Making long, wet, sticky...noodles | Redheadredemption

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Comments from Youtube

cre8trbotls : I believe what you needed to add to the pizza dough is a very small amount of yeast . Yeast makes the dough rise and gives it the bread look and taste. If not you get the thin crust, flat bread, cracker bottom. Keep practicing I’m pretty sure you will get it and when you do show the rest of the world! Thanks.

Eric Reyes : This was so awesome and so funny..I definitely would look forward to watching ‘Cooking w Paige’,it would be awesome!!You looked amazing,keep up the great work,one step at a time,don’t stress...Keep being fkn amazing, love you Paige!!!!

Kara Adams : Honestly this is probably my favorite video on your channel so far! And in terms of the weight gain, I didn’t even notice it until I read your comment after I finished the video

Ray Liu : As a certified Chinaman, this oughtta be good.

TheTexasCoder : LOL, it aint as easy as it looks...but you gave it your best...someone please love on that puppy, so cute and always right next to mamma! Have a great weekend.

NCR : Black may not have been the best idea 1:22 , anyway great mem title. gud 1

R : I’m literally at a noodle house (Yoshiharu) while watching this. I’m cracking up and the servers are looking at the video and me with a wtf? look. 😂 Thanks for the laughs and instructional video. 👍🏼

Truth Truth : Stunningly beautiful woman!!!

Soon Sam : Practice makes perfect, i'm sure you can do it perfectly someday❤👍🏻

Inebriatd : She's looking... "healthy". No, I like it. Keep going.

Nate Davidoff : bandit gonna eat the flour all sneaky like. this video looked fun. :) this reminded me of those aunt annies pretzels at the mall that they make in front of you.

Martin Verrisin : how is she so excited about dough? XDXD

peppertime1 : we missed you paige. glad to see you back. is everything cool lady?

Kate Khard : I loved Pirate's sneaky cameos in this video :D And yeah it was really fun, thank you so much!

TonyV : I cannot believe that I watched this for 11 minutes and 26 seconds

Andrew Vaughan : You can make Dinner at mine anytime Red, Anytime I'm not in lol, only joking that Pizza looked great 😋

Marco2G : Okay, not a topic I'm interested in and the audio is really bad, however holy crap it's amazing how cute you can be. The contrast to your avatar is immense.

A Sky Walker : And fuuck that you always going look good and thick 🔥 much love 💕

Marián Everything : Adult films noodle making... Big fat long wet sticky fckng noodles. 🤣😂😂

Jason Dufresne : I bet you like Long wet sticky... Never mind

Raymond Louks : Paige you made me smile every time I watch your videos.

addam hoover : Hey red I join the same clan in Warframe that you did

A Sky Walker : Trust me once you start you might keep going Not for sure if you are a cooking person or like to cook but you will start haha good luck 👍👍❤

Revant Rajguru : Who cooks better?? You or Mitch?? Whoever it may be, Paige you are awesome 😘❤️

justcause20 : Omg your so beautiful god

Tom Huffman : Please post a link to the original noodle video that so inspired you.

Mark Jones : Love all the uploads ignore the haters they aren't worth the energy worrying about them good luck with everything

Sky173 : Noodle making is awesome!

Hal Mann : BTW you look so sexy with glasses on...

Kami Nana : lol "looks...good" Sure, Mitch, sure... XD

Rey Sanchez : Love your videos, you are so beautiful, keep doing what you’re doing, take care

Carl Clarke : I'll be the first to admit I don't know fashion...but it appears to me your top blends into the background. After I started this, everything color shifted in your vid, but you should still contrast more with your background rather than blend.

Thenys01 : Glasses gives you a ''classy'' look... Love it!

Kristiyan Tsenov : Are you pregnant ?

jason castillo : Love watching your videos keep it up

knightmare : Smash those noodles xdd

Ken Wilkerson : That was great Paige & hope the noodles came together & you both enjoyed !!

Josh Walkling : I think it's time to rename the channel Red Ramen Redemption. Keep being you Paige, you're gorgeous no matter the outside because you're amazing and funny on the inside.

Gustavo Matos : Dat noodle was astonishing bad, you should make a career out of it, I'm sure people would pay to see that doe being destroyed hahahaha great video tho

Sticky Dicky : You should start making cooking tutorials lmao

Johann Manuel Gasser : Are you vegan?

Rupali Reddy : Love your hair <3

Sean Hollingsworth : Every time I see your dog in the frame, I completely lose focus. ;-)

Hilo Earthquake : Keep it up

A Sky Walker : And keep the noodles flour your hands flour Lol

Chad : Keep punching & pounding that noodle! Lol 😂

sarah jonkmanns : I love you Paige. You are so hot. Please do a hair care routine. I have long hair too but it gets damaged

GonzoDuke : I always end up on noodle making :(

Bob Marsh : Kind of reminds me of the other food video you made.!!!