Building Most Beautiful Bamboo Swimming Pool On The Villa House By Ancient Skill

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DonLean : i wonder what he can build if he went to home depot

NIGHT2PWN : this guy builds a lot of pools, but they are like condoms, one time use

JigSaw : These dudes living in 3019. B.C

Sena and Aleyna : No ones talking about how many times he has to go back and forth to get water

Dadson worldwide : If you know someone that dont think man could build the pyramids in Egypt send them this link.

vape god gets bullied : I want him with me when I'm stranded in the forest

Chris ausm Krisengebiet : 1:06 i thought he will eat it

Achido : Must hurt standing on your feet Me: Steps on a rock DEAD This guy: Steps on a million lego pieces, somehow survives

Dadson worldwide : I'm surprised the structures they use the hold the pool dont collapse. I'm sure it's not long lasting .

Da Pizza Dude : Every one here stop and think how much effort he’s putting into this let’s show some appreciation to him

BassoonDude42 : 14:19 I hope my man knows u can’t really swim in 2 feet of water

burnt toast : *see's him barefoot* *thinks about the rocks and splinters*

Elliot Taylor : Rainforest Real Estate

Admiral SenSEI : Who is the cameraman bro and how do you upload it if you have no internet in forest JUST CURIOS!😆😅

Captain Blue Sock : It's amazing how much effort they put in their videos, they build entire houses out of materials found in their forest just for a video.

Kent Bjøringsøy : i like how the camera man is just sitting in a tree

Randxm _ : Now the next video will be... ( BUILDING A ANCIENT NAZI BUNKER WITH A POOL SEIGE HAIL)

suns_out_buns_out : Dude flooded the bottom story of his house with all that ferocious kicking.

Kherabcha Adel : Marsy. Poke

Ski Mask : Real life minecraft channel

God Shadow : When the ant was on you... HOW DID YOU NOT FREAK OUT I WOULD OF!!!!! Also you should have a tv show

iClutz — : Where can I hire this guy to build my house??

LoQuendo TrAp : 11:54 wifi cable

MangoTV망고티비 : These digging sounds are good enough for asmr

tribec _ : His wifi router must be made of wood lmaoo

Elizabeth Sabine : I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!!! you put so much work into making these amazing structures!! KEEP MAKING MORE!!!!!

Lets get This puh : He got a whole ass waterfall in his back yard yet he rathers soak in a tiny roof pool

puddingplate : him: **wakes up wanting to make a pool. makes one** me: **wanting to lose weight.... quits after a day**

Свободные Люди : Фантазия янки наркомана

The Athlete Gamer : I kinda wanna live in the jungle now so I can build stuff like this 👍🏽

efifani ッ : This is amazing! Pure art! I love this!

Kastor Oswell : I truly respect this guy. Props to him and his endurance. Well done bro!

Blue vortex 805 : What happens to all the other structures he makes?

Fat man Scoop : He must be making all of these things on playground mode, he doesn’t run out material

フラン : 撮影に命かけすぎだろ 日本人の人 ↓

Lelz Guy21 : Just a bunch of ants chillin and then a guy is just like ok your home is mine now

Nagel : This guy reminds me of "Alaska in the wilderness".

The PotatoMan : This guy could buikd a village and not complain or not make a straight face

louis : This man clearly went to a Home Depot at one Point

xGohmz : i wonder how long in real time these actually take to build

Karan Shukla : When you live where he lives, you don't really need a swimming pool

The Noob Pro CHICKEN : Wow this is so cool ! Congrats for the 55 millions views

Max Vorherr : Imagine walking through this woods and seeing all these cool complex buildings 😂

Anthony T : It's so easy to criticize but none of you have the discipline patience or skill to accomplish what he/they do. First world problems I highly doubtful they care about it leaking.

Eyo Akane : Hey, listen me everyone *You don't make the pool, the pool make you*

Zylith Purrfect : This is great 🙌👍 May I ask what material did you employ? Is that Clay type soil?

Harith Iskandar : Wow amazing building . I wish I can built a house in a forest like you 😄👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏

Mohammed Al Nayeem : This man is a true legend.

Gods knight Reborn : If it works for the ants 🐜 then is a sure thing 💪