Simon Cowell & BGT Epically Pranked By Rapping Rabbi

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Simon Brodkin (Lee Nelson) sets up an epic prank for Britain's Got Talent as he sets out to impress judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams with his rapping rabbi! Find out more: All 4 Tweets: Facebook: Produced by Avalon for Channel 4 Television Created by & Starring Simon Brodkin Archive The Express Getty Images ITN Source Pond5 Rex Features Splash News Production Accountant Sujata Bhatnagar Make Up Artists Siobahn Harper Ryan Liberty Haynes Editor Mark Sangster Additional editing Todd Dalton Tristan Foster Joe Haughey Bob Jones Junior Researchers Daniel Audritt Amelia Stephensen Assistant Producers Connor Butler Guy Hamilton Junior Production Manager Edith Sharp Post Production Manager Deborah Akinbola Associate Producers Tris Cotterill Dan Lloyd Production Executive Suzanne Knight Director of Production Joanna Beresford Executive Producers Richard Allen-Turner Simon Brodkin Jon Thoday Produced and Directed by Paul Young


MrIrseany : You missed the chance to name yourself RAPPI

Tami Flu : am i the only one here who thought his rap was actually good??

Htrac : They literally couldn't criticise him. To do so would have been career suicide. I mean, they thought he was an orthodox Jew, and he was rapping about racial tolerance how great multi-cultural Britain is. That's sociological kevlar. He wasn't wrong when he said he could have taken a shit on stage.

Joe Kreissl : If he got the golden buzzer

SS sagemode : A real prank not like those sam pepper pranks

Pedro Ekhvanossafa : If I was the producer of the show, I would have let him go on, and even help him out. I mean, it is a talent show, and he showed his great talent of pranking everyone. Imagine him making though to the final. His final performance would be to reveal himself and his entire plan. That would be some BGT winning performance.

An eagle is a bird : Red, white and blue... Long live the Netherlands!

TommyA269 : Lorraine Bowen is pure talent and I’m am personally offended that you included it the “no talent” section. She is hilarious and deserves everything she got

Mission Dan : “Ant N dec, one more pint, what the heck” hahah he couldnt have been more right, visionary lyrics

Black Hammer : He should try Americas got talent because Americans won't be as familiar with him

Daniel M. : LMAO I never heard of this guy and I love him already 😂😂😂

DSDuddles : 'Never trust a comedian that goes to the gym.' - Oscar Pistorious

VultureClone : Just goes to show that all you need is a gimmick and a sob story and you can advance in these types of shows. Having actual talent is just an afterthought.

Gregory Albert : The amount of pre-work before going even on in front of the judges is insane

Neeky Nooky : the show isn't about talent, it's about entertainment.

Sad Monkiie : All jokes aside, that last rap was actually pretty good for a rapping rabbi lol I'm being serious. The only reason I consider this a successful prank is because Simon claimed it was like 50 Cent and that made this hilarious.

Gilbert Li : This just shows how corrupted the show is, all they do is look for someone with a good backstory and boom ur on the show!

ninja turtles fan : I love that part in 8:25 when you say "hello ****"

showcase : Not just bgt .. its the whole of entertainment media and the fashion industry all over the world ... contrived, controlled, cunning! Ask Noam Chomsky!

Khalidul Haq : After listening to that song even I felt proud to be British and I'm not even British 😄

Rain : Damn this video gave me massive anxiety

Dr. Halayqeh : Busted is a cool name for this video. They just got busted. And their work got busted The whole idea got busted. And unfortunately you got busted. I wish you made it to the finals hahaha.

Vinta Gaming : Why does his voice remind me of Ramsay Bolton?

New Thought : He did well and proved a big point.

Laukzie FN : What a fckin Genius

Jesse Jacques : I’m from America and I wonder if it would work on America’s got talent

Average Commenter : You didn't get on the live show so I think it's very much a fail, they wasted your time at little expense to them

amna kalim : The rap was... crappy but *amazing*, *funky* and *suprisingly clever* 😂😂😂

Anders : This guy is the greatest trol in the world

Hannah Seddon : i just found this dude and hes amazing XD

Scott Says : All of his examples were David’s golden buzzers and they only got through to the semi finals

Jane Feeney : Never heard of you. So thank BGT because now I do.

Margaret Lowo : I think it's actually quite a good act and he deserves the 4 yes because he wasted a lot of time on an act that is actually a prank.

Mega Erect : -"My heart was broken" -"By who? " -"By the person I loved" HOLY SHIY, I COULDN'T HAVE GUESSED.

Scott Says : All of the examples were David’s golden buzzers

Tomin Kurisunkal : If u kept going u could have won

Jack Mciver : He was good tbh and the form about your self is for security more then anything so if I’m gonna be honest Britain’s got talent are doing the job great

Ziot : Are you actually complaining that a tv show want entertainment?

Zømbie Kill3r : I cant believe it actually worked

NY PB : Just Get To The Point @12:29

mohiuddin khan : Prank showed up with 4 yeses. Anyone can copy the flow chart of the pranker to get chance in BGT.

Tito Dutta : The performance was actually good to get "yes" from the judges. So their votes were honest.

Joel Mello : ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Great job, very funny!

Matthew : If only he got the golden buzzer

ReineDeLaSeine14 : I really liked the rap he did for the judges though lol

Evan H : Alexander Graham bell is Scottish

Dark Tea : Steven goldblyat, red white and blue🇷🇺 im sensing jewish gopnik

Laurie Conway : funny and well played. either way, you really did work hard for how far you got...the talent is there. keep it up!

Charis Johnson : I guess you could call him a "rappi" *I'm done*