Bleed for this - It's not that simple (The biggest lie you were told)

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allelbows97 : it s actually one of the most philosophical lines i ever heard.

Alex Dumitrescu : This is inspired me to work harder to become a pro soccer player. And 6 months later I haven't slowed down, that inspiration hasn't left my body yet.

MarekZahojeny : Gives me chills everytime! Miles Teller is on his prime right now, hopefully it will last for years!

MrQw34ful : Love this scene. Great writing

Stefan Tsachev : Powerful message , there is a whole world out there for those who refuse to give up !!

Meredith Berly : does anybody know if this scene was based on a real interview? If so, could you link me to it?

Alchemistic Academician : It's simple and it's so powerful.

Tim Z : it is that simple. Nike "just do it"

Billy Troll : Sat through a mediocre movie but was rewarded with this awesome philosophy at the end

stillrad though : This needs like way more views tbh

Dan Livni : Great movie.

Justin Torrento : What a scene. Maybe the most inspirational quote I can think of and I hate inspirational quotes. Whatever you want to do just GET IT DONE.

george jetson : I was really inspired by this scene..

Andrew Presly : This scene + Burning Bridges track = epic

Gere tasanté : Bravo thanks for sharing totally agree with this non conditioned way of dealing with life when something is on your way. Just follow your dreams, don't listen to anybody, they're gonna be wrong for sure, for one simple reason : they are not YOU. You can do it.

Brian Jones : Su voz, por favor! Suena mejor en si idioma original (y eso que el doblaje no me decepcionó)

Trae Young : NBA buckle up 👆 #GotTheStrap

Daniele Di Nicola : I did a tatoo with this phrase.

Adam Nechouani : Please explain: "That if you do the thing that they tell you, you can't, then it's done."

T-bone Without The Steak : This scene is stuck in my head

Federico Pacheco : Subtitles in spanish pls

Zachary Collins : What's the song at the end????

The Official BETA : I would like too use this for a song I have , how can I get the rights of use. Great post btw 💯🙏🏾 motivation key