Family Guy - The Freaking FCC

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Stevonnie Universe : Suddenly very relevant again.

Lil Boom : So Relevant Rn

Shrek Cena : This is becoming relevent again...

Majin : FCC tryin to end Net Neutrality got me like

Denzel Crocker : This is what I thought of when I heard about the FCC threatening to end net neutrality on December 14, and I have the urge to send them this song to show them my frustration with them.

Elias Rammah : Basically today

Spooneads : They just killed net neutrality They're showing no morality They're The fellas at the *FREAKING* FCC...

MetroidPeter : This just gets more relevant every day doesn't it?

cody miller : Anyone else her because of the net neutrality crisis?

Anon : Here because of net neutrality.

ItsAppleJuice : We should’ve listened

jordangaming101 : #FUCKAJITPAI #FUCKTHEFCC

Arch Linux : This whole song was sung by one person

AlphaChaser : they tried to warn us

Polymath Voyd : who came here after the whole no net neutrality issue

Parker : It's funny how relevant this is today with the net neutrality issue.

Paige Fanning : The Fight for Net Neutrality(2017)

Chris 0114_ : Thanks for watching. If you don't like the FCC give the video a thumbs up.

Jzills P : “top 10 times family guy predicted the future”

Alexis Lex : The freakin' FCC is back and relevant now!!🙄🙄😑😑 talking about net neutrality

RareSox : Net Neutrality! SAVE IT!

I'M A PICKLE MORTY : This becomes relevant again #savenetneutrality

VSquid : I love how the video starts with Lois screaming "THE SIDEBOOB HOUR"

Ryan Davies : We'll now that the FCC is trying to make the internet limited this song makes more sense

Jamal A : whose here bc the FCC is about to repeal Net Neutrality

Rusty Ralston : The FCC: Run by morons since 1933

Crazy Hunter Films : The internet now

Gaming Minish : A trio staring Seth Macfarlane, Seth Macfarlane, and Seth Macfarlane

forrestgumball : A note to whoever may stumble upon this in the future. On December 14, 2017 the internet lost its freedom. The FCC has destroyed net neutrality. Free internet is now gone. Whoever finds this comment, remember you are not alone. There are others who want to have their internet freedom back. Take the fight back to the FCC and get the internet back. Remember those who tried to stop it.

Mackman 114 : I think everyone is starting to re-watch this video after the net neutrality ban bill by the FCC

Rondelle McGee : FCC back at it again

BluVíkíng : and here we go again its 2017 and FCC does not stop, like god damn when will they learn

Carlos Blohm : Seth McFarlane makes better songs than Justin Bieber

Heffen : #netneutrality

Mr.Random Youtube channel : Rewatching this after the whole net neutrality fiasco

Artie Knight YT : Net neutrality continuation.

Spanishname : This is the song I will play into battle on December 14th XD

Douglas Roth : It turns out the FCC actually likes this song.

Danny Daugherty : Who is here bc net neutrality?

TheMoistMarshmallow : Playing on repeat all day

nr Deathlok : Very relevant. #NetNeutrality

Imgur Man : This is very relevant today.

Video and Fanfic Craver : I can't believe that Seth MacFarlane had a trio with himselves. He either had to make three separate tracks, or overdub twice.

Blu Jay ツ : Perfect song for Net Neutrality being dead...

Anime Diplomat : we should of listened, Family Guy warned us

liberty littman : Family guy warned us all those years ago... #gofccyourself

Stephen Marco : In before the FCC kills net neutrality!

perrymkwii : It's funny how the FCC had to approve an entire episode taking the piss out of them.

Morty Smith : Who else is listening to this after the net neutrality repeal?