Family Guy - The Freaking FCC

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Shrek Cena : This is becoming relevent again...

Lil Boom : So Relevant Rn

Stevonnie Universe : Suddenly very relevant again.

Elias Rammah : Basically today

jordangaming101 : #FUCKAJITPAI #FUCKTHEFCC

Douglas Roth : It turns out the FCC actually likes this song.

Verminous Crocker : This is what I thought of when I heard about the FCC threatening to end net neutrality on December 14, and I have the urge to send them this song to show them my frustration with them.

Majin : FCC tryin to end Net Neutrality got me like

ItsAppleJuice : We should’ve listened

a3grimreaper : The fact this made it on to television shows they can at least take a joke.

bradhuygens : "I can think of quite another place they should have stuck it first" My favorite party of the song. Such a diss

MetroidPeter : This just gets more relevant every day doesn't it?

Max Caulfield : classy way to say fuck you

I'M A PICKLE MORTY : This becomes relevant again #savenetneutrality

Paige Fanning : The Fight for Net Neutrality(2017)

Alexis Lex : The freakin' FCC is back and relevant now!!🙄🙄😑😑 talking about net neutrality

Polymath Boyd : who came here after the whole no net neutrality issue

Noodlepony : I wonder if Seth McFarlene actually had a problem with the freakin FCC...

Rare Sox : Net Neutrality! SAVE IT!

Colleen Flett : The FCC to me is like the people today who are too sensitive and and get offended over everything so they get it out on social media.

Gameman23 : Seth McFarlane your opinions are are showing

Danny Daugherty : Who is here bc net neutrality?

Rusty Ralston : The FCC: Run by morons since 1933

Anon : Here because of net neutrality.

Deathlok : Very relevant. #NetNeutrality

Chris 0114_ : Thanks for watching. If you don't like the FCC give the video a thumbs up.

Spooneads : They just killed net neutrality They're showing no morality They're The fellas at the *FREAKING* FCC...

AlphaChaser : they tried to warn us

Anderson Dalmeus : anyone else try to imagine Seth McFarlane changing voices for each part

Gaming Minish : A trio staring Seth Macfarlane, Seth Macfarlane, and Seth Macfarlane

VSquid : I love how the video starts with Lois screaming "THE SIDEBOOB HOUR"

Parkman202 : It's funny how relevant this is today with the net neutrality issue.

Baseball Fanatic : One like= 1🖕🏻to the FCC

Crazy Hunter Films : The internet now

cody miller : Anyone else her because of the net neutrality crisis?

Heffen : #netneutrality

Watercolor Kirby : Net Neutrality.

Blu Jay ツ : Perfect song for Net Neutrality being dead...

Jamal A : whose here bc the FCC is about to repeal Net Neutrality

WeTalk440 : Playing on repeat all day

Gersub Denis : go fcc yourself

Rondelle McGee : FCC back at it again

Jzills P : “top 10 times family guy predicted the future”

Arch Linux : This whole song was sung by one person

Lil Wassabi : The prophecy was true...

Ryan Davies : We'll now that the FCC is trying to make the internet limited this song makes more sense

Mr.Random Youtube channel : Rewatching this after the whole net neutrality fiasco

BluVíkíng : and here we go again its 2017 and FCC does not stop, like god damn when will they learn

AgenTRyann : Relevant Yet Again

UnpopularToaster : I'm here after the net neutrality repeal.