747 Pilot LOSES HIS MIND in Flight Simulator X (Multiplayer ATC)

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VIJAY Dixith : The realistic realism

Kevin Robinson : one of the strangest recommendations I've ever gotten....but what can I say...youtube was right about this video lol

Nytron : I regained my virginity after watching this video.

Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman : Why TF did I watch and enjoy this😂😂

BlueSkyBox : *BREAKING NEWS* New law passed requiring all commercial passenger planes to have cookies on board.

Mike B. : "And this 747 has just pivoted on a fixed position and is now launching himself directly at the tower. We are now experiencing full-on Illuminati. " HAHAHAHA

Nastard2 : When he said "Biscoff", I knew that watching this video was going to make me have the best day ever.

da602hustler : "He actually just collided - just struck and collided with his friend and is now going into, Ugh, residential areas off of the airport grounds.. He wasnt given approval from that but.... actually he just Tokyo Drifted and collided Into a hanger... So continue taxi" 😂😂😂

TABBY : _Make a sound effect_ *_SKRRRRRRT_*

Shadow Black : This was funny af. U got me white people... u got me

In My Honest Opinion : This is so professionally funny, I'd thought this was made off a script

Foxy-Lu : this was in my recommended for some reason and I'm so happy it was. I lost it at 5:56.

Raoul Duke : ...Biscoff

Capt'n Joe : 6:45 Because physics says I can flip this plane any way I want.

john smith : Canadian ATC here, Is the government shutdown still in effect in the US? should I send the pizza? I REPEAT SHOULD I SEND THE PIZZA?

ProtoMario : Lmao make a sound effect Skrrrrrrrt!

Chuck Finn : “you can go ahead and cut across all active runways. in fact, i challenge you to” 😂

Spencer Peerson : -in a calm voice- *interrupts self* "and standby. I'm being stuck by a 747 at high speed".

SliverTheSpoony01 : The sad thing is, if the shutdown continues for much longer this MAY be a best case scenario for Air Traffic Control.

Deeper•Space : "Actually he just ran off the runway into residential area..aaaand he just Tokyo drifted and collided with an Air hanger so..." 😂🤣

Imouto : _"Possibly gonna strike the tower a second time... "_ *"It's okay, we can buy NEW tower"* *_"I DON'T think that's how it works..."_*

Soph’s Vids : 1:47 sir I’m gonna ask you to remain grounded til we confirm cookies onboard your aircraft

wowspare : *B I S C O F F*

Luis Cardenas : "I'm being struck by a 747 at high speed, standby." Rofllll


Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987 : These planes are madlads.

Kevin Yeandel : This is more entertaining than everything on Netflix!

conlia : I didn't think it was possible to make me laugh so hard at a Flight Simulator video.

Buhe Billion : There Youtube,I`ve finally watched it. Youtube has been pushing for me to watch this

Jacobus de Boer - Adema : Way better than most stand-up comedians...

Cardinal : I never knew a video like this could be fun to watch.

quazzie1 : I bought Flight Sim back in 2000, and was SUPER stoked when I got the preferred joystick control that was recommended by the simulator. Had it less than 14 months when I had to buy a new computer. Flight Sim installed fine, but the damned joyless-stick was incompatible with the new version of Windows that was installed on the PC. Seeing as it was a Microsoft product, less than 2 years old, I was livid to find out the joyless-stick had just become a $100+ paperweight. Been mad as hell at Flight Sim and Microshaft ever since. And with the speed at which games become too big/graphics heavy to run the sim at a fun level, I find it hard to justify committing that much money again, just to have my equipment be obsolete inside of 2 years. It may not sound like much, but that $100+ hit I took was a tough one. Add to that the cost of the sim, which is ZERO fun to fly using only a keyboard, and it was quite the ramrodding I took. Over $200 that I would have had just as much use from if I had lit it on fire. But that sim DID light a fire inside of me. It made me want to learn to fly for REAL. Then reality hit: I was just TOO damn poor to learn to fly. Another crushed dream. I couldn't afford the (at the time... may be higher now for all I know) $100 per hour it took just to get a private license. And there was NO way I could ever afford to rent a plane to sharpen those skills and gain hours, so there, too, went my dream of flying for a living, not JUST for fun. Guess I've bitched long enough. If you've read this far, good on ya, trooper. . . you're a better man than I. Or more bored.

Nayel : That cookie segment was awesome lol

ProtusMose : "Biscoff." Just the succinctness of it. I literalold. Well played, center.

incaroads : Is this a thing? I mean, is being an aircraft controller in a flight simulator something that people want to do? I thought I'd seen weird, but this takes the cake. Very funny. I want to do this. ;)

Wilburgur : 6:31 fking lol

Adam Keighley : Sliding in those dms hahaha

Joey Tullis Music : I lost it completely when the aircraft just pivoted without any hesitation.

TABBY : _actually he just Tokyo drifted-_

DefaultDan : My lungs have unfortunately imploded halfway through watching this video.

JTsuits : Deep voice daddy

christopher evans : LMFAO, THIS VIDEO HAD ME DYING

Salty Soldier Vet : “We are now experiencing full-on illuminati!” 😂 😂 😂 6:51

Trevor Philips : 1:34 oh my god XD i am dying

Carnelian Topsoil : Most laughs I've had in a while, so funny

TheAtheistPaladin : Okay, they seem to be role playing it pretty straight... and then... SSSKKKKKKRRRTTT! I was weak from then on.

ooo GlassTaiyaki ooo : how i think i'll fly planes: super cool, butters all landings, professional what it'll actually look like: 6:45

Kyle Robinson : This is really funny. Good content. Glad I watched lol. Got yourself a new sub. 😁

Stuff' N' Things : It's ok. We can buy a new one

aiRCoft : If you thought _playing_ simulators was lame... how about watching other people play them?