Building Most Beautiful Bamboo Swimming Pool On The Villa House By Ancient Skill

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Tube Unique Wilderness : Please Watch More Best Swimming Pool Around House ===>

Captain Blue Sock : It's amazing how much effort they put in their videos, they build entire houses out of materials found in their forest just for a video.

PARSL3Y : And I can’t even finish my homework...

Logan PauI Vlogs : i hope this guy gets money off these videos, he puts a lot of work into them.

Busha : *Minecraft in real life*

not Jaxon : I should be doing my homework

Shady : This dude got crazy building skills haha

maryjessen tano : Who is satisfied like if you are?

Deeluuun : he is probably a millionaire by now and still living in a poor house

Thanos is here : At the end he wasted 69% of the water in the pool

トキフタ : この人、すげぇ… エドもすげぇ… 日本人いねぇ

More TV : I'm glad he picks the freshest of water from the middle of the water fall. This man knows how to live the high life.

BORCHARD VLOGS : You know ur bored asf when you watch the whole video

The MotherfuckerZz : 14:20

nos.vale. ver : Qué clase de ser supremo es este vato

strangerthings 1234 : There were ants in that now I'm like feeling that there on me

FakeJake : Next time just make an infinite water source next to it so you don't have to keep going to the river

PNM Mekaar Cabang Indihiang : Wow good 😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Chris ausm Krisengebiet : 1:06 i thought he will eat it

torooabrari : Amazing

تاجهن 97 : مهندس توب 😍very nice

LearnTo Draw Art4K : The house you built is very beautiful

real madrid fan : You guys are amazing so much hard work when I do these sorts of stuff it takes me years to build them!!!!

Gambaeze11 Gamba : Respeto.....

Bijay Beast : Really he is a hard worker

RD Militar : Quanta paciência, desse grande homem.

Don Lean : i wonder what he can build if he went to home depot

Illuminati Confirmed : Minecraft in real life...

Harith Iskandar : Wow amazing building . I wish I can built a house in a forest like you 😄👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏

strangerthings 1234 : The sound is so cringe tho

Faros Sren : He is a better builder than mongraal or more stramer....

Wonka WillE : Im amazed at the structural integrity, especially with the weight of the water.

Shady M : George of the jungle 😂😂😂

Julie Lader : Are you poor if you are I Love your house

salma aktar : Uss jamane ki suimingpul sabse best hey....

Animation Station : Fun fact if it has rained the day before then bamboo should have a tiny amount of water at the very top

Da Pizza Dude : Every one here stop and think how much effort he’s putting into this let’s show some appreciation to him

DEZINHO 022 : Mais um kkk

Bassat Bassat : GODthenks

snail gut : Minecraft

wıtıcın # : Göt lalesi o kadar abonen var git düzgün bi evde yaşa suri gibi yaşama amk malı

Greg K : Where is this guy from? How did he learn this? Who is filming this? Does he own this land? Why does he do this? Is this a hobby? Does he plan what he is going to build? Do any of his structures fall apart? Where does he get all these materials? How long does it take for him to complete one of these? So many questions!

เมสซี่ แคน : Weregood

Fooz 2018 : DS LAIK

puppy lover kawaii : Inspired

VladPro : Конечно вы не поймете, что я написал! Но это очень круто!

tribec _ : His wifi router must be made of wood lmaoo

Anja Beckel : GERMANY

เมสซี่ แคน : 🏘🏘🏘🏘🏘 New Hoes

yusuf irtem : You problem what is your name