Building Most Beautiful Bamboo Swimming Pool On The Villa House By Ancient Skill

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Tube Unique Wilderness : Please Watch More Best Swimming Pool Around House ===>

Captain Blue Sock : It's amazing how much effort they put in their videos, they build entire houses out of materials found in their forest just for a video.

PARSL3Y : And I can’t even finish my homework...

Busha : *Minecraft in real life*

Chris ausm Krisengebiet : 1:06 i thought he will eat it

Kent Bjøringsøy : i like how the camera man is just sitting in a tree

More TV : I'm glad he picks the freshest of water from the middle of the water fall. This man knows how to live the high life.

vape god gets bullied : I want him with me when I'm stranded in the forest

not Jaxon : I should be doing my homework

The Noob Pro CHICKEN : Wow this is so cool ! Congrats for the 55 millions views

Harith Iskandar : Wow amazing building . I wish I can built a house in a forest like you 😄👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏👐👏

Shady : This dude got crazy building skills haha

Ruthygacha 134 : How you put so much effort in this INCREDIBLE houses and pools I just love the way you are a great builder. if I was your boss I will give you everything.

Ray Farthing : That poor little bucket has built some properties

Хамит Валиев : Мои примерные подсчеты по поводу его бассейна. V бассейна = 5,54 м3, V кувшина = 0,017 м3, Количество ходок за водой = 325 раз, Время почти полного заполнения = 2 дня, Пройденное расстояние = 16 км.

gacha rowan 1234 : There were ants in that now I'm like feeling that there on me

DonLean : i wonder what he can build if he went to home depot

channel kado kado : OMG l like this

karen kpop : Inspired

Yebba Films : Do you want to install my pool? 😂

Illuminati Confirmed : Minecraft in real life...

FakeJake : Next time just make an infinite water source next to it so you don't have to keep going to the river

Bijay Beast : Really he is a hard worker

Hood Entreprenuer : Now you just gotta add the garage for the Ferrari

The MotherfuckerZz : 14:20

Gambaeze11 Gamba : Respeto.....

Wonka WillE : Im amazed at the structural integrity, especially with the weight of the water.

Свободные Люди : Фантазия янки наркомана

puddingplate : him: **wakes up wanting to make a pool. makes one** me: **wanting to lose weight.... quits after a day**

AidilPlayzYT : If I met you I Well give u money I’m sad for you, like how you live.

William Dawkins : 14:08 I respect the move.

Da Pizza Dude : Every one here stop and think how much effort he’s putting into this let’s show some appreciation to him

Crazy Gamer : You are awesome!

Miyoung Cho : Wow! U made tis channel in 7 months ago and aready 1 Million subscribers!!!! Keep it up!!!!

PNM Mekaar Cabang Indihiang : Wow good 😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Grandmas Boy : These guys are cooler than I'll ever be 😎

LearnTo Draw Art4K : The house you built is very beautiful

Mr. America : Only took him 4 years to fill up the pool

burnt toast : *see's him barefoot* *thinks about the rocks and splinters*

Schulz Richter : I respect the people who work hard.

May Bishop : These guys are really good but they don’t have as much subs as other primitive channels

Max Vorherr : Imagine walking through this woods and seeing all these cool complex buildings 😂

Animation Station : Fun fact if it has rained the day before then bamboo should have a tiny amount of water at the very top

링딩동 : I think he might be going to go workplace by Lamborghini with suit on it.

Happy Trey : You make cool house videos

トキフタ : この人、すげぇ… エドもすげぇ… 日本人いねぇ

NxppyMusiic : *ClickBait* *The Water Isn’t Blue @ All*

تاجهن 97 : مهندس توب 😍very nice

Yummy Coke : just how?

MLP MidnightTwinkle : Just a normal boring day * Sees video * Never mind