovin’ this video

Caty R : Those satin silver pjs are everything

Ikram Mohamod : THANK YOU,2018 NOW ARISE,2019

skanda : this is the iconic original version 😂

captain : his voice is actually pretty nice lmao

Sarah A : there’s no going back from here.... Thank u, Jeff 🤣

Marissa Allen : whats going on with his crotch @1:25

Demi-God Jedi in Gryffindor Rapping Guns and Ships : this is THE best thing i have ever seen ever

Joyce L. : This is actually dope omg

bento kitten : This is better than the original. lmfao

Traya M : this rhymes so well omg

Просто Канал : Thank u , James

alec. micah : Thank you, Jeff