Simon Cowell & BGT Epically Pranked By Rapping Rabbi

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Kaylee_kntm : They compared him to 50 cent lmao

Letocetum sulley : Shows just how the gullible audience is set up to believe the "Talent" is fresh off the street... Contrived and fake, Just like the Judges.... Responsible for some of the worst acts out there, Lee Nelson, True Talent with Balls!

OMN David : Dude he actually predicted exactly how they were going to react

Vstuar2 : That's actually incredibly fucked up if you think about it. People are devestated so badly on stage because they go through weeks of work, go through an audition, then they find out in front of a massive audience, they were just the designated bad act.

Malachi Douglas : The rap isn't bad

MrIrseany : You missed the chance to name yourself RAPPI

Wendaises : I love how no one realized David Williams wasn't in his rap..

Zac C : Anyone else low key like the song 😂

Suzitø XI : But the rap was good actually..😂😂

ZØmbie Kill3r : I cant believe it actually worked

tom leglover : The words at 9.59 couldn't be truer and it is true for the entire NON entertainment industry

An eagle is a bird : Red, white and blue... Long live the Netherlands!

Peter Fyll : Tbh the rap wasn't that bad, lyrics flew quite nicely lol

TheNextMutation : I love how its like Shit on stage Yes Dad's in care Mum's died He's a JEW <-- hope this isn't pity xD

Malachi Douglas : Am I the only one who was on the edge of their seat? Well bed

Joe Kreissl : If he got the golden buzzer

ProudToBe AnAmerican : Just imagine the backlash if he pretended to be black or Asian or Hispanic.

Pedro Ekhvanossafa : If I was the producer of the show, I would have let him go on, and even help him out. I mean, it is a talent show, and he showed his great talent of pranking everyone. Imagine him making though to the final. His final performance would be to reveal himself and his entire plan. That would be some BGT winning performance.

showcase : Not just bgt .. its the whole of entertainment media and the fashion industry all over the world ... contrived, controlled, cunning! Ask Noam Chomsky!

Gilbert Li : This just shows how corrupted the show is, all they do is look for someone with a good backstory and boom ur on the show!

VultureClone : Just goes to show that all you need is a gimmick and a sob story and you can advance in these types of shows. Having actual talent is just an afterthought.

Ruairi Cullinane : Low-key the rap was actually pretty good 🔥

Mission Dan : “Ant N dec, one more pint, what the heck” hahah he couldnt have been more right, visionary lyrics

Lucid : Imagine if he got the golden buzzer

Gregory Albert : The amount of pre-work before going even on in front of the judges is insane

Tito Dutta : The performance was actually good to get "yes" from the judges. So their votes were honest.

Julius the Casual Gamer : R.I.P Steven's Mum

Jason Haglund : maybe hes that talented and doesnt even know it lol

Don't Judge : If only he got the golden buzzer

Dini : Please do it again and send someone else in so you can't be exposed!

Margaret Lowo : I think it's actually quite a good act and he deserves the 4 yes because he wasted a lot of time on an act that is actually a prank.

Derry 2512 : “I could shit on the stage” 😂😂😂😂

Tami Flu : am i the only one here who thought his rap was actually good??

James McLoad : With all due respect, that is not terrible.

Mazen Nour : I think he was great

Tomin Kurisunkal : If u kept going u could have won

Tracy Clark : Your raps we're actually pretty good I can see why you got four yes's

Deadloaf 847 : That song was actually lit

SS sagemode : A real prank not like those sam pepper pranks

NestedQuantifier : It was a pretty good rap, and I'm not sure what it proved. If he was genuine, it would be a very cool and fascinating talent. And I think if you look at the winner of BGT, you can see they are all clearly very, very talented.

Dr. Halayqeh : Busted is a cool name for this video. They just got busted. And their work got busted The whole idea got busted. And unfortunately you got busted. I wish you made it to the finals hahaha.

Random Studios : Guess what. *Read more*

Mick Bosscher : I feel proud as a dutch person as well 🇳🇱

Neeky Nooky : the show isn't about talent, it's about entertainment.

iona : Saw a clip on facebook of the first show of the new series where some guy does 'magic'. I figured out how he did 4/5 of the tricks immediately. Conveniently he had a great sob story about a pregnant wife with cancer.

I love pizza 13938272 : It would’ve been funny if he ran out and pressed the gold buzzer

Matt Assis : You got four yes’s because you’ve got masses of talent - as your stunt proved. Brilliant!

TheMich Is Col. : Steven goldblyat, red white and blue🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 im sensing jewish gopnik

Mega Erect : -"My heart was broken" -"By who? " -"By the person I loved" HOLY SHIY, I COULDN'T HAVE GUESSED.

run4walk : The man is an absolute genius