Bleed for this - It's not that simple (The biggest lie you were told)

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allelbows97 : it s actually one of the most philosophical lines i ever heard.

MarekZahojeny : Gives me chills everytime! Miles Teller is on his prime right now, hopefully it will last for years!

MrQw34ful : Love this scene. Great writing

Alex Dumitrescu : This is inspired me to work harder to become a pro soccer player. And 6 months later I haven't slowed down, that inspiration hasn't left my body yet.

Stefan Tsachev : Powerful message , there is a whole world out there for those who refuse to give up !!

Meredith Berly : does anybody know if this scene was based on a real interview? If so, could you link me to it?

Alchemistic Academician : It's simple and it's so powerful.

Tim Z : it is that simple. Nike "just do it"

Justin Torrento : What a scene. Maybe the most inspirational quote I can think of and I hate inspirational quotes. Whatever you want to do just GET IT DONE.

Dan Livni : Great movie.

george jetson : I was really inspired by this scene..

still rad though : This needs like way more views tbh

Billy Troll : Sat through a mediocre movie but was rewarded with this awesome philosophy at the end

Andrew Presly : This scene + Burning Bridges track = epic

Daniele Di Nicola : I did a tatoo with this phrase.

Trae Young : NBA buckle up 👆 #GotTheStrap

Brian Jones : Su voz, por favor! Suena mejor en si idioma original (y eso que el doblaje no me decepcionó)

Adam Nechouani : Please explain: "That if you do the thing that they tell you, you can't, then it's done."

T-bone Without The Steak : This scene is stuck in my head

Zachary Collins : What's the song at the end????

Fede Pacheco : Subtitles in spanish pls

The Official BETA : I would like too use this for a song I have , how can I get the rights of use. Great post btw 💯🙏🏾 motivation key