How the "Be." battery-free toothbrush faked a demonstration video

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ZeeKat : Really nice catch. I wonder if they had genuine hope that would work and just didn't foresee the problems or is it just a money grab right from the beginning.

Rachel Dobbins : The zoom-in view of the plant leaf glitching reminds me of "Speed" when Dennis Hopper notices the lady's hand moving her purse over and over. lol I went back to their announcement video for this product and in the shots of the toothbrush being used, it's not even spinning. Very scammy!

Ahmed360 : This is better than all CSI seasons and spin-offs!

danman1012 : Report it to Kickstarter, their newer TOS and agreement the people sign to agree legally to pay it back to Kickstarter if they've already cashed out. They'll get sued and kicked off for faking of any videos.

develz : Yup, I believe you should start a channel where all you do is debunk Kickstarter campaigns. I would watch the shot out of that!

YourArgumentIsInvalid : Excellent. You just put a screeching halt to an ongoing fraud of over $400.000 dollars. To be frank: You SHOULD contact Indigogo AND the authorities. Please do go the extra mile.

Elinia Tollea : Busted by a plant.

Armadillo : Why not just get a regular toothbrush if you hate batteries so much?

SeanHodgins : The should have just reverse the video several times instead of copying and pasting a clip. A varying noise wouldn't have been noticed as easily, and the plants movement would have looked more natural. Of course they could have just said they haven't figured it out yet! Just be honest, people!

NoSignaL_ : Why is the video unlisted?

Fred Hilbert : Thank you. Hope this scam will be removed.

John kaiserleech : captain disillusion will be proud of you :)

day spoiler : i wouldn't kickstart any products at this point in time. if something is good then let the manufacturer prove it to financiers.

Kougeru : This is fraud plain and simple and everyone should get a refund and Kickstarter should shut it down

Yoko Rose : is it me or has the video to the prototype demonstration been removed. the link goes to a blank page now .

LFP Gaming : Bravo Marek

Phillguy : That's OK. I don't brush my teeth more then fifteen seconds anyway.

First Name Last Name : hopefully this goes viral and the backers get their money back

Ruz : I loved how you pointed out how they put some 3d printed case over a battery-powered toothbrush. lmFao What an absolute scam

MajorOutage : TFW it would have been 1000x simpler to make a "wind to charge" vibrating toothbrush (you know, like those flashlights that you shake) than a completely mechanical wind-up one. PS. Does "battery-free" also mean "capacitor free"?

Cori Roberts : This is also without any resistance on the moving parts that would happen from sticking it in your mouth. It probably wouldn't last more than a few seconds in use.

surulia : "Who said a plant cant be a witness of a crime?" LMFAO YES

Questchaun : Lol they have shit engineering. This seems like it would work like a watch not sure why they have to fake it.

Chaoes96 : And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those MEDDLING PLANTS!

SECONDQUEST : Windup toothbrush huh? Gives me an idea to use a footpedal. Brb going to become a 20th century dentist

Aaron : I didn't realize there was a market for battery-free toothbrushes. I guess some people hate charging theirs once a month.

youmongrel : You're doing good work man!

Larry Chupacabra : So is the point of a battery free powered brush to go green, but still not have to use effort when brushing your teeth? Or is it just because things like wind up flashlights seem neat? Cus I already have a drawer full of battery free brushes. I get them for free every time I go to the dentist. Its just a regular toothbrush.

Xavanux : You can tell the video is faked by that shit repeating audio. It's so obvious. Don't even need an explanation. The plant being pointed out made it easier.

William Shreckengost : That's a shame. It wouldn't be easy to make a wind-up toy/toothbrush operate for about a minute at a decent rate, but it definitely seems doable in that envelope. Clearly the money's gone to all the wrong places if they can't pick a decent spring and design an okay gearbox in something that wide.

MSTRFKRT : I don't know if it's because you had already pointed out that the video is faked, but it seems so obviously fake when I watched it - like they hardly even tried. I mean the fact that the guy gets up and steps off screen is a big sign that's somethings going on. And you can hear the sound is simply repeating exactly before you even get to looking at the waveforms. Such a cheap attempt.

T Pitcher : You can tell it's a loop from the sound for sure. Good catch

dinitroacetylen : The video itself is pure gold. And the finishing line about the plant witness is a diamond on top.

Ankri : Good work, man. Assholes need to be exposed.

Pablo David Clavijo : I feel like I have to share this everywhere, but I know no one will care lol

Marco Freire : Do Skarp, the lazer razor....

Eric B : The worlds first battery-free powered toothbrush is powered by your arm.

wolfVFV : Couldnt You just Check the Wave Form? No Machine is 100% perfect that alone should be enough to Proof to Show looping

Dun : they should be thrown in Jail for deceiving their investors and effectively stealing money,

Sreenikethan I : I swear I noticed the leaf too and you mentioned about it! We are so at par!

Steve : I hate how scammers are taking advantage of people with backer type websites.

hdizzle : who would win, one kickstarter toothbrush, or one leafy boy?

Pan Kowalski : Time to start Kickbusters channel

Dead Fish in Dirt : My main thought is this: what's so terrible about batteries? Also, I have a battery free toothbrush, I got it for 99 cents and it's powered by my hand. Works great.

Mikko M : Now they are complaining about "fake news" and "haters" on their site :D Basically an admission of guilt. Idiots..


James Boley : I guess Marek showed them...the tooth hurts...MUUUAAAHHHH *puts on sunglasses and leaves

TigerDan04 : “Stay vigilant... or something.” Enjoy my thumbs up!!!

influ : Well done.

Danny Paul : 15 second brush is long enough for me.