Making long, wet, sticky...noodles | Redheadredemption

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RedHeadRedemption : Hey sorry I've been a bit AWOL. The company stuff is just a lot. Feels like a stress that just won't go away even if my life isn't that hectic physically. Anyway, I made this video almost two months ago and I kept not posting it because I had gained more weight than I wanted and didn't think I looked good. And you fucks keep telling me that lol. Anyway I've lost like 12lbs so I'm not this THICC anymore and idgaf anyway because guess what no one is paying me to look thin anymore and my hubby likes DAT ASS. hope you enjoy lol.

Inebriatd : She's looking... "healthy". No, I like it. Keep going.

Ray Liu : As a certified Chinaman, this oughtta be good.

Eric Reyes : This was so awesome and so funny..I definitely would look forward to watching ‘Cooking w Paige’,it would be awesome!!You looked amazing,keep up the great work,one step at a time,don’t stress...Keep being fkn amazing, love you Paige!!!!

TheTexasCoder : LOL, it aint as easy as it looks...but you gave it your best...someone please love on that puppy, so cute and always right next to mamma! Have a great weekend.

Hal Mann : BTW you look so sexy with glasses on...

jason castillo : Love watching your videos keep it up

Kara Adams : Honestly this is probably my favorite video on your channel so far! And in terms of the weight gain, I didn’t even notice it until I read your comment after I finished the video

peppertime1 : we missed you paige. glad to see you back. is everything cool lady?

cre8trbotls : I believe what you needed to add to the pizza dough is a very small amount of yeast . Yeast makes the dough rise and gives it the bread look and taste. If not you get the thin crust, flat bread, cracker bottom. Keep practicing I’m pretty sure you will get it and when you do show the rest of the world! Thanks.

Nate Davidoff : bandit gonna eat the flour all sneaky like. this video looked fun. :) this reminded me of those aunt annies pretzels at the mall that they make in front of you.

TonyV : I cannot believe that I watched this for 11 minutes and 26 seconds

Kristiyan Tsenov : Are you pregnant ?

spynles : I'm new here and already think you're one of the best youtubers I've viewed. Down to earth, gorgeous and that looked to be a mean crispy based pizza. And is that a husky or a malamute, or other?

starfield2 : Once when visiting china i ended up in a city called Enshi in the Hubei province. There i was visiting a small Noodle stall. The guy working there was incredible in doing thin nice noodles and it looked very easy to do them. Back home i tried to do the same but it ended up in disaster ofcourse. :)

Jordan Stone : What the hell is the point of buying a sweater with parts of the sleeve missing????? 🤔🤔🤔

Soon Sam : Practice makes perfect, i'm sure you can do it perfectly someday❤👍🏻

justcause20 : Omg your so beautiful god

M.imran Shahzad : Get married with any nice guy who take care of you and start your new life ---> make your own family. Don't shy you can do it, you're still young you can do it...I want to see like a Mom

NCR : Black may not have been the best idea 1:22 , anyway great mem title. gud 1

Mustafa Sadik : Re.... whaaat? kitchen? I like it 😆😆😋

B.C. Benny-Motivation : Gotta tell your camera man to stick to filming your dog looks in to it

GonzoDuke : I always end up on noodle making :(

Sky173 : Noodle making is awesome!

Jason Dufresne : I bet you like Long wet sticky... Never mind

xristos matsoukas : Otan ta ekane o maliatsis auta eseis trwgate belanidia

pooyah k : Haha that's how they make noodles in china. I think in western china

spynles : Hope you're well and doing ok Paige. Haven't heard from you in awhile...

Grant Marshall : I want to try this also. Looks like a lot of fun. Enjoyed the video as always.

Smilin' Doug : Quit playing with your food!

bunun : damn girl i see you been eating

Crowley Killjoy : I love this video, you're really funny💗I laugh so hard the first time the dough broke idkwhy😅 and don't pay attention to those who say you look thick or things like that, you look good in every video and like you said, no one is giving you money to be skinny so screw them 💩 Love u girl💞💞

Mark Jacobs : Paige the Noodles Can Come out of your Vag or Butt and we would All Still Love Them !

CR3ATUR3 : Let's be honest...this kinda vids are better than gaming videos xD Your content is really random and funny and i love it xD

TK UA : I think the best new thing is going to be bikini cooking show

derty sanchez : Yo Paige hit it up with a weekly cooking show. This right here was on point. Aint gonna lie some parts was hot and sexual, did not know you can make cooking sexual but ya did. Keep making them moves Paige. ✊👊

linky 845 : Bandit got so big

Joel Lessing : You look divinely gorgeous in this video!

Hilo Earthquake : Keep it up

Bollywood Info : Is Too Hot

Luke Grekat : Pizza! I'll take a slice!

Tom Huffman : Please post a link to the original noodle video that so inspired you.

Marco Salinas : I love you.

Sky A Walker : Trust me once you start you might keep going Not for sure if you are a cooking person or like to cook but you will start haha good luck 👍👍❤

Sky A Walker : And fuuck that you always going look good and thick 🔥 much love 💕

Sky A Walker : And keep the noodles flour your hands flour Lol

Sky A Walker : Lol I watch that exact same video actually it's two of them but that's how I learned how to make my own fresh noodles I pretty much like to cook at home instead of going out to eat homemade cooking is way better than going out unless you just get tired of cooking at home haha

Gemini X : The problem with that pizza was the word 'vegan'. This was a fun video to watch Paige. Made me smile. :)

Revant Rajguru : Who cooks better?? You or Mitch?? Whoever it may be, Paige you are awesome 😘❤️

Marco2G : Okay, not a topic I'm interested in and the audio is really bad, however holy crap it's amazing how cute you can be. The contrast to your avatar is immense.